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Floyd's Versatile, Feel-Good Rug Will Look Great in Every Room of Your Home

Floyd Rug
Floyd was founded by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell in 2013 to make furniture and home goods for how people live today.
The Rug by Floyd features deep colors and textures that make you want to walk on it, with ethically sourced materials.
The Rug comes in five colors and five sizes, ranging from $195-$995.

I seriously dread redecorating any room for one very specific and agitating reason — rug shopping. In short: High-quality, affordable rugs are hard to find.

Over the years it seems like it’s been getting more difficult than ever to find the perfect rug and truly get a feel for it before it arrives at your house. After trying and returning rug after rug, wasting weeks of time in the redecorating process, I was pleased to see Floyd offering a brand new option to solve my problems.

In line with Floyd’s simple and straightforward naming conventions, it’s new product, the Rug is made from natural materials, and available in five timeless colors and five versatile sizes — starting at $195.

Introducing Floyd’s Affordable, Eco-Friendly Rug

Floyd’s Eco-Friendly Rug
Designed to be use in every room of your home.

Once you find a rug you love, you usually have one room taken care of. But with the extensive variety Floyd offers, different styles of this rug could outfit a whole house without any two rooms looking or feeling the same.

Here are the five color options currently available:

  • Natural Heather - Natural wool woven with a dark Indian cotton thread. At a distance, it reads as a beautiful cream, while the dark cotton stitching helps to add depth and allows the rug to age gracefully. 
  • Anthracite - A dark neutral, perfect for busy spaces. Natural and grey wool woven with a dark black Indian cotton thread. 
  • Green Blend - Light green wool woven with dark green Indian cotton thread. 
  • Green/Tangelo - Floyd co-founder Alex O'Dell's favorite, a bright orange wool woven with green Indian cotton thread. Green/Tangelo is the “goes with anything orange”  that you didn’t even know existed, but now you need. 
  • Deep Blue - Deep and anchoring - light blue wool woven with dark blue Indian cotton thread.
Floyd’s Rug in 3 colors: Green, Black and Yellow
The Rug is available in five colors.

The Rug combines simple, versatile colors with a rich texture and subtle weaving pattern that’s crafted to go anywhere in your home and work with any design style.

Made from 60% New Zealand wool and 40% Indian cotton, the Rug's ultra-durable weave is designed to withstand the highest traffic areas of the home. And before launching, Floyd spent a long time barefoot testing the product (the next best thing when you have to online shop for a least someone gets to step on it first). 

Floyd’s co-founder Alex O’Dell says, “This is a product category that we deem essential to any room in the house - and we’re really proud to be introducing a collection of high-quality textiles that we’ll stand by for years to come.”

“This is a product category that we deem essential to any room in the house - and we’re really proud to be introducing a collection of high-quality textiles that we’ll stand by for years to come.”
  • The variety of options means this single style can furnish a whole house, by changing colors and sizes as needed.
  • The blend makes it perfect for high use areas, such as foyers, kitchens, and more.
  • The solid color means it won’t go out of style, but the subtle pattern keeps it from being flat and boring looking.
  • The company’s five step plan towards sustainable practices reassures customers that they are committed.
  • The rug was delivered with plastic packaging, which seemed counterintuitive to their sustainability initiative.
  • The cleaning and care could be a bit high maintenance.
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Test Drive: Thoughts on The Rug

Black-White Rug
Made from 60% New Zealand wool and 40% Indian cotton.

Opening the product was a bit alarming because it was wrapped in layers of plastic, unlike other brands I’ve used that deliver products in recyclable materials. However, it was well-protected in the shipping process which is essential.

One perk of this rug if that it was heavy enough to lay flight right out of the package, eliminating the need to roll the rug the opposite way to get the corners to calm down, or to go find my heaviest book to leave on it for 24 hours. It was ready to use right out of the package, though a rug pad feels like a total must with this rug, or you’ll be slipping and sliding through your foyer. (Floyd offers a Rug Pad for $55.)

