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Turn your space into a home you love with premium furniture rental.




Los Angeles, CA



Despite loving the idea of moving to a new home, a new city and finding a new job, both Michael and Lucas, the founders of Fernish, agreed that they hated the expense and hassle of the moving of furniture that came with this. Sharing an entrepreneurial spirit, the idea sparked in them to create a better solution. And so they founded Fernish.

Supplying high-quality furniture on a rental basis, each product can be leased for anywhere from 3-12 months, after which you can choose to extend the time you have with that item, or pay the difference and keep it forever - and they promise that you will never pay more than retail. At the end of their rental period, each item goes through a thorough refurbishing and cleaning process, ready to be rented to the next person.

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Behind the brand

"Fernish's mission is to make it effortless to create your home. And it's a mission we're incredibly proud to have."

Michael Barlow
Co-Founder and CEO, Fernish

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