The Best Sofa-in-a-Box Brands and How to Choose Yours

Albany Park Sofa in a Box
The process of buying a piece of furniture is changing, and these sofa-in-a-box brands listed below are leading the way.

Top Picks Roundup

Best Overall: Cozey

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Best Recliner: Homebody

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Best Assembly-in-Minutes: Albany Park

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Best Budget-Friendly Brand: Allform

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Best Modular: Burrow

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Best Storage: Home Reserve

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Best Foldable Sofa: Elephant in a Box

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1.‎ Cozey

The Cozey Sofa
The Cozey Sofa

Brand: The comfortable sofa made for modern living.

Product: Canada's first sofa-in-a-box brand, the Cozey Sofa, is designed for everyday living that's simple to move around and magically comfortable.

Starting price: $945.

Delivery: The Cozey Sofa is shipped in a number of boxes, every seat comes in its own box, and the arms are also in their own box.

Shipping fees: Cozey offers free shipping and easy returns in USA & Canada

Cozey Delivery Boxes
The sofa is shipped across USA & Canada in boxes.

Cozey is a Canadian direct-to-consumer sofa brand founded to make sofa shopping as easy as binge-watching.

The initial idea for Cozey was to create something better and more straightforward for Canadians when it comes to moving furniture, and the result is an elegantly designed sofa that assembles in minutes, and that is marvelously comfortable. Cozey is Canada's first sofa-in-a-box made quickly, tool-free, and shipped directly to doors across the Canada & USA.

Cozey is also focused on giving back and has partnered with homeless shelters to deliver a Comfort Box — which usually combines needed items in shelters, such as warm socks, hygiene products, and underwear — for every sofa sold.

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2.‎ Homebody

Homebody Couch
The Couch by Homebody

Brand: Homebody was founded by furniture industry veterans to create the most comfortable modular sofa on the market.

Product: Homebody's sofas are endlessly modular and it offers two main options — The Couch, and the Recliner.

Starting price: Two-seater from $3,740.

Delivery: All orders will be processed in 3 business days. Depending on where you live, delivery is usually within 4~8 weeks.

Shipping fees: Shipping is FREE within 48 contiguous states in the United States.

Homebody Couch in Linen and Gloomy Day In
Homebody Couch in Linen and Gloomy Day In Upholstery

Homebody is a new-to-the-scene brand that launched in 2022. Its founders are veterans of the furniture industry that wanted to design a sofa that was all about comfort. The result, is a highly-customizable sofa with five-layer foam cushions, plush down pillows, an ergonomic head rest, and optional recliner functionality.

The Couch comes in seven material and neutral color options — dark and light grays and off-white: Linen and Coconut, Linen and Gloomy Day In, Velvet and Marshmallow, Velvet and Warm Sand, Velvet and Evening Fog, Velvet and Beach Day, and Pet-Friendly and Koala.

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3.‎ Albany Park

Albany Park Sofa
The Park Sofa

Brand: Albany Park was founded to simplify the sofa buying process and offer designer furniture fair price.

Product: Based in Houston, Texas, Albany Park offers a range of sofas, sectionals, and loveseats in three simple styles. Each sofa comes in a range of color and fabric options (including velvet) with two leg options. Its furniture can be built with no tools in a matter of minutes.

Starting price: Loveseat from $695, sofa from $895.

Offer: Use code COZY10 for 10% off sofas and sectionals.

Delivery: Albany Park furniture comes packaged in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can easily be maneuvered in stairwells, tight hallways, and throughout any home.

Shipping fees: Albany Park offers free "to your door" shipping on all orders.

Reviews: We've shipped a couple of Albany Park sofas to Living Cozy contributors to test and review at home. Read our full Park Sectional sofa review here. You can check out our Kova sofa review here.

Albany Park sofas can be assembled in minutes

Founded by Darryl and Jessica Sharpton, Albany Park is a sofa-in-a-box brand that set out to challenge the norms of the furniture industry. After shopping in an over-priced showroom and being overwhelmed with hundreds of sofa options, the entrepreneurial couple set out to simplify the sofa buying experience.

Instead of hundreds of options, Albany Park offers just three affordable sofa styles, and each is shipped directly to consumers in a matter of weeks (not months). Its products are shipped to your door in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can be easily moved from your doorway to your living room for assembly.

Use code COZY10 at checkout for 10% off sofas and sectionals at Albany Park.

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4. Floyd

The Sofa by Floyd
The Sofa by Floyd

Brand: Detroit-based Floyd crafts lasting quality products for how people live today.

