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BenchMade Modern Laguna Review: Stylish and Totally Customizable Sofa

Bench Made Modern white sofa
The Laguna line is the latest in BenchMade Modern’s 16 sofa collections, delivering the same high-end quality at a lower price point with streamlined customization options than the other collections.
They’re known for creating some of the fastest custom sofas and sectionals on the market, with customization taking just two weeks, without sacrificing quality or style.
BenchMade Modern is an online furniture store that prioritizes locally sourced materials, responsible manufacturing practices, and American-made quality.

I recently moved from my tiny DC condo into a row house just a few blocks away, and, for the first time, I have enough room for a sofa that can fit more than two people. I was thrilled to get my first sofa that wasn’t sourced from the pages of Facebook Marketplace. I immediately had visions of a sleek, sophisticated white sofa that would look as stylish as it is comfortable.

I didn’t just want a display piece that would look chic in a never-touched room. I wanted a sofa I could live on, whether that was lounging on a weeknight, entertaining friends while we gathered together for a wine night, or even sneaking in a few hours of relaxed work-from-home time in the afternoon.

And I was torn. I kept looking at sofas from the big-name furniture brands, but I was unsure of the quality after a bad experience with an apartment sofa a few years back. I also wanted the ability to choose exactly the right fabric (and I’m picky!) without having to wait 12+ weeks to get my sofa or spend the equivalent of a light bathroom renovation.

Enter BenchMade Modern into the picture. This American-made furniture company prides itself on handcrafting customized furniture within 2 to 4 weeks. Their production takes approximately two weeks, and the sofa is delivered straight to your home. I was sold.

The Laguna Sofa is part of a new collection that pairs BenchMade Modern’s high-end materials and quality with a more affordable price point because of the streamlined customization options. (Except, don’t think that “streamlined” means no customization! I still could pick from three different sizes, my choice of cushion, and a selection of 100+ fabrics and leathers in various color options!) The Laguna line also includes an armchair,sectional sofa, sofa with chaise, and ottoman for those looking for a more modular option. I decided to order the 90” sofa, and here’s my review of the BenchMade Modern Laguna sofa.

Getting hands-on with the Laguna sofa

Ordering from BenchMade Modern

BenchMade’s big differentiator in the market is the level of customization they offer and how quickly they’re able to handcraft furniture, so it’s no surprise their ordering process is incredibly seamless and easy.

The manufacturer describes the materials used in the product as high-quality with the following characteristics:

“Kiln-dried, wood frame; Webbing suspension; Medium-density foam core with fiber wrap, loose seat cushions; Fiber-filled loose back pillows; Fabric upholstery or leather.”

BenchMade Modern Sofa Parameters
Laguna Sofa Ordering Process

With the Laguna sofa, I was able to select from more than 125 performance fabric and leather options, three standard sizes, two cushion styles (a modern bench cushion or individual cushions), and three-leg finishes.

Their easy-to-use website goes one step at a time, allowing you to tailor each piece without missing a beat. The Laguna sofa is available in 85”, 90”, and 95” lengths, which is easily customizable on the website by pulling the slider to the correct size. While the Laguna sofa gives you a loveseat vibe, it is bigger than your typical two-seater. I chose the 90” sofa to give me plenty of room to accommodate at least three people and definitely enough room for my husband and me to relax in the evening.

There are over 125 performance fabric and leather options that enable you to really find one that suits your home, and you can order free swatches that ship within 24 hours. I went back and forth over several white and cream options before landing on one of the Luxe Fabric options, the Carlo Vanilla, a nubby, soft ivory. Shepard Pearl was a close second, and, for a minute, I thought I might go rogue with Becket Sage, but pristine ivory won out in the end.

The legs come in Honey, dark Espresso, or Stained Walnut round, and I decided on the timeless Stained Walnut since it would go with any decor or floor stain.

If you’re torn between the individual or bench cushions, I’d say the individual cushions are more approachable and casual, while the bench cushion is sleek and refined, perfect for a more formal living room.

After way too much (fun) debate, my final order was the Laguna sofa in 90”, Carlo Vanilla fabric, Stained Walnut legs, with individual cushions.

  • Customization lets you create the exact sofa you want to fit your interior design
  • The affordable price point to get the BenchMade Modern top-notch, luxury quality and look, but at a more accessible price
  • Free swatches, shipped quickly
  • Bench vs. individual cushion customization is something you don’t see often at this price point
  • Classic design that goes with everything
  • Quick production time
  • Made in the United States (USA)
  • The cushions are firmer than advertised, though I actually like them!
  • The sofa style isn’t as much as a “spread out and lounge” piece for a few people to hang and watch TV, but there are now new chaise sectional + sofa with chaise options, so those styles might work better depending on your usage and how many guests or family members typically will be sitting on it at one time.
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Delivery and Construction of Your Sofa

BenchMade Modern is an online retailer that constructs all its furniture by hand in the United States. The manufacturing and supply chain is so fast that it takes just 2-4 weeks for their custom furniture to be made (only 2 for the Laguna line specifically), and then they’re on the way to your home.

