Film Furnishings: Film and TV’s Most Inspiring Interiors

Film furnishings
The last few years have been incredible for film and TV, long-running franchises like Marvel and Harry Potter added to their canon, while sequels to all-time classics like Top Gun were released too!

The Silver Screen’s Most Inspiring Interiors

Film Furnishings

1. Harry Potter, 65,850 searches in 2022

Taking the top spot is one of the most beloved film franchises of the 21st century. From the bold scarlet and gold color schemes of Gryffindor to the moodier greens and blacks of Slytherin, the movies still capture the imagination of designers looking to add a touch of magic to their spaces, with more than 65,000 searches in 2022 for Hogwarts-inspired interiors. 

2. Star Wars, 40,510 searches in 2022

Next up is Star Wars, with searches for the sci-fi saga’s interiors totaling more than 40,000 over the last 12 months. Fans of the franchise are spoilt for choice when it comes to design inspiration, from the nostalgia-inducing posters of the original trilogy to more subtle nods like a grayscale color palette paying homage to the iconic Death Star.  

3. Star Trek, 7,470 searches in 2022

Taking third place is Star Trek, with this icon of pop culture totaling just under 7,500 searches in 2022 for interiors inspired by the USS Enterprise’s futuristic decor. Based on the TV show which kicked off in the 1960s, the interiors of this film franchise are heavily inspired by the period, giving them giving it a retro mid-century modern look with a sci-fi twist.  

TV's Most Inspirational Interiors

TV Interiors

1. Mad Men, 8,570 searches in 2022

Taking the top spot for TV interior inspiration is Mad Men. The stylish drama set in a 1960s New York ad agency had 8,570 interior design searches over the last 12 months, thanks to the timeless mid-century modern decor featured heavily throughout the series.    

2. Friends, 8,410 searches in 2022

Up next is one of the most successful and beloved sitcoms of all time, Friends. Fans take interior inspiration from Monica’s iconic West Village apartment, including the lavish purple walls, vintage rugs, and bold floral curtains. The sitcom was featured in 8,410 searches for interior design inspiration over the last 12 months.   

3. Game of Thrones, 4,240  searches in 2022

In third place is Game of Thrones, with fans taking inspiration from their favorite houses across the seven kingdoms totaling more than 4,000 searches over the last 12 months. The fantasy series gives fans plenty of choices when it comes to design inspiration like the cool stone textures of Winterfell and the luxurious warm Mediterranean aesthetic of House Lannister.  

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The Most Inspiring Interiors by Room

Most inspiring interiors by room

The bathroom - Harry Potter, 23,500 searches in 2022

Nothing screams superfan more than people paying homage to their favorite movie by taking interior design and decorating inspiration from its sets. When it comes to influencing bathroom decor Harry Potter is the most popular franchise, with more than 23,000 searches over the last 12 months. 

The kitchen - Friends, 182,700 searches in 2022

The smash-hit sitcom Friends takes the top spot for the most influential kitchen decor. The quirky colorful space complete with mismatched furniture and kitsch knick-knacks creates an “anything-goes” aesthetic that fans love to take inspiration from. This kitchen had more than 182,000 searches over the last 12 months. 

The bedroom - Harry Potter, 86,500 searches in 2022

The wizarding world has the most influence when it comes to bedroom decor, with 86,500 searches in 2022. Fans of the franchise draw inspiration from iconic settings like the exposed brickwork of Platform 9¾, the Victorian decor of Hogwarts common rooms, and the rich color schemes of each Hogwarts house too.  

The Most Popular Movie Posters

Most popular movie posters

1. Star Wars, 135,200 searches in 2022

Many fans consider the artwork advertising movies to be works of art in themselves, summing up the essence of the movie in a single image that transports them back to the first time they fell in love with it. Star Wars takes the top spot for its movie posters with searches for posters of the iconic sci-fi saga totaling more than 135,200 searches over the last 12 months. 

2. Halloween, 71,000 searches in 2022

Since its release in the late 1970s, Halloween has become a horror classic cementing its sinister masked villain Michael Myers as a pop-culture icon of the genre. So it's no surprise its artwork takes second place. The poster for the movie that kick-started the slasher sub-genre had 71,000 searches over the last 12 months. 

3. Jaws, 69,800 searches in 2022

Rounding up the top three is one of the most recognizable images in cinema history, the artwork for Steven Spielberg’s classic thriller Jaws. Featuring the iconic shark looming out of the depths to prey on an unsuspecting swimmer, the poster perfectly captures the tense mood of the movie making it a fan favorite. The poster had 69,800 searches in 2022. 

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Beginning with a list of the most popular film franchises and TV shows taken from list articles, we used Google’s Keyword Planner to find the annual search volumes from December 2021 to November 2022 for keywords including “[film franchise/TV show] interior” and “[film franchise/TV show] interior design” and “[film franchise] movie poster”. 

For the most influential film franchises and TV shows by room, keyword volumes for “[film franchise/TV show] [bedroom/bathroom/kitchen]” were taken. 

All data correct as of 01/06/2023.

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