Kintsugi Candle Co.

A luxury candle company devoted to honoring the beauty in the broken.




Atlanta, GA

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Allison Jones had to undergo surgery. Whilst recovering, she found that aromatherapy played a significant role in her recovery, and made a positive impact on her mental wellbeing. Feeling compelled to share her new and improved outlook brought on by fragrance, she created Kintsugi Candle Co.

Allison believes that our so-called imperfections are what makes us special and unique, and that is why she used ‘kintsugi’ in the name of her brand. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using gold to highlight the beauty of imperfection. The meaning of this, for Allison, is that we should be celebrated for exactly who we are and what we’ve experienced, and that we are made more beautiful because of our cracks.

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