I ordered my Laguna sofa on July 11, and it was in my home a few weeks later — and just over a week of that was only because I was traveling when they originally wanted to deliver.

Threshold delivery is $299, which means they will deliver the sofa to your door. However, for $399, you can get White Glove Delivery, which includes delivery exactly where you’d like it within your home, and the delivery team installs the legs on the sofa and removes the packaging material.

We opted for White Glove Delivery since we have steep front stairs (and I’m tired of unpacking boxes from the move!), and the sofa was assembled quickly and easily right in our living room.

Living with the Laguna sofa

White Lagina Sofa in a Room

While the Laguna sofa is described as medium-soft by BenchMade Modern, I would actually describe it more as medium-firm — but in a good way. It feels tailored and sleek. And, from reading what other writers have had to say about BenchMade, I have a feeling the back cushions may start to give a little relaxing into a softer feel as time goes on. The foam and fiber-wrapped seat cushions provide a comfortable and supportive seat, and the 22” seat depth is comfortable yet still keeps the look tailored rather than too relaxed. Meanwhile, the fiber-filled back pillows are slightly higher than normal and reclined, making them perfect for entertaining. People can live their best “couch potato life” without sinking in.

As soon as I saw the sofa in place, I knew this was exactly the sophisticated aesthetic I wanted. It feels grown-up, yet it doesn’t scream any one style. It’s a versatile, classic look with crisp arms and a luxe fabric, which is perfect since I haven’t quite decided how I’m decorating yet (I don’t even have a rug yet, and I’m still using the leftover light fixtures!).

Laguna sofa in a Room: front view

After living with it for a few weeks, I absolutely love it. It’s just as chic as I hoped it would be, and it’s the one piece of my home that feels pulled together at the moment. Even with all the chaos of the move, it’s sitting there like a timeless icon. It’s in our living room, and it’s perfect for an entertaining and hanging-out sofa – acting somewhat like a blank canvas that can fit into any style of décor.

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your new sofa, BenchMade Modern offers a generous return policy with a 100-day sofa trial.

Bench Made Modern white sofa
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What sets BranchMade Modern apart from competitors is their unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafting each item to surpass industry standards. Their furniture not only stands out for its durability and timeless design but also for its accessibility, offering customers a seamless blend of style, value, and conscience.

"The reason we exist is we want to provide a great quality product at a good price that is custom fit to your room."
Edgar Blazona
Edgar Blazona
Founder, BenchMade Modern
Bench Made Modern Laguna Armchair
Bench Made Modern Laguna Ottoman
Laguna Sofa - Side view
No items found.

Guided by values rooted in ethical sourcing and responsible production, they prioritize using eco-friendly materials, ensuring each piece is aesthetically stunning and environmentally conscious.

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Laguna Sofa FAQs

How comfortable is the Laguna sofa?

The Laguna is medium, leaning towards firm, and it’s perfect for a living room sofa where you plan on watching TV on the weeknights or inviting friends to stay over. It’s incredibly comfortable without lulling you into a nap the minute you sit down.

How do I make sure the Laguna sofa fits perfectly into my space?

Customers can place an order for their customized printout, specifying their desired configuration and dimensions. The company will then dispatch it to them without any shipping charges. Recipients should anticipate the arrival of a 44-inch packing tube within the next five to seven days.

Each printout comes with guides, allowing adjustments within a range of plus or minus 5 inches. This feature proves especially useful in determining if the printout's size needs any modifications, ensuring customers get the perfect fit.

What is the lead time for customization, manufacturing, and delivery?

BenchMade Modern takes 2-4 weeks to customize and manufacture their furniture, then it’s on its way to you. This is unheard of in their industry, and my experience was right on target.

What’s the delivery process? And does the sofa come ready-made?

If you get Threshold Delivery, the sofa will come with a local delivery right to your door. If you opt for the White Glove Delivery, the sofa is delivered exactly where you’d like it to live and assembled quickly and easily.

What type of warranty is offered with BenchMade Modern Laguna Sofa?

The limited lifetime warranty offered by BenchMade Modern ensures that the frames of their sofas, sectionals, chairs, and beds remain free from any manufacturer's defects for the entire useful lifespan of the product. Meanwhile, their one-year warranty, also safeguarding against manufacturer's defects, specifically covers the fabric and cushion resiliency. In the event of a manufacturer's defect, BenchMade Modern is committed to providing replacement parts, necessary repairs, or even a complete replacement.

It's essential to note that these warranties apply exclusively to the original owner and the original delivery address. Any modifications made to a BenchMade piece of furniture item by the customer, including adding third-party legs, may negate this guarantee and void the associated warranty.

Heather Bien
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Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
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