Product: Fittingly called "The Sofa," Floyd's best seller minimalist sofa comes in three configurations — a two-seater, three-seater, and three-seater + chaise. It's available in five colors (each made from stain-resistant fabric), with a choice of birch or upholstered base.

Starting price: Two-seater from $1,395, three-seater from $1,595.

Delivery: The Sofa is delivered directly to your door four to seven in boxes, depending on your configuration. The three-seater comes in four boxes (the heaviest weighs 132 lbs, with the others between 22-32 lbs).

Shipping fees: Most Floyd products ship for a 10% shipping fee. (Floyd offers fast shipping to the lower 48 states. In-stock items ship in 1-5 business days.)

Reviews: We shipped the Floyd Sofa and Form Section to our contributors to test out — check out our full Floyd Sofa review here and the Form Sectional review here.

The Floyd 3-Seater Sectional
The Floyd 3-Seater Sectional oin Off-White

Tired of seeing furniture being disposed of in landfill sites, Floyd's founders started the brand in 2013 with a mission to build timeless, modern style furniture that lasts.

Designed in its Michigan HQ and manufactured with partners across the US, Floyd created The Sofa with modern living in mind — it's a place for conversations with friends and binge-watching Netflix.

The sofa is perfect for small spaces, with a 2-seater loveseat, three-seater sofa, and three-seater chaise options. It was also designed to be moveable with an intuitive assembly that makes for just as intuitive disassembly. So if you move, you'll be able to easily take your sofa with you and not have to worry about navigating doorways of awkward stairs (if only Ross Geller had a Floyd sofa).

"Our furniture is made for how people live today. We know that our customers move from apartment to apartment. They start with us as early as their college days and grow with us as they mature and have families and move to the suburbs," says Floyd Co-Founder and CEO Kyle Hoff on why the brand is focused on making its furniture easy to ship and simple to move.

In keeping with its mission to create furniture that lasts, The Sofa is backed by Floyd's 10-year warranty.

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4.‎ Allform

Allform sofa in sand
Allform Loveseat with Chaise

Product: Allform offers a range of sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and armchairs.

Starting price: 3-seat sofas from $1,895, loveseats from $1,345.

Delivery: Allform ships its sofas in easy-to-manage boxes.

Shipping fees: Shipping is free on all orders.

Watch: Interior designer Bri Ussery, founder of Dōr Design House, joined us in our studio in Austin, Texas, to give us an overview of the Allform sofa:

Founded by the team behind the Helix mattress brand, Allform offers modular, sectional sofas designed for real life and modern living. Each Allform sofa features a sleek modern aesthetic with clean lines thin track armrests.

"We package and ship each sofa by section to make it easy to maneuver once they arrive at your door. The packaging itself is industrial strength corrugate to ensure your sofa is pristine when it arrives."

"Allform offers free shipping directly to customers through FedEx Ground, and our shipping windows are between 1-3 weeks on most products," says Allform co-founder and CEO Adam Tishman. "We package and ship each sofa by section to make it easy to maneuver once they arrive at your door. The packaging itself is industrial strength corrugate to ensure your sofa is pristine when it arrives."

Assembly is 100% tool-free, and everything you need to put your Allform sofa together will be delivered to you in the boxes along with your couch.

We tested the Allform 4-Seat Sectional Sofa and found it very comfy and the perfect sofa for relaxing with a good book and a cup of coffee. Allform makes all of its sofas in the United States and uses sustainably sourced, kiln-dried and laminated hardwood for its wood frames, heavy-duty scratch, pill, stain-resistant fabrics, and high-grade foam and fiber cushions. Each upholstered sofa comes with a 100-day trial period with free returns.

Read Our Full Review of Allform Sofa Here

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5.‎ Burrow

Cozy Sofa with Ottoman
Field 3-Seat sofa and ottoman

Brand: Founded in 2016, Burrow sells simple, adaptable furniture for modern living.

Product: Burrow is best known for its customizable sofas. Each sofa comes in a range of colors and performance fabrics with wood and metal leg finishes and options for arm styles and cushions. You can also add upgrades such as a sleep kit — with everything you need to convert your sofa into a sofa bed — and a moveable chaise.

Starting price: Loveseats start at $995, 3-seat sofas from $1,395.

Delivery: Burrow offers an authentic sofa-in-a-box experience. Its modular furniture can be delivered in regular shipping boxes (each box weighs around 40 pounds and fits through just about any door). Once unboxed, assembly is simple and tool-free.

Shipping fees: Burrow offers fast, free delivery on every single order.

