Bedding & Sleep Brands

Home sweet home? Absolutely, especially when it's your bedroom!

Finding bedding and sleep brands for your sweet dreams can turn bitter when there are many brands to consider.

In this collection of bedroom essentials, you will find mattresses made from non-toxic and organic materials alongside a 100% washable option. Explore bedroom sets, 5-star hotel-quality pillows and sheets, and artisan-crafted furniture built to last.

What Does Bedding & Sleep Include?

Dreams are made of peace, coziness, and healthy hours of resting. And that comes from a good set of bedding and sleep essentials.

This selection of brands includes premium-quality bedroom furniture and linens, accessories like beanbags designed for any body shape, and a wide range of mattresses. Speaking of that, Ariel Kaye, the CEO and founder of Parachute, advises:

"The secret to a good night's sleep is a solid foundation." 

Keep that in mind, and also look at blankets, pillows, duvets, bedframes, and more!