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MadeRight CA’s Venice Sofa Review: American Sofa Made-to-Order and Built-to-Last

MadeRight California Venice Sofa
MadeRight California is a new company specializing in high-quality, made-to-order sofas.
The brand’s couches are sustainably made in the USA and fully customizable, ranging from loveseat to sectional or modular sofa options when ordered with an ottoman.
We tested a 96-inch long sofa, putting it to the test in a Los Angeles household with two school-aged kids and a cat.

I live in the heart of walkable Los Angeles, a lifestyle choice that means we trade the possibility of having a larger house for our lively, culturally rich, and diverse neighborhood. With just two bedrooms for a growing family of four and a cat, it can feel like a tight squeeze in our household, and that means every room in our home must live up to its full potential for functionality and comfort. It also means our living room is the heart of the house, where just about all shared experiences happen. So it has to be up to the task.

In that spirit, we were looking to amp up seating in our living room to make it more hospitable not just for company but for everyday lounging, watching TV, napping, and working from home in comfort.

Venice Sofa

That means that any new sofa we selected would have to be visually appealing and supremely comfortable. And with our school-aged twins and indoor cat, it would have to be seriously durable and up to the rigors of our household’s lifestyle.

Taken all together, that’s a pretty tall order, but I thought the Venice sofa from the new American-made furniture company MadeRight California seemed like it could be up to the challenge — and it turns out I was right. This is all about my experience ordering from and living with the brand.

  • The Venice sofa is very solidly made, substantial, and built to last.
  • Custom furniture made to order means that your new sofa is not collecting dust for six months before making it to your door.
  • Soft-to-the-touch performance fabric makes it comfortable for everyday lounging and even sleeping.
  • The cushion set strikes just the right balance between soft and firm.
  • It arrived via white-glove delivery and required no assembly.
  • Opting for a sofa made in the USA is smart, as it ensures high-quality furniture that foreign brands simply can't match.

  • I like a slightly wider arm so I can set down objects with stability.

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Getting Hands-On With MadeRight

Ordering from MadeRight

MadeRight offers its seating in two categories of upholstery: performance fabrics and leathers. All of the fabrics are meant to withstand the demands of everyday life, which is critical to my household’s heavy usage. I knew I’d want fabric and not leather because I find it the more comfortable option for lounging, and it’s more cat-scratch friendly (plus I’m a vegetarian). But I wasn’t sure what color fabric would best suit my living room decor and lifestyle.

MadeRight Venice Sofa in a Living Room

I was a bit worried since all my previous furniture shopping was done in a showroom. Fortunately, MadeRight takes all the stress out of this part: I just navigated to the tab on the website labeled “free swatches” and entered my mailing address. I selected performance fabrics (though I could have also requested the leather samples just as easily), and within a couple of days — and no fee — the swatches arrived right to my door in the mail.

Each swatch is substantially sized, several inches around, so I could really get a chance to see the colors and touch the fabrics — nearly three dozen options in the performance fabrics alone (and a huge range of leathers, too).

Sofa fabric swatch

I laid out several potential picks in my living room and, along with my husband, we narrowed it down to our favorite finalist: Joshua Sand, a versatile and subdued shade made from a mix of polyester, cotton, and linen with a soft finish and woven texture.

Joshua Sand sofa color

Choosing a Sofa

Each of MadeRight’s sofa options bears the name of a California region, apropos of the company’s headquarters and sustainable philosophy. I selected the “Venice” sofa, with plush cushioned seats and a pillowed back, just right for a piece of furniture my whole family uses daily— lounging, watching TV, and taking impromptu naps. The arms have center piping for a bit of mid-century modern style.

From the extensive dropdown menu, I selected the 96-inch size to suit my living room from a range of options between 72 and 108 inches. And among three different cushion packages, I chose the “California Cush,” which promised “the ideal balance of firmness and softness,” evoking the built-to-last seating of earlier generations’ well-loved furniture brands.

For additional customization, the website also lets the buyer select the color of the legs from among four styles: espresso, stained walnut, honey, or gray wash. I went with stained walnut.

California Cush

This array of customization options was plenty for me to feel like I was building a sofa made just to my required specs. But I saw a note on the product page that said even more tweaks can be made to meet the customer’s needs if required, as all sofas are handcrafted to order:

“Need a different size or configuration? Drop us a note at , and let's talk about it! We're always happy to make additional customizations to our styles when possible.”

