Best Drawer Organizers and Dividers: 16 Expert Picks

Draw Storage Dividers
Did you recently binge Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? Or notice that your dresser drawers and junk drawers are getting out of hand? If so, drawer organizers are here to help.

"Drawer organizers and dividers are incredibly helpful for keeping small items from turning into one big junk drawer," says Ann Lightfoot from Done & Done Home

Drawer organizers have been trending across social media for some time now and with good reason. These versatile little workhorses come in all shapes and sizes to make it easier for you to organize your stuff and prevent clutter. With them, you can avoid running late because you can't find something or feeling embarrassed when guests open a drawer in your home. 

A woman placing cloth napkins in a white Drawer organizer
Drawer organizers help you avoid clutter

Drawer organizers are great for keeping tabs on the little things that are easy to forget about. From office supplies to spatulas to socks, these storage organizers will give you control over your drawers again. 

We're here with recommendations from professional organizers so that you can find the right drawer organizers the first time. So, keep reading to get inspired. 

The Best Bedroom and Dresser Drawer Organizers

Bedroom drawer organizers and dividers can help you put an end to the chaos of overstuffed, messy dressers. It'll help you get ready faster and make better use of the storage space in your bedroom. Plus, who doesn't want a tidy bedroom?

Dividers work well in the bedroom because you often work with deep drawers. In addition, dresser drawer dividers can help with socks, underwear, bras, and clothes that a closet organizer doesn't cover.

"Drawer dividers for underwear and socks are a great investment," says Brenda Scott, owner, and operator of Tidy My Space. "You see what you have, and it stops the items from sliding all over in the drawer. It also gives you a sense of control and confidence when you open your drawer and find it organized instead of a treasure hunt of everything jammed into a drawer." 

Marie Kondo Kocha In-Drawer Organizer

Brown Diagonal In-Drawer Organizer
Diagonal In-Drawer Organizer

Price: $24.99

Turn your kitchen drawer chaos into a symphony of order with this bamboo organizer. Open a drawer and see every tool in its place, ready for action.

Designed by the renowned Marie Kondo, this in-drawer organizer is part of an exclusive collection of sustainable products. Crafted from bamboo, each piece exudes natural beauty and functionality.

Wave goodbye to gadget clutter and welcome smoother efficiency. The unique diagonal compartments maximize your drawer's space, easily accommodating large, long, and uniquely shaped utensils. With removable dividers, customization is at your fingertips, allowing you to tailor the storage for extra space to your specific needs.

This dream drawer organizer is perfect for large and oversized kitchen storage and will not only declutter your space but also bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

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mDesign Expandable Dresser Drawer Organizer

Expandable Dresser Drawer Organizer/Divider
mDesign Expandable Dresser Drawer Organizer

Price: from $37.40

The mDesign Expandable Dresser Drawer Organizer expands to fit drawers between 13.375" and 20.125" inches, and they feature nonslip ends to keep each divider in place without damaging your drawers.

These expandable drawer organizers are designed for stability, boasting a broader base and narrow top with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. They require zero tools for installation and are made from plastic with an easy-to-clean plastic with a white appearance. In addition, each plastic drawer organizer features a convenient lock that can hold it at the perfect length for your drawer storage.

It can also transform a messy underwear towel into an organized one or bring harmony to the towel drawer.

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Bamboo Drawer Dividers

Bamboo Drawer Organizers
Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Price: $19.99 for a set of two 

These Bamboo Drawer Dividers from the Container Store are spring-loaded and expandable from 18 to 22 inches long. Each one features rubber pads to keep them in place without damaging your drawers. These adjustable drawer dividers are easy to install without tools and will quickly turn a messy, cavernous dresser drawer into a pleasing, organized compartment drawer. 

"Consider using slim bamboo drawer dividers for a show-stopping kitchen utensil drawer," says Caroline Solomon. Bamboo is a renewable, environmentally friendly option that looks great anywhere. If you like to keep things simple, you could use these same dividers to maximize space throughout your home for a unified look. 

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Drawer Dividers Organizer Pack

White plastic Drawer Dividers Organizer Pack
Drawer Dividers Organizer Pack

Price: $30.99 for a set of five 

This Drawer Dividers Organizer Pack on Amazon is a great deal if you have several drawers to organize. This expandable divider adjusts from 11 to 17 inches long, with a longer option that expands from 15 to 21 inches long. This plastic drawer organizer is easy to slide in and install with no tools, using spring-loaded tension and a simple lever that will lock your perfect fit in place. Each one features foam end caps to prevent scratching or slipping.

