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Superior hand crafted cookware and kitchen tools.

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Blanc Creatives


Charlottesville, VA



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Blanc Creatives

Founded in 2011 by Corry Blanc, Blanc Creatives sells a range of kitchenware crafted to last for generations — from chopping boards to skillets and roasters — with each piece created at its workshop in Charlottesville, Virginia.  

Blanc Creatives cookware is painstakingly produced by hand. Starting out as a flat, circular steel disc, its pans are first pressed and then forged into the perfect shape before the sharp edges of each pan are taken down with grinders and smoothed and the handles are riveted in place.

The Blanc Creatives team cares deeply about old fashioned craftsmanship and seeks to bring the tradition of handcrafted goods into modern homes.

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"Blanc Creatives' saute pans, skillets, and roasters have quickly earned a coveted spot on our shelves—and we don't make room for just any old piece of cookware."


"Blanc Creatives is a testament to the beauty that stems from blending premium materials with thoughtful design."

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Blanc Creatives