Discovering Comfort: The 15 Best Couches of 2024 (Reviewed)

Burrow Union Sofa
It’s no secret that sofas are a staple of the home. After all, what’s the common denominator of movie nights, house parties, and (maybe) working from home? You guessed it– the sofa.

Choosing the best sofa for your home is a significant undertaking, and our team of furniture experts, at-home reviewers, and general enthusiasts understands the importance of this decision. We've put together a guide featuring 15 top contenders to simplify your search for the most comfortable couch.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall Comfortable Couch: Kova Sofa by Albany Park

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2. Most Comfortable Sofa for Watching TV: Modular Sofa by 7th Avenue

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3. Most Comfortable Affordable Couch: The Sink Down by Floyd

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4. Most Comfortable Reclining Sofa: The Couch by Homebody

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5. Best Deep Comfortable Couch: Movie Night 3-Piece Modular Sofa by Sundays

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6. Most Comfortable Leather Sofa: Venice by MadeRight CA

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7. Most Comfortable Sectional Couch: The Jones Modular by Maiden Home

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8. Most Comfortable Mid-Century Couch: Burrow Union Sofa

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1.‎ Best Overall Comfortable Couch

Kova Sofa
Albany Park's Kova Sofa

Brand: Albany Park

Price from: $1,389

Dimensions: 121"W x 34"H x 42"D | Material: Velvet and Fabric | Shipping: Free shipping

Touted by Albany Park as “the world’s most comfortable sofa,” the Kova Sofa offers feather blend seat cushions that provide cloud-like comfort– while remaining a highly modular sofa sure to fit your space and lifestyle. Available in performance velvet and fabric, the sofa is easy to clean while adding style to your space.

What our reviewer said:

“The Kova sofa is a perfect fit for my space and lifestyle. Its comfort and durability leads me to believe I won't need another sofa for quite some time.”

The sofa is built with a kiln-dried hardwood frame and reversible, fully upholstered back cushions. In addition to being highly modular, the sofa arrives in easy-to-move boxes that most can carry by themselves, and can be assembled without tools.


  • Easy to configure with modular options to add more sections
  • Cushions are firm enough so that you can relax while not sinking.


  • Harder to assemble than the video implies
  • The metal connector between the two sections could be stronger

Read full review of Kova Sofa

Shop now at Albany Park

2.‎ Most Comfortable Sofa for Watching TV

7th Avenue Sofa
7th Avenue 3-Seat Sofa

Brand: 7th Avenue

Price at publishing: $3,200

Dimensions: 130"W x 24"H x 38"D | Material: Performance Textured Polylinen | Shipping: Between 4-6 weeks, price shown at checkout 

Known to be “the world’s greatest modular sofa,” 7th Avenue’s modular sectionals are stain-resistant, sustainably built, and can be almost any size or shape you like. All of 7th Avenue’s upholstery choices are water-repellent and stain-resistant, which easily repels water, coffee, pet urine, ketchup, and even red wine. Not impressed? Add the customizable medium-soft cushion option, and you will sink into one of the world's most comfy sofas!

7th Avenue uplholstery
7th Avenue sofas feature water-repellent and stain-resistant upholstery

As the founders of 7th Avenue designed the sofa with the principle of “functional luxury in mind,” it’s incredibly well-constructed, with adjustable back cushion firmness, a sustainably sourced hardwood frame, and steel-reinforced legs. In terms of style, the sofa is described as “classic with a twist,” and is available in four color options neutral enough to fit in anywhere.


  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Sustainably built, modular pieces of furniture
  • Pet-friendly & kid-friendly


  • Limited range of colors and fabrics
  • Appears worn with use

What our reviewer said:

“The sofa feels well-made, and given how much jumping my 4-year-old twins have done on it, it seems pretty durable as well.” - Marah Eakin

Read 7th Avenue sofa full review

Shop now at 7th Avenue

3‎.‎ Most Comfortable Mid-Century Couch

Burrow Union Sofa
Burrow Union Sofa

Brand: Burrow

Price at publishing: $2,499

Dimensions: 100"W x 31.5"H x 39"D | Material: Polyester Chenille | Shipping: Free Shipping

After surveying thousands of people, it was clear to Burrow’s co-founder and CEO, Stephen Kuhl, that the company’s customer-based wanted a large, modular seating collection. Thus, Kuhl and his team created the Union Collection,

“deep and plush, yet still delivered free to your door, and easy to assemble without any additional tools,” says Kuhl.