White Glove Delivery and Construction

MadeRight’s website billed a typical three-week timeframe for constructing their American-made sofas. Since their furniture manufacturing facility is located near Los Angeles, I got an email notification that my sofa was on the way just two weeks after placing the order. At the same time, I received a personal — not automated — text message from a third-party delivery driver who said he could deliver as early as the following day.

Angel arrived right at the top of the scheduled delivery window, along with a second helper. The delivery required no effort on my part aside from just being home to open the door. I just pointed to where I wanted my living room furniture rearranged, and the guys set my new sofa down in its designated spot after moving the existing furniture elsewhere in the room. There was no assembly, box, or packing materials left behind after they left — just a friendly, efficient white-glove delivery service.

Living with the MadeRight Venice Sofa

Our MadeRight Venice sofa is extremely comfortable in a way that feels — just as described — built to last. It’s firm enough to feel substantial but soft enough to melt into for movie nights or naps.

You can almost feel the craftsmanship when you sit on it: I can’t feel any springs or seams with a very solid back support.

Today, the furniture industry disappoints with its mass-produced furniture at affordable prices; we have a lot of pieces like that in this house — such as a pair of West Elm nightstands and a kitchen table from some no-name Amazon retailer — that I know are just stop-gap measures. They serve a purpose for now, but they’re already wearing out fast, and I never expected them to last anyway.

Venice Sofa by MadeRight California

The MadeRight sofa is made of high-quality materials, and I can see one day, years down the road, opting to recover it to change the look, but I’m convinced the kiln-dried hardwood frame is going to be strong. Being a sustainability-conscious person, this MadeRight sofa gives me peace of mind that the product isn’t going to end up in the landfill. Or at least not for a very long time.

I love the custom-built California Cush cushion package. I appreciate that the throw pillows at the arms are substantial enough to support my head without hurting my neck, as was the case with my last sofa, which had flimsier bolster pillows that compressed too easily.

In the first week, of our new sofa in our house, my kids managed to spill Gatorade across two of the seat cushions. Fortunately, MadeRight fabrics are stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. When it was dry, there was no evidence of the incident left — at all.

Because our sofa sits up against the large stained-glass window that is the centerpiece of our living room, my cat loves to sprawl atop the back cushions and indulge in warm sunbeams. This created a sagging look on our past sofas until we gave the cushions a good fluff. But with the MadeRight sofa, the cushions are firm and substantial enough that my 11-pound cat doesn’t even make much of a lasting dent.

Venice Sofa in Joshua Sand color

I wish the Venice sofa had slightly wider arms because I like to place a coaster and a drink on the arm — a dubious habit that should indicate just how much our lifestyle depends on a built-tough sofa that doesn’t show stains. But the arms are low enough that I can easily access a drink on the side table beside it.

The MadeRight California Venice Sofa’s Key Features

  • Available in sizes between 72 and 108 inches long
  • Available in a range of performance fabrics or leathers
  • Regular prices start at $3,697
  • Made in three weeks
MadeRight California Venice Sofa
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At MadeRight, sustainability is fundamental. We responsibly source wood, optimize fabric cutting to reduce waste, repurpose fabric scraps, prioritize quality over quantity, promote sustainability throughout the supply chain, craft locally, offer eco-friendly fabrics, and encourage responsible disposal to minimize our environmental impact and satisfy customers on the journey to a greener future.
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Edgar Blazona
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Bottom Line

Overall, I love our MadeRight Venice sofa, and I expect it to last us for many years to come. I customized the sofa's size and the fabric, covering it exactly to my own specs, so it fits right in with my living room decor and allotted space.

With 9-year-old twins, a cat, and generally rough-and-tumble usage, our household isn’t easy on furniture. But I very much believe this sofa is going to be up to the task for the long haul.

MadeRight California FAQs

What materials is the Venice sofa made of?

MadeRight California’s Venice sofa is available in a wide range of performance fabrics as well as leather options. (You can request free swatches of any materials that interest you before making a decision.)

How fast does the Venice sofa ship?

MadeRight’s website claims its custom-made sofas are fabricated and are ready to ship in about three weeks. However, mine arrived on schedule; it was ready in about two weeks.

How comfortable is the Venice sofa?

The Venice sofa is extremely comfortable for everyday lounging — and even for napping or overnight sleepers when needed. The California Cush cushion package is ideally balanced between soft and firm.

Does MadeRight offer a warranty on their custom sofas?

MadeRight provides a lifetime warranty for their solid wood frames and a two-year warranty for the fabric, cushion filler, and legs. They're ready to help with any sofa issues even after the warranty period. Just reach out to them anytime you need assistance!

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