Reviews: We shipped Burrow's Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger, 3-Seat Field sofa, and the Nomad sofa to Living Cozy contributors for thorough at-home tests. Check out our Range sofa review here, and Nomad sofa review here.

Burrow Boxes

Burrow was founded by Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra to change how we buy furniture. The duo believes the furniture industry has relied on repetitive product lines, inefficient supply chains, and gimmicky marketing tactics for too long and set out to build clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Burrow sells directly to consumers, cutting costly supply chain markups. Its sofa-in-a-box or sectional-in-a-box approach removes over 70% of standard shipping costs. All in all, Burrow says this approach passes on over $600 of savings to consumers.

Watch: Check out our review of the Field 3-Seat sofa and matching ottoman below: 

We joke about "thinking inside the box" a bit, but it's an important way that we're different. When we designed our first sofa, we used the maximum package size for UPS Ground as our set of constraints — each module had to fit inside that box," a Burrow company spokesperson explained to Living Cozy. "Doing that is challenging, for sure, but it unlocks all sorts of other benefits, least of which is being able to offer free, fast, and reliable shipping via UPS, whereas traditional furniture companies often charge over $100 to deliver a couch via special freight services."

"When we designed our first sofa, we used the maximum package size for UPS Ground as our set of constraints — each module had to fit inside that box."

Its couches come in easy-to-assemble pieces and feature a modern design with features specifically for everyday living, such as inherently scratch and stain-resistant fabrics and a built-in USB charger & 72" power cord. The Nomad sofa also has reversible back cushions and an optional Sleeper Kit to transform your sofa into a sleeper sectional. The modular design means that Burrow furniture can grow and expand with your life.

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6. Inside Weather

Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa
Modular Bondi 3-Seater Sofa in Spice

Brand: Order it online, customize every detail, and have it delivered to your door in a few days.

Product: Inside Weather sells a range of sofas, sectionals, chairs as well as furniture for your dining room, office, and bedroom. Its sofas are fully customizable, from the upholstery to the pillow and cushion shape.

Starting price: Sofas from $898, Sectionals starting at $1,198.

Delivery: Inside Weather's items are shipped in manageable, easy-to-handle boxes and are designed to be assembled in minutes.

Shipping fees: Shipping is free on all orders.

Reviews: We've tested a couple of Inside Weather sofas. Read our Bondi sofa review here and our Aero sofa review here.

Inside Weather Delivery Boxes
Inside Weather's easy-to-handle packaging

Every one of Inside Weather's sofas is made-to-order in its workshop in California. This zero-inventory model means Inside Weather can cut out a bunch of production costs without sacrificing the quality of its product.

Making each piece custom also gives shoppers the chance to craft a unique sofa that fits precisely what you'd like in your home. And if you don't fall in love with your new sofa right away, no worries — all purchases come with a 365 day home trial.

Inside Weather ships all of its products for free in manageable, easy-to-handle boxes, so it's effortless to get your new sofa into the perfect spot in your house. Its sofas are also designed to be assembled in minutes.

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7.‎ Home Reserve

Home Reserve Sofa
Home Reserve Sofa

Brand: Home Reserve makes ready-to-assemble sofas, sectionals, and more.

Product: Home Reserves products are modular and can be adapted as needed, so you'll never be locked into any particular layout. Each sofa is available in various colors (fabrics are changeable too) and features hidden storage compartments under each seat cushion.

Starting price: Loveseat from $376, sofa from $474.

Delivery: Home Reserve's ready-to-assemble furniture is delivered by UPS in easy-to-lift boxes.

Shipping fees: Flat rate fees to anywhere in the USA ranging from $35-77 depending on which sofa/chair you purchase.

Home Reserve builds furniture that lives for the family through an intelligent set of features that store your stuff, repels stains, and becomes the friendliest gathering place in the house.

One of the key selling points of Home Reserve's furniture is its changeability, meaning you can simply swap out the arms and cushions to transform them into a new look. All of its fabrics are also easy to change, so if you're redesigning or changing the look of your room, you can change your sofa style too (without needing to buy all new furniture). Each of its products also features built-in, hidden storage compartments under seat cushions.

Its furniture arrives about 15 business days after you place an order and is shipped in easy-to-move boxes that can maneuver and fit just about anywhere.

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8. Coddle

Coddle Sofa
The Coddle Couch

Brand: Combining design, tech, and science to bring you furniture that adapts to you.

Product: Coddle was created upon a straightforward thought that our furniture should simply do more than just sit there. Its flagship convertible couch offers 16 sitting, lounging, watching, working, eating, and sleeping and positions.

Starting price: Convertible sofa from $1,119.