Burrow’s Union Seating Collection is optimized for lounging featuring wide, soft cushions for lean-back comfort. Its design reimagines the classic, overstuffed sofa and can take on the personality of any room– however it’s styled. The collection is known for its contemporary feel that features soft, square arms and sturdy legs. With its stain- and pill-resistant chenille fabric, the Union Collection stays true to Burrow’s promise to create durable furniture that lasts.


  • Small enough to fit into a smaller space, but deep enough to take a nap on.
  • Easy to clean and maintain— even with pets in the house.


  • Unlike other Burrow couches like the Nomad and Field, the Union doesn't have an optional Sleep Kit to convert it into a sleeper sofa

Shop now at Burrow

4.‎ Most Comfortable Affordable Couch

Sink Down Sofa
Floyd's Sink Down Sofa

Brand: Floyd

Price at publishing: $2,208.75

Dimensions: 92"W x 32"H x 45"D | Material: Performance Polyester | Shipping: 3-6 weeks for in-stock products

Designed to make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, Floyds “Sink Down” sofa was built for radical comfort. The sofa is highly modular, able to be configured as a 2-seater, 3-seater, sectional, and single seat, and is built with premium memory foam and blown fiber cushions that ensure maximum comfort.

As Floyd prides itself on creating high-quality, durable pieces meant to last a long time, the sofa is built with high-quality performance fabrics that resist stains, and heavy-duty metal clips that keep your seats together, but make rearranging easy. Additionally, the sofa is available for purchase in a variety of vibrant colorways– including terracotta and fawn– for those looking to add color to their living room.


  • The sofa’s modularity makes for endless configurations
  • Memory foam cushions create sink-in comfort


  • Low profile design might not be the best for those looking to use the sofa to entertain.
  • The Sink Down Sofa does not feature as many options for customization compared to other brands.

Shop now at Floyd

5.‎ Most Comfortable Reclining Sofa

The Couch by Homebody
Homebody's The Couch

Brand: Homebody

Price at publishing: From $3,740

Dimensions: 45.5"W x 37"H x 39.7"D | Material: Add here | Shipping: Free shipping

With layered cushioning, complete modularity, and the ability to add recliners, The Couch by Homebody upgrades modern design in every way. The sofa can be ordered as a loveseat, L- or U-Shaped sectional– and everything in between– for a piece that can fit your space and grow with you.

When we reviewed The Couch, Cassandra Brooklyn noted its comfort as one of its stand-out features.

"The Couch is strong, supportive, and sturdy, while also being soft, comfortable, and inviting. It truly is a family-friendly couch and we are thrilled to have it," wrote Brooklyn.

As customers are able to add recliners to every seat, just some seats, or none at all, The Couch certainly redefines the image of the typical old school recliner. Just two inches of wall clearance are needed for a complete recline– making it easy to place The Couch against the wall.


  • Customize the sofa’s depth and positioning with the addition of one or two recliners.
  • “Life friendly” upholstery makes for easy cleaning.
  • Extremely comfortable


  • The sofa’s seats are larger than they look. We advise careful measurement before making the purchase.

Read full review about the Couch

Shop now at Homebody

6.‎ Best Deep Comfortable Couch

Movie Night Sofa
Sundays Movie Night Sofa

Brand: Sundays

Price at publishing: $4,130

Dimensions: 135"W x 32"H x 36"D | Material: Performance fabric | Shipping: Free shipping in between two to four weeks. 

Described as “casual, durable, and unbelievably comfortable,” the Movie Night Modular Sofa by Sundays invites you to sink into its deep, pillowy seats. While the sofa comes in light colorways, such as “brie” and “cream linen,” never fear– Sundays’ signature stain-resistant fabric is stain-resistant and moisture-repellant while remaining soft and breathable.

The sofa features a relaxed silhouette that makes itself at home in any space, while loose cushions offer deep seating. When accidents happen, simply throw its fully removable covers in the wash, easily keeping the sofa clean.


