20+ Black-Owned Homeware Brands You Should Know About

Black-Owned Homeware Brands
We've started to curate a growing list of Black-owned brands that create products for your home. This list is far from complete, and our goal is to keep this list updated regularly with new brands.

We've created this list of Black-owned homeware brands across a range of categories, from home decor and candles to furniture, tableware and painting and decorating.

The brands listed below were found from a variety of sources including Instagram, Twitter threads, this brands spreadsheet, this list from SACQ.

If you know of a brand we should add, please suggest it here.

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23 Black-Owned Homeware Brands

1. Clare

Clare paints
Clare paints start at $54

Interior designer Nicole Gibbons founded Clare with a vision in mind, to simplify paint shopping. Clare makes buying paint an easy, fun and interesting experience that makes choosing your perfect color a piece of cake. Not only that, the paint is of superior quality formulated without the toxic carbon-based solvents found in other paints. ‍

Starting price: Clare paints start at $54 gallon / $2 for a swatch.

Products: Clare offers a range of beautiful paint colors as well as paint supplies so you get everything you need to decorate your home in one place.

Shop Clare

2. Albany Park

Albany Park Kova Sofa
Albany Park's Kova Sofa, from $1,190

After shopping in an over-priced showroom, feeling overwhelmed with options and then realizing deliver would take 4-6 weeks, Darryl and Jessica Sharpton set out to simplify the sofa buying process. The result is Albany Park, a modern luxury sofa brand, offering designer furniture at a fair price.

To eliminate decision fatigue, Albany Park offers just three models — Albany, Park and Kova — and its furniture comes packaged in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can easily be maneuvered in stairwells, tight hallways and throughout any home.

Starting price: Armchairs from $395, Sofas from $895.

Products: Albany Park sells Sofas, Armchairs, Sectionals, Ottomans and Loveseats.

Shop Albany Park

3. Linoto

Linoto's 100& Linen Sheet Sets
Linoto's 100& Linen Sheet Sets, from $269

Linoto's collection features real linen products to help enhance almost every part of your home experience. From linen bed sheets, napkins and tablecloths to linen curtains and spa towels. Linoto takes pride in its exceptional workmanship, and all of its products are made in its workshop in Westchester County in New York. Its bold color offerings also sets in apart from many linen brands.

Linoto started in 2007 when founder Jason Evege was shopping around for real linen sheets, and unable to find any at reasonable prices (often being quoted in excess of $1,000). Evege decided to craft his own sheets and then a few more sets for friends and family. Evege began to sell his sheets online, working nights and weekends around his full-time job, and in the first year Linoto sold more than 120 linen sheet sets to customers in the US and overseas. Now, Linoto has fulfilled more than 10,000 orders to customers around the world.

Starting price: Full linen sheet sets from $269, individual sheets from $109, linen towels from $59.

Products: Linoto offers a range of linen products including sheets, pillow and duvet covers, towels and curtains.

Shop Linoto

4. Jungalow

Rose Rug
Rose Rug, from $59

Designer Justina Blakeney started Jungalow as a design blog in 2009 and it has since grown into a lifestyle brand selling a range of home decor items . Jungalow aims to help people connect with nature at home, and this is highlighted by its bold, colorful and patternful designs. As part of its mission to help foster the human and nature connection, at least two trees are planted for each purchase made.

Starting price: Prices at Junaglow range from $25 for rugs and decor items to $200+ for furniture.

Products: Junaglow supplies a variety or homeware and furniture products. From rugs and decor items to tables and chairs.

Shop Junaglow

5. Grounded Plants

House Plants
House plants from $15

Grounded was created to help you disconnect and decompress through plants. Grounded's carefully selected plants aim to create a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Starting price: Grounded's plants start between $15-20.

Products: Grounded sells a range of house plants and accessories.

Shop Grounded Plants

6. The Black Home

4-Piece Flatware Set
4-Piece Flatware Set from $15

The Black Home sells beautiful items for your home by celebrity interior designer Neffi Walker.

Starting price: Its candles start at $40 and the brand offers tableware sets from $32.

Products: Spanning community, product and service, The Black Home offers homewares such as dinner sets and candles as well as design services and books.

Shop The Black Home

7. Satya + Sage

Goddess Candle
Goddess Candle from $34

Sonja Haile, the founder of Satya + Sage, firmly believes in making time for yourself, and noticed that just to get through the week, she would dedicate at least one day to self-care. On those days, she would always light a candle to refresh her space and her mind. And this inspired her to begin on a venture of her own—creating candles with self-care at the forefront of their design.

Starting price:
Its candles are priced as follows: 2oz: $8.00 | 6oz: $25.00 | 8oz: $32.00

Products: Satya + Sage sells a range of candles, each is made with 100% vegetable and coconut wax, is phthalate-free and uses premium grade fragrance and essential oils.