Delivery: Coddle orders will typically arrive between 1-2 weeks. Everything is shipped directly from its warehouse in Stockton, California. Couches are shipped to your door in one box.

Shipping fees: Standard Delivery is free for all purchases over $999. For anything under $999, there is a 10% shipping fee.

Coddle Delivery Boxes
Coddle aims to ship in as few boxes as possible

The Coddle Couch was designed to help you make the most of any space. Its 16 positions make it perfect for almost any use — from the ideal sofa to binge your favorite show to a day bed or even a comfortable every night bed. The brand’s other collections feature fold-out futon-style couches, 2- and 3-seater sofas, a chair and a half, and matching ottomans. The durable steel frames feature high-quality memory foam and life-proof fabric to stand up to kids and pets.

As standard, Coddle will deliver its sofa-in-a-box to your door and aims to ship in as few boxes as possible. Its sofas require simple assembly with all necessary hardware (and tools if needed) included. However, it also offers a white glove service where its team will deliver the piece to the room of your choice and assemble it in place.

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9.‎ Elephant in a Box

Elephant in a Box Sofa
Elephant in a Box's foldable sofa.

Brand: Portable sofas that re/assemble instantly.

Product: Elephant in a Box is the ultimate sofa-in-a-box brand, with its foldable sofas being shipped neatly inside one box.

Starting price: Sofas start from $849.

Delivery: Elephant in a Box ships everything in just one box.

Shipping fees: Shipping is free on all orders

Elephant in a Box Delivery Box
The whole sofa ships in just one box.

Elephant in a Box is a home furniture innovation company with products that arrive in the mail, (un)fold instantly and adjust to your space. Its mission is to save you time, energy, and money and make furniture easier to love.

Founded by MIT and HBS alumni, the Elephant in a Box sofa replaces standard sofa materials with honeycomb structure technology used in aircraft bodies. The honeycomb structure will easily expand and contract to fit your space and support up to 3000 lbs in weight.

The brand aims to make moving furniture as straightforward as possible, and its vision is for everyone, everywhere, to be able to furnish their home from one box.

Shop now at

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How to Find the Right Sofa-in-a-Box

If you are looking for a new sofa from best brands, you no longer need to head to the showroom.

And you don't need to worry about bulky deliveries or taxing assembly processes. You can now get a couch that comes in pieces delivered to your doorstep in easy-to-move boxes and have it assembled in a matter of minutes, not hours.

The sofa-in-a-box brands below have different approaches to solving problems, with varying product ranges, shipping policies, and assembly practices (though most require no tools). If you want to simplify your next sofa purchase, you'll be sure to find something you love from one of these brands.

But before you browse the brands and sofa, we've picked out a few things you should consider before clicking purchase.


No matter what type of sofa you're buying, price should always be a key consideration. Most sofa-in-box brands sell pieces in the $1,000-2,000 range. Some brands offer free shipping. Keep your eye out for sales, too, as many sofa-in-a-box brands will run sales around holiday periods.

Customization and Flexibility

Modern sofa brands are known for their customization and flexibility, so you can design the perfect sofa for your living space. Many brands will give you multiple color options and your choice of legs. Some also go the extra mile by letting you choose the arm style, the type of foam used in the cushions, and the sofa configuration.

If you choose a modular sofa, you'll also have additional customization options such as reversible chaises and the flexibility to adapt your couch as your needs change. If you move frequently or like to rearrange your living room often, a modular sofa could save you a lot of headaches.


Getting your sofa delivered in boxes is all about convenience. Once your new sofa has arrived, you'll have to build it yourself. This is usually pretty straightforward and not too much hassle, but we'd recommend checking the assembly process before your sofa arrives so you understand what needs to be done. You might need help connecting the sections and getting the couch into the perfect place in your living space once it's built.

"When purchasing a sofa online, I think that one of your top considerations should be the convenience of unloading and assembling it," adds Stacy Lewis.


You should assess the comfort level you're looking for before buying a sofa-in-a-box. The cushions on sofas that come in a box aren't usually oversized, fluffy cushions that envelop you as you sit down. But that doesn't mean they aren't comfortable.

Before buying, always check the type of foam used for cushions, how firm the brand says the cushions are, and what people say in the reviews.

Why Trust Living Cozy

Here at Living Cozy, we’ve researched dozens of sofa brands, worked with interior design and furniture experts and produced first-hand reviews of sofas. So we know what to look for in a sofa brand you can trust. For this list, we’ve selected a number of brands we have first-hand experience with and sofas our reviewers have lived with in their homes.

We aim to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible and it was last updated in February 2024.

Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
Heather Bien
Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
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