  • The sofa’s cushions are incredibly soft, while still providing structure
  • Easy to reconfigure


  • Cushions become slouchy with use
  • Loose cushions are known to slide

Shop now at Sundays

7.‎ Most Comfortable Leather Sofa

Comfortable Leather Sofa by MadeRight CA
MadeRight CA offers free expedited swatch delivery

Brand: MadeRight CA

Price at publishing: $3,677

Dimensions: 72-108"W x 33"H x 37"D | Material: Fabric or leather | Shipping: Ships in 3 weeks

Dive into the luxuriously soft hug of cushioned seats and pillowed backrests, intentionally crafted for the ultimate chill-out experience. In Alessandra Dubin's review of the Venice, she highlights, "You can practically sense the craftsmanship when you sit on it: there are no springs or seams that I can feel, with a very sturdy back support."

What our reviewer said:

"The MadeRight sofa is made of high-quality materials, and I can see one day, years down the road, opting to recover it to change the look, but I’m convinced the kiln-dried hardwood frame is going to be strong. Being a sustainability-conscious person, this MadeRight sofa gives me peace of mind that the product isn’t going to end up in the landfill. Or at least not for a very long time.” - Alesandra Dubin

The Venice leather couch is all about making you feel cozy and stylish. Imagine plush-filled waterfall cushions, a cool centered piping arm detail, and classy turned wood dowel legs—it's the perfect blend of comfort and rebellion. Personalize your seat to match your vibe by choosing from our three cushion packages, 59 fabric & leather options, and four leg colors. We're all about making your Venice couch uniquely yours!


  • Solidly made, substantial, and built to last.
  • Soft-to-the-touch performance fabric.
  • The cushions strike the right balance between soft and firm.
  • It arrived via white-glove delivery and required no assembly.


  • "I like a slightly wider arm so I can set down objects with stability." - Alesandra Dubin

MadeRight CA sofa review

Shop now at MadeRight CA

8.‎ Most Comfortable Sectional Couch

Jones Modular Sofa
Maiden Home's Jones Modular Sofa

Brand: Maiden Home

Price at publishing: $3,100

Dimensions: 84-117"W x 32.5"H x 40"D | Material: Fabric or leather | Shipping: Ships in 2-4 weeks

Available in 73 fabrics and leathers, the Jones Modular Sofa is as customizable as they come. The sofa is designed to be a workhorse piece: versatile enough to fit in with a variety of settings, while providing its own unique style as well. The modular design ensures that the sofa fits your space perfectly– while serving as a chic addition. It features removable back cushions that make the sofa extra deep and comfortable and a laid back silhouette that allows for maximum comfort.

What our reviewer said:

“The pillow-like cushions are heavenly and the deep sofa accommodates guests in an inviting manner. It’s been about 6 months since the sofa was delivered and it’s just as comfortable as the day it was delivered.”

What makes this sofa unique is its soft, pillowy armrests that make it look and feel as though it's constructed from pillows from every angle. The performance fabric option makes the sofa easy to clean– even in light colorways such as oyster or bone.


  • Laid-back silhouette is stylish and comfortable
  • Performance fabric keeps light colors looking clean


  • The sofa’s low profile could make it challenging for some to get in and out of
  • Cushions are said to slide

Read our full review of the Jones

Shop now at Maiden Home

9. Most Comfortable Modern Couch

Skinny Fat Sofa
BenchMade Modern's Skinny Fat Sofa

Brand: BenchMade Modern

Price at publishing: $3,787

Dimensions: 65"W x 27"H x 37"D | Material: Fabric or leather | Shipping: Standard (Threshold) Delivery is $249, White Glove Delivery is $399

The Skinny Fat Sofa from BenchMade Modern goes above and beyond when it comes to customization. With over 100 performance fabrics and leathers, customers are guaranteed to find the upholstery that works for them. Additionally, customers are able to customize the size and depth of the sofa– ensuring that its dimensions fit both their space and preferences. The Skinny Fat offers a minimalist aesthetic built for those who appreciate style– but still want to kick back.

What our reviewer said:

“We’ve spilled red wine, pizza, salsa — you name it — on the couch and have been able to easily get the stains out without any issues.”

While customizing the sofa, customers have the option to use BenchMade’s online tool that allows its users to play around with different sizes and configurations to see how it would fit in their space.

