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Your go-to source for modern homeware and furniture brands.

At Living Cozy, we search the internet to uncover the the best furniture and homeware brands. We want to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to buying the things you share your home with. Our goal is to help you find furniture and homeware products that you love and make you feel at home instead of things that’ll-do-for-now.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help you make more informed decisions about the brands and products you share your home with. On Living Cozy you will find brands that are:


We curate brands that are founded with clear values, a purpose beyond profit and an authentic story.

Built to Last

We feature brands that are leading the fight against fast furniture and making high-quality products that are designed to last.

Sustainably Crafted

We love brands that source materials locally, use sustainable and ethical practices and actively work to reduce waste.

Writers and contributors

From the Founder

Ash Read


Thanks for checking out Living Cozy. Here's a little backstory on the publication.

It all started when my partner and I moved house in December 2019. As we moved in, we found it hard to discover brands and products that fit what we were looking for. Every search resulted in generic sites that sell a Zillion Things and finding new, unique, and purposeful brands became complicated. 

In the end, I turned to Instagram to discover many of the products that we now have at home. As I found brands, I would save them to an Instagram collection, and over time that group became a spreadsheet... and morphed into what you see here on Living Cozy today.

Thanks again for checking out the site! 


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