Shop Satya+Sage

8. Yaël & Valérie

Home decor by Yaël & Valérie
Yaël & Valérie has a wide range of home decor items

Valérie Louis grew up in the vibrant country of Haiti, and spent her childhood drawing things that she saw around her. As she grew, she realised that none of the visuals she saw around her home country were reflected in wallpapers or fabrics, and thus, she created Yaël & Valérie—a company named after herself and her daughter.

Each item begins with a hand-drawn sketch, and each collection released symbolises different elements of Haiti. Providing beautiful interior fabrics and wallpapers, Yaël & Valérie combines art, elegance, colors and cultural heritage to create sublime decor that has a uniquely Caribbean touch.

Starting price:
Prices available in its catalog.

Products: Yaël & Valérie sells a range of upholstered chairs, cushions and curtains.

Shop Satya+Sage
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9. Johanna Howard Home

Grinda Pillow
Grinda Pillow from $265

Johanna Howard found the inspiration for her products from the clean elegance of Scandinavian design from her native Sweden. It was in Sweden, when watching her mother meticulously hand-make dresses that Johanna learned to appreciate the quality and versatility that only crafting something by hand can achieve.

After studying at a fashion school in the US and working as a designer for a number of years, her focus is now on designing elegant, beautiful items for the home. Selling a range of fabric items, including cushions and throws, Johanna Howard Home collaborates with talented artisans across the globe to elevate their traditional craftsmanship with refined composition to create breathtaking designs and quality products.

Starting price:
Pillows and throws start at around $200.

Products: Johanna Howard Home sells scarves, pillows, throws and candles.

Shop Johanna Howard Home

10. Bolé Road Textiles

Paleta Curatain
Paleta Curatain from $110

Founded by Brooklyn-based interior designer Hana Getachew, Bolé Road Textiles offers a range of pillow cases, rugs, tableware and other linens. Each piece is designed by Hana in Bolé Road's Brooklyn based design studio using concepts drawn from Ethiopia’s culture and natural beauty. Once completed, designs are shared with artisans in Ethiopia for weaving.

Starting price:
Hand towels start at $45, curtains from $100.

Products: Bolé Road Textiles offers a wide range of towels, curtains and textiles for the home.

Shop Bolé Road Textiles

11. 228 Grant Street Candle Co.

Oakmoss and Amber Candle
Oakmoss + Amber Candle from $20

Hand-made in small batches in Baltimore, the 228 Grant Street Candle Co. creates beautifully aromatic candles made from all-natural soy wax, braided cotton wicks and scented oils.

Priding themselves on being made from only wax, wick and dyes, their candles have no additional additives or dyes, and come in gorgeous jars or travel tins. Using soy wax is important to the company, as it is a completely renewable resource and burns for longer than paraffin wax.

Starting price:
Prices start from $10 and shipping is free on orders of $40 or over.

Products: A wide range of 9 oz jar candles.

Shop 228 Grant Street Candle Co.

12. Ilé Ilà

Osan Line Chair
Osan Line Chair, $1,795

Ilé Ilà (translated "House of Lines") is a  lifestyle furniture brand, started by architect Tosin Oshinowo in 2017 to celebrate her native Yoruba culture. Each piece of Ilé Ilà furniture features bright, vibrant colors and is handmade in Lagos Nigeria.

Starting price: Stools from $795.

Products: Ilé Ilà creates handmade armchairs and stools.

ShopIlé Ilà

13. Karibe

Karibe Skillet
Karibe 8" Skillet, $84.99

Based in New Jersey, and founded in 2018, Karibe specialises in a small range of high-quality cookware, including cast iron skillets and sauce pots.

Starting price: Prices start from $49.99 and shipping is free.

Products: Skillets, sauce pots and cookware.

Shop Karibe

14. Karen Jai Home

Indana Lamp
Indana Lamp, $268

A boutique for the design-obsessed, Karen Jai Home offers products that promise to elevate your environment with style, sophistication and luxury. It offers a huge range of items for every room from your bathroom to your living area, making it an all-in-one solution to your luxury homeware product needs.

Starting price: Home decor items start from $38.

Products: Pillow, lighting, bathroom accessories and more, Karen Jai Home has a range of home decor products for almost every room in your house.

Shop Karan Jai Home

15. Goodee

Coodee Tray
No. 10 Tray, $115

In 2017, twin brothers and creative directors Byron and Dexter Peart embarked on a mission.They had a dream to develop a meaningful brand that was passionate in offering sustainable solutions for modern living. And so they created a brand that did just that, in the form of Goodee.

Offering a wide variety of homeware and personal care products, Goodee works exclusively with artisans that make a strong social or environmental impact. Every product Goodee sells is ethically made and transparently sourced, and it promises to shed light on the story behind each item.

Starting price: Products available for around $20 and upwards.

Products: Goodee is a curated marketplace offering essential homewares and lifestyle products..

Shop Goodee

16. Lolly Lolly

Homemade kitchen ceramics
Homemade kitchen ceramics by Lolly Lolly

Producing homemade kitchen ceramics, all products from Lolly Lolly are handmade by Lalese Stamps in her pottery studio in Columbus, Ohio. Keeping the company fresh and exciting, Lalese recently created 100 wildly varying mug handles in 100 days on a plain black mug, which are displayed in a gallery on her site. This has gained her much attention, and the designs are fantastically innovative.

