The Best Under Bed Storage Solutions for an Organized Home

Open Spaces Under Bed Storage
Storage solutions are an organized home's best friend. A lack of storage space makes it all too easy for clothes, linens, and miscellaneous clutter to pile up simply because they have no place to go.

Ensuring that each of your items has a dedicated place to live until it's time to use it will make it a whole lot easier to keep your home neat and tidy. Not to mention, you won't have to waste any precious time hunting for that one particular sweater or throw blanket when you need it most.

Beds are among the best places to store items because they're often full of unused square footage underneath them that lends itself perfectly to storage bins and containers. According to Suze Dowling, co-founder and chief business officer at Pattern, "Under bed storage helps utilize a commonly neglected space that would otherwise collect dust.”

Whether you've run out of dresser or closet space, or you simply don't have the perfect spot to store certain items, under-bed storage is a great option. But a quick Google search of "under bed storage" will yield an overwhelming number of results. To make it easier to find the right storage solutions for your household, we're highlighting the very best under bed storage bins and containers for every aesthetic, budget, and need.

The Best Under Bed Storage Solutions to Fit All Budgets

1. Underbed Storage - Set of 2

Open Spaces Underbed Storage

Brand: Open Spaces
Price: $148

These cute under bed storage solutions are as sustainable as they are helpful. Composed of recycled plastic bottle fibers, the compressed felt bins will slide seamlessly underneath most platform beds, safely storing items, such as seasonal clothing and pairs of shoes, until you need them. However, due to the rigidity of the lids, the brand recommends that you use these bed storage bins for seasonal rather than daily use since they can be a bit tricky to remove.

“We deliberately designed these to create a clean, seamless look that is at home in every environment, and perfectly sized to slide under a bed or a couch."

“We deliberately designed these to create a clean, seamless look that is at home in every environment, and perfectly sized to slide under a bed or a couch," says Suze Dowling, co-founder and chief business officer at Pattern. "Like all of our Open Spaces line, they are made from responsibly chosen materials. We’re very proud that the compressed felt is made from recycled plastic bottle fibers! Additionally, our genuine leather handle is sustainably sourced from a Leather Working Group gold-rated tannery. It was very important to us that any leather used be sustainably sourced with full traceability.”

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2. Modern Weave Under Bed Storage Basket

Modern Weave Under Bed Storage Baskets

Brand: West Elm
Price: $70

Rattan is a timeless material with a special knack for adding textural warmth to a space. And it also happens to be a stellar material to store any odds and ends that might need a home. These storage bins, which come without lids, provide quick and easy access to your items, making them great for daily use.

They're also incredibly cute, so while they're a great fit for under bed storage, you can also put them in plain sight, on a shelf or dresser, without worrying about cramping your style. Plus, they come in two neutral colors—Natural and Whitewash—so you'll have no trouble fitting them in with your aesthetic.

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3. Under Bed Drawer

Under Bed Drawer

Brand: The Container Store
Price: $29.99

Recommended by professional organizer Brenda Scott of Tidy my Space, this no-frills, no-fuss storage container is a great way to store items like foldable linens, seasonal clothes, and your little one's artwork. It's also only about four inches tall, so it can fit underneath virtually any bed frame.

But don't let its short height fool you—the under bed storage drawer is over two feet long, so it has plenty of room to store your essentials. It also happens to be stackable, so if you have a higher bed frame or you're looking to add storage to your closet or laundry room, it's a great option.

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4. Flexible Zippered Fabric Underbed Storage Set

Flexible Zippered Fabric Underbed Storage

Brand: Dotted Line
Price: $15.15

These storage containers come with a zippered top to protect your items from dust and debris, and they're made from durable polypropylene, which resists mildew. They're also collapsible, so you can easily take them from point A to point B.

But you don't need to take our word for it; Karen Lee, household organization and appliance expert, highly recommends this brand for its storage capabilities: “Dotted Line is a company that has many nice furniture and organization pieces on Wayfair that are sleek and functional. The storage they have is thin but long, making it fit under most beds, and it can even be stacked or put side by side for extra storage."

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5. Lenia Under Bed Storage Drawer Set

Lenia Under Bed Storage Drawer Set

Brand: Article
Price: $429

Made from a combination of solid and veneered oak, this set of two storage drawers is ideal for anyone who wants an attractive storage solution that complements the rest of their aesthetic. You can choose from three stains—Black, Walnut, and White—depending on whether you're working with a lighter or darker color palette.

The set is also part of Article's broader Lenia collection, which includes a nightstand, dresser, bed frame, and more, so you can optionally outfit your entire bedroom (and beyond!) in pieces that perfectly match these beautiful storage drawers.

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6. Stow Storage Bin

Stow Storage Bin

Brand: Design Within Reach
Price: $165

This storage bin features rounded edges and a felted surface for an attractive, streamlined design that will look great and function well for years to come. It features a frame made out of molded recycled PET plastic to protect its contents. And the storage bin's felt is recycled as well, so you can feel good about investing in a sustainable product.

The storage container also comes in several different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find matching bins for areas like your shelves, closet, and cabinets. Each option comes in four fun hues and features a secure lid complete with an indentation that makes them easily stackable.

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7. Clear Underbed Storage Box

Clear Under Bed Storage Box

Brand: Target
Price: $11

Felt and woven storage containers certainly have their place, but sometimes it's helpful to see the container's contents at a glance, especially if you're using multiple storage containers under the bed.

