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Reviewing Cozey’s Sofa-in a Box: A versatile, Modular Sofa that Can Adapt to Your Lifestyle

Cozey’s Ciello Sofa
Cozey is a Canadian furniture brand that was founded to simplify the sofa buying experience.
I tested Cozey's Ciello sofa in Sunset Beige.
Cozey's sofas are modular in design so you can add to them at any time and they also ship in easy-to-move boxes.

Shopping for a couch isn’t usually a straightforward experience. 

Long lead times and overwhelming choices tend to make something that should be exciting, feel a little much. Then once it arrives, the thrill of your new sofa is soon overcome with despair as you have to wrestle it through your hallways or spend hours assembling it. 

Enter Cozey

Cozey was founded with a simple mission: To create elegantly designed sofas that ship quickly across the country, and can be easily assembled (tool-free). Founder, Frédéric Aubé also wanted each sofa to be “marvelously comfortable.”

To put Cozey to the test, we shipped it’s Ciello sofa to my home in Ottawa. Throughout this review (and in the below video), I’ll be sharing my experience with Cozey’s sofa. But if you want to skip to the end: I loved it and would happily recommend it. 

Let’s get into the review. 

Getting Hands-On With Cozey’s Ciello Sofa

Ciello Overview 

The Ciello Collection was designed for lounging, with deep seats that are perfect for kicking back with your favorite book or the latest Netflix hit. 

I opted for Cozey’s Ciello sofa because I wanted a sofa that was big enough to have friends over, comfortable enough to curl up and watch a movie, and firm enough that I could sit and work from it if I needed a break from my desk. 

Some highlights of Cozey’s Ciello collection include: 

Modular Design: All of Cozey’s sofas feature a modular design so your sofa can change and adapt with your needs. There are over 900 possible configurations and extra seats can be ordered individually at any time. 

Simple shipping: Before you hit purchase, Cozey will give you an estimated delivery window so you’ll know when to expect your new sofa. It ships all of its sofas in easy-to-move boxes so you don’t have to worry about wrestling a fully made sofa through tight hallways or doors. 

Tool-free assembly: Everything you need to assemble your sofa comes in the boxes and you won’t need any tools to put it together. Assembly time depends on your configuration but it takes an average of 5-10 minutes per seat. 

Watch: Check out my experience with the Cozey Ciello Sofa in the below video:

Customizing the Ciello

As I mentioned, every Cozey sofa is modular in design. Essentially, this means you can add or remove pieces as you need and you’re not limited to the configuration you choose upon purchase. 

Cozey Ciello sofa with ottoman
Ciello can be customized to your unique configuration

Hundreds of possible configurations might sound overwhelming. But, it’s not. Cozey’s website makes it incredibly easy to choose the right setup for your space. On the Ciello product page you can choose: 

  • Your upholstery color
  • Seating configurations (both for sofas and sectionals
  • To add an extra ottoman 

I opted for the three-seater sofa in Sunset Beige. 

On Cozey’s website you can view your sofa design in a 360° so you can inspect it from every angle and you can even use AR to place the sofa in your living space using your phone. 

Delivery and Assembly

The 3-seater sofa arrived in seven clearly labeled boxes. Each box had a number and a label telling us exactly what was inside. 

Cozey sofa box
Boxes come clearly labeled

Despite Cozey’s claims the assembly process would be straightforward, I wasn’t convinced — the thought of self-assembly furniture always sparks nightmares of a certain Swedish brand we’re all familiar with. But, honestly, assembling the Ciello sofa couldn’t have been easier. 

Assembling the Ciello sofa couldn’t have been easier. 

The sofa didn’t have instructions with it in the boxes, but Cozey has a great YouTube video to guide you through the build. Within an hour of moving the boxes into our living room, we were already sitting back and enjoying our new sofa. 

Assembling the Ciello sofa
The sofa was easy to build and tool-free

Our Ciello sofa is sat on a rug, but if your sofa will be on hard floors that you don’t want scratched,  it also comes with felt bottoms for the feet. 

Living with the Ciello Sofa

The Ciello sofa works perfectly for my partner and I in our living room. As I said, I want a sofa that works in a range of situations — from having friends over, to snuggling up with a movie, and taking a much needed break from my desk. The Ciellos has exceeded my expectations in each of those situations. 

Ciello sofa in Room
Relaxing on our new sofa

One thing I have noticed is that the back cushions can slide around a little when you’re sat on it, so if you want your space to always look its neatest, you might want to rearrange and fluff up the cushions after each use. 

It’s also best to sit directly in the middle of one of the cushions, as the gaps between them don’t quite feel as comfortable. If you’re on the fence about how many seats to get, I’d recommend opting for more over less — a four seater would be better than trying to squeeze more people onto a three seater. 

  • The modular design is great for people who want flexible furniture
  • The sofa seems versatile and works well in a variety of situations 
  • The cushions are comfortable for both sitting upright and laying down
  • Easy, tool-free assembly 
  • The cushions can move around a little on the seat
  • It’s quite low profile (this could be a pro or con, depending on what you prefer)
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Cozey Sofa FAQs

What size is the Ciello sofa?

Each individual seat measures 74cm in depth and width. The total depth of the sofa (including the back and cushions) is 95cm. The complete width of the sofa depends on your chosen configuration. (The three seater measures 271cm.)

Does Cozey offer a warranty?

Cozey offers a 5-year limited warranty on all of its products. The warranty covers all defective or damaged parts and manufacturing mistakes not related to consumer-caused damage or modifications.

Is the sofa easy to care for?

Cushion covers are removable and machine washable on a cold-water delicate cycle with a mild, bleach-free detergent. Lay them flat or hang them to dry. They are not dryer-safe.

Cozey’s Ciello Sofa
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About Cozey

Montreal-based brand Cozey was founded to simplify the furniture buying experience. Cozey's sofas are designed to ship conveniently in boxes and they can be assembled tool-free. Its modular designs mean you can change the layout of your sofa or add new pieces at any time and each sofa is produced with high quality materials and designed to last. Read our review about another sofa from Cozey: Atmosphere.

"With simplicity, personalization, a great value proposition, and our community at the heart of what we do, we are laser-focused on creating 7-star customer experiences."
Frédéric Aubé
Frédéric Aubé
CEO and founder, Cozey
Cozey Cushions
Cozey Corner Sofa
Cozey Ciello sofa near window
No items found.

Cozey also works with a range of charitible partners to give back and support the homeless community  Cozey supports homeless shelters with donations of warm clothing, non-perishables and unopened hygiene products.

The brand is also focused on making products that last and cutting down on waste. With its Cozey Refurbished program, it's committed to closing the loop and reducing furniture waste. Every product that is returned within its 30-day risk-free trial goes through a rigorous refurbishment process and comes at a discount, further improving access. The returned products that do not meet the Cozey quality standards are donated to foundations in need.

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A perfect couch for our lifestyle 

Since receiving the Cozey sofa, we’ve been in love with and told everyone we know about it — my sister even picked one up off the back of our recommendation. If you’re searching for a new sofa and feel the style of Cozey’s couches could fit with your interior design style, then it’s certainly worth exploring. It’s a high-quality sofa and comes in at a great price poin

Emily Major-Girard
Emily is a freelance creative based in Canada.
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