Abbio Delivers Accessible, Professional-Grade Cookware to Home Chefs

Abio Cookware
Eric and Jonathan Wahl grew up in a household that spent a great deal of time around the dinner table.

“We’ve always cherished those meals,” says Eric. “And as we got older tried to replicate those experiences with our friends.

But as the brothers began shopping for their first “adult" cookware they noticed there wasn’t much choice out there.

“Our options were limited to traditional retailers (Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, etc.) that were selling expensive pieces that were not accessible price wise, or big box retailers or Amazon that pushed 15 piece sets of cheap, throwaway ceramic cookware.”

Neither of those options fit their needs, so Eric and Jonathan ended up piecing together cookware sets by visiting thrift and discount stores to hunt for marked-down items from premium brands. 

“It was a hugely inefficient and time consuming way to buy cookware,” says Eric. And the brothers weren’t alone in their struggles, “we knew our peers were having the same issues outfitting their kitchens,” he recalls.

Cookware by Abbio
Abbio's mission is to inspire others to create home-cooked memories.

The poor shopping experiences they had been through, coupled with their love of cooking sparked  by those old family meals and “many, many years of sitting in the kitchen watching and helping  mom and dad cook” inspired the Wahl’s to start a cookware brand of their own. 

And in 2019, Abbio was born with a focus on quality and simplicity.

Over the last few years there has been a bit of boom in the direct-to-consumer home goods category, especially in the cookware space. “But unfortunately the market has been inundated by ‘ceramic’ coated cookware products and sets,” says Eric.

"We started Abbio, in part, to challenge the growing market of these ceramic coated pans that are overpriced, lack longevity, and will ultimately discourage people from cooking at home,” he adds.  

"It’s the very best construction for cookware in terms of durability, performance, and longevity."

All of Abbio’s cookware features fully clad tri-ply construction; stainless steel wrapped around an aluminum core. “It’s the very best construction for cookware in terms of durability, performance, and longevity,” explains Eric. 

Fully clad tri-ply construction
Abbio’s cookware features fully clad tri-ply construction; stainless steel wrapped around an aluminum core.

“A well cared for clad pot or pan will last a lifetime,” he continues. “Additionally, our nonstick pans feature a proprietary coating that is PFOA free, non-toxic, and will last at least 10x longer than a ceramic coated product.”

And when it comes to simplicity, “it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

“Many consumers tend to think more is more in terms of cookware. While developing Abbio we quickly realized that most home cooks only have the need for a handful of cookware pieces," explains Wahl.

"We developed our 8-piece Set to serve the needs of the average home cook. Some may want to supplement their Abbio with specialty equipment, but we’ll never try and sell you a product you don’t need.”

The Set ($355) features two Nonstick Skillets, a Saute Pan with lid, Stock Pot with lid, and Sauce Pan with lid.

The brand was created to help make cooking at home an enjoyable experience and its products are designed for “anyone looking for a simple, well-priced, high-performing set of cookware that is built to last.”

“Our mission is to inspire home cooks through a combination of accessible, professional-grade cookware, unique recipes and educational tools,” says Wahl.

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