According to Pinterest, These are the Home Trends to Watch for in 2024

2024 Home Trends
With more than 332 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a go-to destination for home inspiration. 

Whether you’re looking for some new decor inspiration, the perfect WFH setup, or some crafty DIY ideas, Pinterest has it all. Its platform has a wealth of data and insights into what’s trending and after scouring what people are searching for, Pinterest has released its trends report for 2024.

Pinterest has identified four key trends to watch from next year, from the somewhat predictable rise of home working spaces to the breakthrough of the Japandi aesthetic, neon lights and shelfies taking over our kitchens

To help you better understand these trends and how to bring them to lifat home, we spoke with some interior design experts to get the lowdown. 

Pinterest’s 2024 Home Trends

Vibey lights

Vibey lights

Neon lights will be trending in Gen Z homes. Pinterest’s data predicts that many of us will be reinventing our bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks.

John Linden an interior designer from Los Angeles believes that neon lights are a great counter to the exposed bulbs trend we’ve seen become popular over the past few years. “They provide well-integrated conduit lighting that improves the ambiance and character of the room,” he says.

According to Linden, neon lights can be used to highlight the layout of your room or to add some extra focus to some of the key elements like mirrors, furniture, TVs, and potted plants. 

Neon lights are the perfect way to set a mood at home or transport you to another visual galaxy, explains Robbie Maynard, principal of Robbie Interiors in San Diego. “We all need to get away now and then,” she adds. 

Maynard recommends experimenting with vibey lights in a game or family room to create a fun atmosphere. They can also be used to highlight artwork and create a great conversation piece, says the award-winning interior designer. 

There has been an increases in searches year over year for:

  • Neon room +8x 
  • Mirror with LED lights +2x 
  • Blue LED lights bedroom +155% 
  • LED light room +3x 
  • LED light signs +3x

Japandi aesthetic

Japandi aesthetic

Pinterest predicts that Japandi will be the next big thing. “Japandi is an elegant fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian elements,” explains Kat Jones Design Manager at MuralsWallpaper. “Beautifully minimalistic yet impactful, it brings together the best of both worlds in a simplistic nature,” she adds.

This aesthetic is defined by its sleek lines, and neutral color schemes which combine to create a calming atmosphere “Everyone is looking for a sense of calmness in their lives,” says Maynard. “A home office or kitchen are the most important areas to implement the Japandi style. Green plants can help warm up these sleek spaces also gold accents will bring in some warmth.”

“Wood and natural elements are essential to pull this look,” adds Alice Benjamin a Chicago-based interior designer who recommends Muuto, Hay, and muji as shopping destinations for anyone aiming to recreate this look in their home.  

And when it comes to finding colors that with with the Japandi aesthetic, Jones recommends  sticking to soft, calming tones such as beige, pale green and blue, or light gray with accents of rich shades such as black, teal, and rust.

There has been an increases in searches year over year for:

  • Wooden bed design modern +5x 
  • Neutral color palette earth tones +3x 
  • Minimalist bathroom design +4x 
  • Japandi +100% 
  • Modern minimalist kitchen +115%

Dish it Out

Dish on a Kitchen

Gallery walls have been trending for a couple of years now and Pinterest believes that shelfies will be taking the crown as our new favorite corner of the house. 

“Open shelf layouts are a classic that is making a comeback,” says Linden. “This design can help you make use of the limited space in your house.” Linden believes that this look works well in open layout kitchens, turning a rowdy rack of plates into an elegant shelf that turns dinnerware into decoration.

Pinterest predicts that people will collect and invest in eye-catching dinnerware, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates. “It adds a ton of personality, says Chicago-based designer Alice Benjamin. “You can start with finding vintage finds on Etsy (depression glass) or buying Anthropologie.” 

  • Copper cookware +35% 
  • Colored glassware +135% 
  • Kitchen floating shelves decor +130% 
  • Plate racks in kitchen +2x 
  • Clay plates +105%

More door

Working Place

During 2023, we’ve learned the value of the multipurpose room. And with the work from home trend set to continue, Pinterest predicts that in 2024 we’ll get creative with our space and learn what a “cloffice” is. 

“Now that we are getting used to the work from home lifestyle, we all need to prepare a comfortable space for work that looks and feels different from the rambunctiousness of the home,” says Linden. 

A cloffice is an office in a closet or small nook in a larger room. “[The cloffice is a great concept for multi-use rooms,” says Maynard.  “This idea is very practical and a current necessity. Tall bookcases can be a simple and effective way to divide a room for multiple uses to create visual privacy,” she adds. 

Michele Vig, a professional organizer from Minnesota, has created a space in her closet to run her business, Neat Little Nest. “We created a cloffice for my business by decluttering my wardrobe in my walk-in closet significantly so I could dedicate 2/3rds of the pace for my cloffice,” she explains. 

Since many homes were not built with ongoing remote working or learning in mind, many people took some time to declutter their home to unearth new ways to work and learn. One very popular option was to rethink a closet and turn it into an office quickly making the cloffice a hit with many.

  • Cloffice ideas +2x 
  • Home library design +7x 
  • Bookshelf room divider +150% 
  • Modern mud room +2x 
  • Computer gaming room +6x
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