There's a good reason these drawer divers are best sellers on Amazon: They're affordable, functional and durable. "I use these expandable drawer dividers in my kids' dresser drawers," interior designer Jessica Welling told Living Cozy. ''I love that I can use them either side-to-side or front-to-back, so they can adapt as the kids' clothes get bigger." 

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Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers and Dividers

Kitchen drawer organizers are found in most homes, and with good reason. "Drawer organizers are essential to maintaining an organized kitchen," says New York City-based organizer Caroline Solomon. "They prevent utensils from becoming one tangled mess, allowing you to clearly see everything at once and access each item readily." 

"In the kitchen, drawer dividers not only help you to identify and locate cooking utensils easily, but they also help to keep things in place," says Kate Pawlowski from Done & Done Home. "We love adjustable bamboo dividers because they allow you to configure your drawer in a way that works best for you." 

"With everything neatly organized, you'll avoid purchasing duplicates of items that might have been hiding in that pile of utensils (hello, corkscrews, turkey basters, whisks, wooden spoons)," said Solomon. "Dividers also keep silverware neatly divided and contained, which makes setting the table and putting utensils away a breeze."

Most homes have a cutlery tray, a utensil organizer, and keeping various gadgets in order. And if your kitchen is feeling a bit cluttered, adding some drawer organizers could solve the problem. 

Wayfair Flatware & Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

Steel Utensils Drawer Organizer with colorful utensils in a drawer
Flatware & Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

Price: $13.99

The Wayfair Flatware & Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer is a handy drawer organizer with a steel open grate design. This good material helps keep it clean and maintain a tidy appearance. This utensil tray is versatile enough, with one large compartment, three medium compartments, and two small compartments.

If you already have a cutlery organizer tray that you love, this handy drawer organizer can help organize your junk drawer, kitchen utensils, and other gadgets. It can also be used outside of the kitchen as a makeup organizer or craft tray. 

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Expandable Bamboo Flatware Tray

Expandable Bamboo Drawer Divider with silver forks and knives
Expandable Bamboo Silverware Tray

Price: $29.99

The Expandable Bamboo Flatware Tray from the Container Store is made from bamboo and has an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) bottom for lasting durability. It also features adjustable sides that allow the organizer to expand up to 23" wide, fitting most kitchen drawers. 

This bamboo kitchen divider has adjustable sides, allowing you to customize the size of the compartments to your kitchen gadgets. "This is expandable, fitting various widths of drawers," commented Brenda Scott. "And it's great for the kitchen because bamboo is easy to clean." Bamboo is also a renewable, eco-friendly material. 

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Silverware Drawer Organizer by Lavish Home

White plastic Silverware Drawer Organizer
Silverware Drawer Organizer by Lavish Home

Price: $21.98

This Silverware Drawer Organizer by Lavish Home is a convenient and straightforward option for organizing spoons, forks, knives, and other kitchen utensils. It features six compartments of different sizes, helping to arrange everything neatly and quickly. 

The cutlery drawer divider features a durable plastic space-save design with a rubber lining to keep items in place. It also boasts a nonslip rubber bottom to stay in place inside your drawers. It's 16 inches long and 13 inches wide, making it an ideal drawer solution that should fit most drawers.

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Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers with silver  baking utensils
Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Price: $5.99-$10.99 each

These Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizers from The Container Store allow you to mix and match for the perfect drawer organization. They were recommended to us by Julianna Strickland, and they're infinitely helpful throughout the home. 

You can fit these storage bins together to fill your drawer with dividers and then stack another layer on top! This approach lets you stack multiple layers inside deeper drawers or stack them on the countertop for tea or spices. 

This is often used as a bamboo kitchen divider, but it can also work as individual storage baskets in a cluttered office drawer. For example, you might use one to contain the paper clips and binder clips in your junk drawer. Since they're modular and stackable, we recommend taking advantage of their versatility to create custom organization solutions throughout your home. 

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Stodja Utensil Tray

White utensil drawer divider
Stodja Utensil Tray

Price: $79

The Stodja Utensil Tray from Ikea is 36x51 cm, with a smaller option that's 29x51 cm. It's designed to keep your cutlery and utensils effortlessly organized so you can always find what you need. The tray also prevents your utensils from scratching up your drawer. 

Ikea uses only recycled or reusable plastic to keep its products environmentally friendly. So, the Stodja Utensil Tray is a good drawer organizer if you'd like an eco-friendly silverware tray with a modern appeal. 

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Best Bathroom Drawer Organizers

No matter how many items you need to organize, you don't have to settle for a messy bathroom. You just need to find the right organizers for the job. 