That's why we like this simple, clear plastic underbed box from Target. Recommended by Ben Soreff from H2H Organizing, the clear design of this storage bin makes it a breeze to see your items so you don't need to go rummaging from box to box to find them. Plus, it's incredibly spacious, at about six inches high and nearly 30 inches long, so there's plenty of room to store bulkier items like blankets, sweaters, bedding, and more.

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8. Underbed Storage Bag

The Laundress Underbed Storage Bag

Brand: The Laundress
Price: $63

If you find yourself needing to transport your underbed storage from one place to another, then you'll love this storage bag from The Laundress. Part tote, part storage container, the zippable canvas bag can store your items safely under your bed when not in use, but you can also grab one of its convenient handles and take it with you on the go.

The storage solution is thoughtfully made from 100% cotton canvas, a material that works wonders to protect its contents from moths. It's also completely free of cardboard, synthetics, and toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your items and potentially your health.

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What Should You Consider When Buying Under Bed Storage?

Before giving your under bed space a makeover and deciding the storage ideas that are right for you, it's helpful to consider a few key factors so that you can pick the very option for your household.


The right storage container material is highly dependent on what you're planning to store in it. Oliva Parks from Professional Organizer New Orleans recommends that you, "Use canvas containers for clothes or blankets and plastic bins for games and toys." That's because canvas offers some of the best protection against moths you can find, while plastic is relatively durable and easy to clean, so you won't have to worry too much about sharp or sticky toys ruining it.

"Use canvas containers for clothes or blankets and plastic bins for games and toys."

Speaking of being easy to clean, that's another factor that can influence whether a material is right for you. If you don't want to deal with vacuuming or wiping down your storage containers, then you might want a material that can easily be tossed into a washing machine. Additionally, some materials, like certain types of canvas, have very specific cleaning instructions you need to follow to preserve their quality, so make sure you're ready and willing to follow those directions before investing in a particular storage solution.

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The specific design features of your storage containers significantly affect how well they'll work for you. Suze Dowling suggests looking for "Enclosed containers that both hide clutter and protect from dust-bunnies… Other key features you should look for are easy-to-pull handles and a base material that will glide smoothly on your floor surface."

"If you are storing items that don't need to be taken out often, then it can be helpful to consider storage with airtight lids to ward off any dust. If you are storing things like books or toys, containers that can be easily opened/closed are best."

When considering design, you should also think about whether you're planning to store items that you'll need during most days or if you'd prefer to store seasonal items that you'll only take out once or twice per year. According to Olivia Parks from Professional Organizer New Orleans, "If you are storing items that don't need to be taken out often, then it can be helpful to consider storage with airtight lids to ward off any dust. If you are storing things like books or toys, containers that can be easily opened/closed are best."

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If you only consider one factor, make sure it's the size of the storage container. The last thing you want to do is purchase one that won't fit in your under bed space. Make sure to measure your bed frame and make note of the height, length, and width of any storage bins you're considering. Ideally, the storage bin will be at least one inch shorter than your bed frame so that you can easily pull it in and out whenever you need to access items.

What You’re Storing

Finally, spend some time thinking about what, exactly, you want to store. If you're planning to store bulkier items, like bedding, then make sure the storage container is deep enough to easily accommodate them.

And because it can be a pain to pull storage containers out from under your bed on a regular basis, you might want to reserve this storage spot for seasonal rather than everyday items, suggests Ben Soreff from H2H Organizing: "Under-the-bed bins can work well for the winter/summer swap. Think sweaters and then swimsuits. Additionally, under-the-bed bins can be great places to store off-season shoes and boots.”

"Under-the-bed bins can work well for the winter/summer swap. Think sweaters and then swimsuits. Additionally, under-the-bed bins can be great places to store off-season shoes and boots.”

In addition, if you're storing items that can become easily faded or damaged, then consider investing in bins that come with airtight lids to help protect your items from dust, bugs, and household debris. This is particularly important if you have pets since pet hair, and everything that gets stuck to it while your furry loved runs are running around outside, can easily make its way into bins without lids. However, if you're using your storage containers as an extension of your closet or dresser and you plan to pull items from them regularly, then you may prefer a lid-free storage bin, which can make it a little easier to pull items out and put them away each day.

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Where to Shop for Underbed Storage

Open Spaces

From under bed storage bins and nesting trays to entryway racks and shelf risers, Open Spaces offers design-forward storage solutions that make it easy to keep an organized, stylish home.

The Container Store

Given its name, it should come as no surprise that The Container Store is an organizer's dream. The retailer offers storage bins of all shapes, sizes, and types, including underbed storage containers that make it a cinch to safely store essentials.

West Elm

West Elm is widely beloved for its furniture and decor, but the retailer also offers extensive storage solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, and everywhere in between. Each of its storage solutions is also as beautiful as they are functional. It's a particularly great option if you're looking for a decorative storage container rather than a strictly utilitarian option.


Simply enter "underbed storage" into the Amazon search bar and you'll find storage options for every budget, style, and need. Bonus: Many of the items will be shipped within just a day or two.


Target offers a wide range of storage solutions that look high-end but come at a budget-friendly price. It's a more affordable alternative to West Elm if you're seeking attractive storage options that won't break the bank.

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  • Oliva Parks, founder of Professional Organizer New Orleans
  • Brenda Scott, founder of Tidy my Space and member of Professional Organizers in Canada.
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