Skinny Fat Sectional
Skinny Fat Sectional in our reviewer's home


  • You can customize the size and depth to fit unique spaces and layouts
  • Speedy delivery


  • Cushions are quite firm at first but wear in nicely (would prefer that to having cushions that flatten out over time)
  • High price point

Skinny Fat Sectional review

Shop now at BenchMade Modern

10. Most Comfortable L Shaped Couch

Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa
Castlery's Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa

Brand: Castlery Price at publishing: $2,199 Dimensions: 102.4"W x 33.1"H x 34.5/65.7"D | Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Acrylic | Shipping: Between 4 and 6 weeks

A timeless piece with sleek, customizable legs and a tailored silhouette, the Adams Chaise Sectional Sofa by Castlery is designed to sit well in any home. The sofa gives a classic feel to modern sofa design and is available in four neutral shades made from stain-resistant polyester. Choose between brass, silver, and black legs for a look that stands out– or blends in– with your space.

While the sofa isn’t modular, customers are able to choose between a left facing and right facing sectional piece, and the option to add on an ottoman.


  • Stylish appearance that fits in well with a variety of design aesthetics
  • Excellent customer service and delivery team


  • Cushions may feel firmer than expected
  • Fabric bunching make the sofa appear worn

Shop now at

11. Most Comfortable Velvet Sofa

Dark blue Sven Sectional Sofa
Article's Sven Sectional Sofa

Brand: Article Price at publishing: $1,999 Dimensions: 100"W x 34"H x 67"D | Material: Fabric, leather, or velvet | Shipping: Flat rate shipping starting at $49, delivered in 2 to 4 weeks

The Sven Sectional by Article is known for its tufted bench seat, easy assembly, and versatile-yet-sophisticated styling. The upholstered sofa, in a textured fabric, holds up to stains and offers removable covers for easy washing. The sectional includes two bolster pillows and loose seat and back cushions for comfort, but is able to pull any space together with a modern, linear silhouette.

What our reviewer said:

“My Sven sofa also feels sturdy and seems prepared to go the distance in a household with kids, despite a budget-friendly direct-to-consumer price point.”

Customers can choose between fabric, leather, or velvet for a customized look, but aren’t bombarded with so many different shades of each that the choice feels overwhelming.

Grey Sven Sofa
Sven Sofa in our reviewer's home


  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable price point with free delivery


  • Too firm to sleep on
  • Pilling occurs with use

Sven Sofa review

Shop now at Article

12. Most Comfortable Living Room Couch

The Essential Sofa
Sabai's Essential Sofa

Brand: Sabai Price at publishing: $1,445 Dimensions: 85"W x 32"H x 61"D | Material: Recycled velvet / Upcycled polyurethane foam | Shipping: Ships within 4 weeks.

With more than 12 million tons of furniture thrown out annually, Sabai is trying to change things– by offering a sofa made from recycled and upcycled materials. The Essential Sofa is just that. Customers can choose between five shades each of recycled velvet and upcycled polyurethane foam and three leg colors. All materials are non-toxic, sustainable, and crafted in a family-owned factory in North Carolina that’s committed to quality, safety, and a living wage. Additionally, the sofa is available as a singular bench cushion or three individual cushions, depending on customer preference.

What our reviewer said:

“Sabai has an industry-leading Repair Don’t Replace program that enables customers to pick up replacement parts for their sofas.”

One of the most comfy sofas on the market, offering cushions that have a light feel and conform to the body. Despite the company’s emphasis on sustainable materials, there’s no sacrifice in comfort. The Essential Sofa is comfortable to curl up in while watching TV, while remaining firm enough to sit up while entertaining.

Sabai Sofa
The Essential Sofa with Chaise


  • A variety of colors and recycled/upcycled materials
  • The sofa’s compact design is perfect for apartment living


  • The sofa’s backrest and overall height is a little too low profile
  • While assembly isn’t difficult, it could be easier

The Essential Sofa with Chaise full review

Shop now at Sabai

13. Most Comfortable Slipcovered Sofa


Brand: Lovesac Price at publishing: From $3,253.50 Dimensions: From 82"W x 28.5"H x 64.3"D | Material: Fabric, velvet, or leather | Shipping: Free shipping

Built around the idea of modularity, the highly customizable Lovesac Sactional might be the perfect choice for those seeking customization– especially surrounding upholstery. Lovesac offers over 250 cover options, 21 of which are available for “quick ship” and 3 different fill layer options. Additionally, the sectional can be configured 11 different ways, depending on the needs of you and your space.

While not all of the sectional’s covers are machine washable, 189 of them are– and are reported to hold up well afterwards.