Bathroom drawer organizers and storage bins help prevent clutter and keep your hygiene products in order. This can save you time and money while reducing the stress you feel while trying to get out of the door in the morning. 

"Having grooming items grouped together cuts down on the morning routine because all of your skincare is in one spot, mouth hygiene is in another spot, makeup in another," explains Brenda Scott. "When things have a home, they're easy to find and easy to put back. It's also easier to see when items are getting low and you need to purchase more." 

iDesign Linus Sectioned Trays

Clear plastic Sectioned Trays
iDesign Linus Sectioned Trays

Price: $7.49-$15.99 each (on sale from $9.99-$15.99 each)

The iDesign Linus Sectioned Trays offer a mix-and-match approach to organizing your bathroom or any drawer that's getting out of hand. They're made from clear plastic, making it easier to see what you have, and the modular sizes will help you find the perfect solution for your needs. 

"These are great for the bathroom, to keep small items together," says Brenda Scott. We couldn't agree more. The key to an organized drawer or cabinet is to divide and conquer; these storage trays will help you do that. 

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Eisenhart Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Clear Plastic Bathroom Drawer Organizer
Eisenhart Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Price: $24.99

The Eisenhart Bathroom Drawer Organizer on Wayfair is a transparent storage box with a textured bottom. The storage divider is 15.9" long and 6.9" wide, which is the right size for most bathroom drawers. It's ideal for tweezers, makeup brushes, razors, contact lenses, and anything else you keep in your bathroom. 

As a bonus, these organizers are stackable, so you can create layers in deep drawers to keep everything tidy. Each tray features sturdy plastic feet to prevent sliding and an attractively textured bottom to keep items in place. 

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Best Home Office Drawer Organizers

A home office demands good drawer storage, and organizers are a perfect solution! You need to find things easily in, on, and around your workspace, especially on busy days. With drawer organizers, you can keep everything in its place.

"Use desk drawer organizers to keep office essentials within easy reach during the workday," says Julianna Strickland. For example, you might keep one or two organizers on your desk, one in each drawer, and even a few organization options in the filing cabinet or on your bookshelf. 

Open Spaces Nesting Trays

Minimalist Office organizer with airpods and pens in it
Open Spaces Nesting Trays

Price: $46

The Open Spaces Nesting Trays are an attractive option for organizing your office, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. They're made from high-quality materials chosen for a low environmental impact and longer product lifespan and come in various sizes. 

This set features one small whitewashed solid ash wood tray, a medium recyclable plastic tray, and a large aluminum tray. 

It works well on tables, desks, and counters but is also a great drawer organizer set. It keeps special items in their place and helps you develop the habit of keeping everything in its place. You can access near-infinite modular options if you buy more than one set. 

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ThreeByThree Seattle Deep Metal Drawer Organizers

Colorful Metal Drawer Organizers
Metal Drawer Organizers

Price: $16.99

The ThreeByThree Seattle Deep Metal Drawer Organizers are stylish, versatile, and durable. This set boasts rounded corners, bright interior colors, and a sleek white exterior that promises to go with anything. It's also a modular set that can efficiently organize desk drawer clutter together or separately. 

This drawer organizer set comes with four organizers (sizes include 3" x 3", 3" x 6", 3" x 9", and 6" x 9"). Each box is made from printed metal with an EVA rubber base to prevent sliding. They're stylish enough to use that empty drawer and durable enough to last a lifetime. 

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Valet Tray 

Black leather tray with a notebook and a charging cord
Valet Tray

Price: $45

The Valet Tray from ARTIFOX is a simple leather tray with a beautiful, sleek design. It's hand-stitched from latigo leather and designed to stand up to everyday use. Like most high-quality leather products, this tray will continue to look better with age when properly maintained. 

You can use the Valet Tray anywhere that needs small storage, but it looks exceptionally sleek when displayed on an office shelf or desk with the available space. It's made from genuine leather and measures 5" wide and 8" long. If you purchase more than one tray, you can create a modular arrangement for your organization needs. 

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Modular Natural Wood Bamboo Space Saver Tray

Five Modular Natural Wood Bamboo Space Saver Tray with personal objects in them
Modular Natural Wood Bamboo Space Saver Tray

Price: $51.95

The Modular Natural Wood Bamboo Space Saver Tray set is a five-part modular design made from eco-friendly bamboo. This storage system is ideal for offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere with narrower drawers. These trays are lightweight with a natural finish, and you can arrange them in a wide variety of configurations. 

This organizer set comes with two square and three rectangular shapes in various sizes to fit your storage needs. Each compartment can be used separately or with the group, and they're attractive enough to use on your desk or counter and upgrade its storage capacity.

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Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
Shelby Golding
Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
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