I was instantly impressed by the quality of the rug fibers. It looks like it could be scratchy, but after stepping on it that’s far from the truth. The wool is thick and soft, but well-constructed so it doesn’t look like it will fray anytime soon (or ever). Plus I got to tell my kids the cool story of how New Zealand sheep live in super hilly homes that get cold and wet, so they have soft and bouncy wool which made our rug. The wool is meant to wick away moisture and dirt, so it will live in the kitchen or foyer forever, maybe a little of each.

The wool is thick and soft, but well-constructed so it doesn’t look like it will fray anytime soon (or ever).

I was stunned by pattern and detailing of our Anthracite selection. The Rug isn't a simple one color rug, but rather features grays, blacks and whites woven together. This will become a timeless rug in our home because the colors will match most rooms. I was also really pleased by the beautiful detail running down two sides which had thicker woven tufts. This elevated the rug from a basic everyday item to something more luxurious and fancy looking. In this way the rug can be “dressed up or down” based on the vibe of a variety of rooms. Not every rug can say this — some are too prissy and some are too laid back to be versatile.

Floyd’s in the Kitchen
The Rug's ultra-durable weave is designed to withstand the highest traffic areas of the home.

There’s no question that this rug will last for years. And by years I mean possibly decades, maybe a lifetime. Though I must admit I’m slightly intimidated by a few of the suggestions for caring for the rug, but I'm certainly willing to put in the work to maintain its high quality performance over years. For example, it shouldn’t be vacuumed with a machine that has a beater bar, and shouldn’t be placed directly over other carpet as the color may bleed. Professional cleaning is recommended, but for the short term (like tomorrow when my kids introduce their first juice box to it, probably) it can be clotted with a clean dry, white sponge. 

Floyd Rug
The Rug
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The Beginning of Floyd: Furniture for Modern Living

Founded in 2013, Detroit-based furniture brand Floyd launched on Kickstarter with a single product, The Floyd Leg and generated $256,273 from 1,395 backers. Since then Floyd, led by Detroit natives Alex O’Dell and Kyle Hoff, has evolved to offer a wide range of high-design furniture pieces aimed to simplify furniture shopping for modern consumers. 

"With the growth of a few furniture companies (or just a select one) the cultural norm of how we consume furniture dramatically shifted,” says O’Dell, alluding to the rise of Ikea and disposable furniture. “The EPA estimates 9.8 million tons of furniture waste is thrown into landfills in the US every year. We launched Floyd because we thought that was crazy,” he adds. 

“Our homes should be a place to embody the things we love and care about. By marrying timeless design and premium U.S. manufacturing with the modern conveniences of flat-pack delivery and intuitive assembly/disassembly, we’re creating furniture “for keeping” - not tossing.”
Alex O’Dell
Alex O’Dell
Co-Founder, Floyd
Floyd black Rug
Floyd green Rug
Floyd Rug under Table
No items found.

Furniture Should Be Made for the Home, Not the Landfill

Most companies have some sort of sustainability and ethical promise. Floyd has a five step plan to work towards its 2025 sustainability goals, and vision to keep furniture out of landfills, and we are here for it.

Floyd's five step plans include launching a resale and refurbishment program meant to extend the life of their furniture, which they want to last a lifetime and never end up in a landfill (furniture waste has grown 2.5 percent since 1960, they state). It also plans to ensure 70% of materials used in its products come from recycled or renewable sources — an example of moving towards this goal already is that you can purchase a recycled material rug pad with your rug. 

Minimizing plastic packaging materials (as mentioned earlier on), moving towards 100% FSC certified wood across all products, and measuring, disclosing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are also a part of the brand's sustainability plans. In order to not end up in a landfill, Floyd's products are meant to be universally used throughout the home, meaning a couch is built to look and hold up just as well at the foot of your bed as in a living room...and you already know how many spaces I plan on using the rugs for.

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Floyd has inspired me to buy higher quality products with very specific and attainable sustainability goals. While some companies pledge to follow these standards, they fail to communicate a specific plan, and where they are in the process, making Floyd the refreshing outlier here. I look forward to using this rug, and am signing off to go do dishes while enjoying its comfort and beauty underfoot.

Alexandra Frost
Written by
Alexandra Frost is a Cincinnati-based journalist. Her work has appeared in Apartment Therapy, Glamour, Women's Health, Reader's Digest, and other publications.
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