  • Completely modular design
  • Most fabric choices are washable and stain-resistant


  • While not difficult, assembly can take a long time for bigger sofas
  • The sofa can take a long time to ship

Shop now at

14. Most Comfortable Couch for Small Space

Blue Allform Sofa
Allform Sofa

Brand: Allform Price at publishing: $1,895 Dimensions: 90"W x 34"H x 38"D | Material: Performance fabric or leather | Shipping: Ships free between 3 and 10 days

It’s no secret that Allform’s 3-seat sofa is a workhorse. The sofa features a simple, clean design that works well with, dare we say, all design aesthetics, is constructed from high quality materials, and is incredibly durable. Customers can choose between nine upholstery options and three leg finishes for easy customization, and are guaranteed a 100 day trial in case the piece doesn’t work out.

What our reviewer said:

“One of my favorite things about the Sofa is the seat depth. My wife and I love to sit back on the couch, drink coffee, and read on the weekends. The Allform is perfect for that.”

The sofa’s cushions are constructed from high-grade foam and fiber to create a medium seat firmness. While this sofa isn’t a cloud couch, it’s certainly not so firm that it’s uncomfortable. Once ordered, the sofa ships between 3 and 10 days in easy-to-move packages.

Grey Allform Sofa
Photo Credit: Matthew Gattozzi


  • The sofa features comfy, deep seats
  • Its modular design means you can add or remove sections any time


  • Harder to put together than expected

Allform Sofa review

Shop now at Allform

15. Most Comfortable Couch Under $1000


Brand: AllModern Price at publishing: From $790 Dimensions: 84"W x 34"H x 37"D | Material: Velvet or fabric | Shipping: Free shipping

The Geo upholstered sectional by Allmodern is known for its value, easy assembly, and retro look. The mid-century modern-inspired sectional features track arms, a button-tufted seat cushion, and solid wood frame that’s great for small spaces.

Customers can choose from twenty shades of fabric or velvet upholstery and natural or walnut leg colors for easy customization. Once ordered, the sofa ships free in 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Can be assembled in 10 to 20 minutes
  • Available in standout colors


  • Cushions are too firm for some customers
  • Some report sagging in the cushions after use

Shop now at

How to Choose the Most Comfy Sofa for Your Home

When shopping around for the best couch for your home, consider your own needs and preferences first. To help her clients, Keely Smith advises “taking the time to think about what comfort means to you.” By doing so, you’ll be able to find a sofa that promotes relaxation and enhances your overall living space. Sounds good, right?

To get started, we recommend considering your sofa’s fill, proportions, and upholstery. We dive deeper into each element below.

Think About the Fill

No, not all sofa fills are created equal. While it can be hard to differentiate one fill from the next by appearance, the sofa’s fill will impact your overall experience.

Make sure to clock the following fill options the next time you’re scrolling between sofas online.

  • Poly-wrapped foam: The most common filling in the furniture industry today, poly-wrapped foam is a cushion wrapped in polyester batting. The material gives the foam a nice shape and firm feel.
  • Down: Perfect for those that prioritize softness, down filled cushions are just as they sound: cushions filled with down feathers.
  • Memory foam: Considered by many to be the opposite of down, memory foam is firm, retains its form, and is largely synthetic. Memory foam is preferred in those who like a sofa with more support.

Look at Depth and Height

While most simply measure for width when making space in their home for a new sofa, depth and height are important factors to keep in mind when considering overall comfort. For example, this guide features many sofas with especially deep seats– an element many look more when seeking a sofa to cuddle up in. On the other hand, if you prefer a more formal seating arrangement, a low-profile sofa may be a better fit.

Find the Right Upholstery

While it’s often tempting to choose the sofa that looks the prettiest online, it’s important to consider longevity– or, how the sofa’s upholstery will hold up after you actually start using it. “Some sofas will require more attention to keep them looking in their best shape for a long time,” says Andrea Rathborne, Product Design at Article. “Ask yourself (and be real!), ‘do I have the time or patience to keep this sofa looking its best?’ If your honest answer is ‘no,’ finding a material that requires less maintenance will probably be the better choice for you.”

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Featured Experts

So, how did we choose the sofas featured in this guide? We looked back at our many sofas featured in reviews on our site in addition to the experts we’ve consulted in previous pieces, like our guide to buying a sofa. We also consulted with Keely Smith, the lead interior designer at JD Elite Interiors about her experience helping clients choose the most comfortable sofas for their homes.

Written by
Sasha Weilbaker
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
Sasha Weilbaker
Written by
Sasha Weilbaker
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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