Starting price: TBC when new products are released

Products: Lolly Lolly produces homemade ceramics.

Shop Lolly Lolly

17. Mitchell Black

Ocean Swimmers wallpaper
Mitchell Black's Ocean Swimmers wallpaper

Mitchell Black’s founder Marcy Swerdlow believes that wallpaper is a growing design industry trend. Its trademark vibrant patterns and subtle textures are produced in an aim to bring premium design and sophistication to any room.

Starting price: Wallpaper starts at $59.

Products: Mitchell Black has a huge range of wallpapers and other products to choose from (also selling candles, fabric and stationery), with each pattern even more interesting than the last.

Shop Mitchell Black

18. Modish Decor Pillows

Modish pillows
Modish pillows start at $46

Selling pillows, candles and coasters, Modish Decor Pillows was founded by Chantal Bradley, a New York native with a passion for interior design.

Describing its style as “modern” and “posh”, it aims to bring an effortlessly contemporary look to any living or work space. It sell a range of products, including candles and coasters, but as their name would suggest, pillows are its primary product. It has 40+ gorgeous designs to browse through.

Starting price: Candles from $39, and pillows from $46.

Products: Pillows, coasters, and candles.

Shop Modish Decor Pillows

19. Effortless Composition

Effortless Composition pillows
Effortless Composition pillows start at $38

Tired and burned out from running around from homeware store to homeware store just to look at the same bland decor, Brittiny, the founder and chief interior stylist at Effortless Composition, decided to help herself and others create a sanctuary at home easily, giving her and others more time to spend with family and friends.

Effortless Composition aims to help you create a home that you will love and obsess over. It works with skilled artisans, everywhere from Istanbul to Los Angeles, in order to bring their fresh, exciting designs to life. Not only does it offer a huge range of homeware items, it also understands that the process doesn’t stop when you purchase, so Effortless Composition makes a promise to stick around once you seal the deal with its personalized styling sessions.

Starting price: Items start from as little as $10.

Products: Pillows and throws, home decor items and tabletop items like bowls and plates.

Shop Effortless Composition

20. Kintsugi Candle Co.

Blossom Candle
Blossom Candle from $24

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Allison Jones had to undergo surgery. Whilst recovering, she found that aromatherapy played a significant role in her recovery, and made a positive impact on her mental wellbeing. Feeling compelled to share her new and improved outlook brought on by fragrance, she created Kintsugi Candle Co.

Allison believes that our so-called imperfections are what makes us special and unique, and that is why she used ‘kintsugi’ in the name of her brand. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using gold to highlight the beauty of imperfection. The meaning of this, for Allison, is that we should be celebrated for exactly who we are and what we’ve experienced, and that we are made more beautiful because of our cracks.

Starting price: Candles from $24.

‍‍Products: Wide range of candles as well as journals and apparel.

Shop Kintsugi Candle Co.

21. Baughaus

Flora Collection
Items from the Flora Collection start at $25

Specialising in Jamaican hand-made ceramics, lighting, furniture and soft goods, Baughaus Design was founded by Dana as a side hustle, functioning as her creative outlet. Eventually, Dana took the plunge and spent all her time and resources on Baughaus Design. She has not looked back since.

All of its products are designed using a blend of traditional and modern materials and methods in order to create innovative items for the home. Each piece is infused with Dana’s Caribbean roots, with Baughaus describing their aesthetic as “clean and modern but warm at the same time”.

Starting price: Plates and dishes from around $25.

Products: Handmade ceramics, lighting, furniture and soft goods.

Shop Baughaus

22. Bespoke Binny

Cyan Cassettes Duvet Set
Cyan Cassettes Duvet Set from £60

Born from a love of African colors, prints and expression, Natalie - the founder of Bespoke Binny, created an eclectic homeware brand that was heavily inspired by her Ghanianan descent. Natalie grew up surrounded by vibrant colors and patterns, and finds them incredibly uplifting - a feeling she wanted to be able to share and bring into peoples’ homes.

Various beautiful homeware products such as lampshades, aprons and runners are available to purchase, all handmade using West African cloth. They also offer a virtual lampshade making class for those who prefer a more DIY approach to their home!
With a clear focus on bringing joy to your space, Bespoke Binny brings a beautiful vibrancy to the homeware market.

Starting price: Bedding starts at around £60 ($80).

Products: Bedding, pillows & cushions, blankets & throws, tableware.

Shop Bespoke Binny

23. Lit Brooklyn

Home Candle
Home Candle from $14

Denequa Williams-Clarke is the brains behind Lit Brooklyn - a company selling candles that look and smell amazing.

Lit Brooklyn makes its candles from soy wax because it is a non toxic and natural product that can be sourced locally, and it has been proven to burn cleaner and more evenly.

Starting price: $14 for a travel sized candle.

Products: Candles

Shop Lit Brooklyn
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