The 21 Best Places To Buy Rugs Online (Updated for 2024)

Burrow Rug
Area rugs lay the foundation for your rooms — the right rug can transform your space, adding color, texture, style, and depth. It'll ground and anchor your furniture, protect your floors, and insulate your home while making your decor shine.

1. Ruggable

Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug
Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug

Ruggable is a trendy brand that offers a convenient, modern take on area rugs — they make lightweight, machine-washable area rugs as part of a two-piece system. Ruggable rugs consist of a topper and a pad. The topper is the washable rug that clings to the lower portion (the pad), which provides cushioning and insulation like traditional rug pads.

You can buy one pad and swap out multiple toppers to switch up your home decor, which is way more budget-friendly than purchasing an entirely new rug. This is perfect for families with pets, children, and busy lifestyles, but you probably won't have to worry about your rug getting ruined because all toppers are stain- and water-resistant.

In addition, the toppers come in shag, plush, chenille, and Re-jute (a machine-washable jute rug) with nearly 800 designs. And if you're on the fence, Check out what Cassandra Brooklyn had to say in her Ruggable Washable Rug review on Living Cozy:

"I LOVE THIS RUG so let me just start with that. I'd put one in every room of my house if I could. I first set it up in my living room since I thought it would look good there (and it did) and then decided to move it to my bedroom. While it was up in the living room, I practiced yoga on it, my mother walked over it with her walker (without her wheels getting caught on the edges), and my 6-year-old niece ran, jumped, and played endlessly. We experienced no issue with the rug slipping, sliding, or curling."

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

2. Parachute

Ladder Stripe Wool Rug
Ladder Stripe Wool Rug

Parachute is an online-only retailer that started in 2013 when founder and CEO Ariel Kaye saw a gap in the market: health-conscious home goods that bring comfort to consumers.

"Before founding Parachute, I was a design enthusiast and consistent consumer of home goods, but I faced a big problem: as a consumer, I couldn't find a single brand that was high quality, affordable, or easy to shop," said Kaye in her interview with Living Cozy.

Parachute recently launched its new Fair Trade Certified™ rug collection, with livable patterns, textural solids, and a neutral, grounding palette designed to elevate any living space. This new collection incorporates timeless patterns for a bold yet neutral staple to center any room.

Passionate about creating a livable and sustainable home, Kaye felt it essential that the new collection meet the OEKO-Tex standard certifications of the brand. And she doubled down on sustainability with Fair Trade and Craftmark Certifications, meaning that each rug meets rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards. These standards include safe working practices, environmental protections, and ethical supply chain transparency.

Return policy: 60 days | Delivery cost: 15% of order total | Shipping time: 3-4 days

3. Flor

Flor Grey Rug
In the Deep Rug

Flor is another modern company doing something different and new with area rugs — the brand's rugs are made of tiles! Every tile is machine-washable, durable, replaceable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. In addition, all of Flor's high-quality rug tiles are made using responsibly sourced materials, renewable energy, and carbon-negative rug backing technology. And did we mention they're recyclable?

Thanks to the tile system, Flor's rugs are also modular, allowing you to adjust your rug size when you move into a smaller or larger space. You can even change the shape and design of your rug to change up your home decor or fit a new floor plan. And this is something you can't say about the best rugs from most other retailers.

Flor's selection includes many contemporary designs with a few vintage-inspired patterns. In addition, their tiles come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and pile heights, ranging from flatweave to shag rug-style. And you can choose custom shapes for some (or all) of your tiles to create the perfect rug for any sofa, floorplan, or vision.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: $2.50 per tile | Shipping time: 3-5 days (Next Day Air available)

4. Rugs USA

Ivory Jute Harlequin Trellis Area Rug
Ivory Jute Harlequin Trellis Area Rug

Rugs USA offers a vast selection of area rugs that trend toward neutral palettes, but don't let that make you think they're boring! With everything from synthetic to sisal fibers, bohemian to contemporary styles, and machine-made to hand-knotted construction, Rugs USA will almost certainly have several rugs that meet your needs in its catalog. And the site's filters make it easy to navigate the large selection of rugs, allowing you to sort by style, material, construction, type, and more.

"Rugs USA offers a large selection of rugs at affordable prices, with frequent sales and promotions," Mike Semegen, owner and project manager for Hello Home Studios, told Living Cozy.

This retailer also sells fun doormats, outdoor rugs, rug pads to extend the life of your new rug, and rug cleaners, making it a one-stop shop for all things flooring. And the clearance section can help you protect all your floors at a lower price.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 2+ days

5. Revival Rugs

Tschudi Rug
Tschudi Rug

Revival Rugs is the shop for you if you're looking for vintage rugs and high-quality area rugs handmade in places like Morocco, India, and Turkey. You'll find one-of-a-kind rugs and can search by color, material, shape, style, and construction method to make it easier to narrow down your search.

With vintage options between 20 and 100 years old, shopping at Revival Rugs feels more like visiting an in-store gallery at a luxe rug dealer than browsing a website. And if that's not your thing, it also offers contemporary rugs for today's homes and styles.

Regardless of your order, you can count on consistent quality and craftsmanship, as Revival Rugs is partnered with a small, third-generation weaving house. It guarantees quality and offers custom sizing for some rugs.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 10-15 days


Element Rug
Element Rug

MINNA area rugs are more than floor coverings — they're artwork for your floor or walls, made from flatweave wool and hand-knotted pile. The queer-led company is run by a tight-knit (pun intended) team of creators and artists that believes in creating ethically-made products that do good for the world.

MINNA collaborates with master artisans in South and Central America. And it's collection of home goods and area rugs are all designed to be layered and combined in today's spaces. The brand focuses on styles inspired by vintage textiles, the Bauhaus movement, Feminist artwork, and traditional craft.

Long story short, MINNA is the place to shop if you prefer to avoid big-box retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Urban Outfitters, IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Wayfair, and Overstock. In addition, you can learn more about how MINNA pile rugs are made and see the faces (and pets) of everyone who works for the brand before you buy.

Return policy: 14 days | Delivery cost: Free (for orders over $500) | Shipping time: 3-5 days


Oval Rug
Oval Rug

CICIL is a rug and textile retailer that makes products designed with sustainability in mind at every point. It offers a variety of braided rugs made from renewable, natural materials with unique, modern shapes. And it's another excellent option for those who avoid big-box retailers in favor of smaller, more sustainable alternatives.

"With CICIL, what we're trying to do is really just explore the textile heritage in our backyard, which we consider the American East," said co-founder Laura Tripp in an interview with Living Cozy. "And we want to create a new model for making sustainable products and share it with others. We want CICIL to be as sustainable as possible in every way."

CICIL sources textiles and manufactures its rugs in small batches, working directly with farmers and emphasizing supply-chain transparency. Everything is handmade and made to order, and you can purchase material swatches to see the quality of the brand's textiles in person before deciding on the perfect rug for your home.

Return policy: 7 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 3-6 weeks

8. Beni Rugs

Range Rug
Range Rug

Beni Rugs started to change how people shop, blending time-honored traditions with our modern lives and designs. Beni celebrates the magic of Moroccan rugs, and every design is inspired by Morocco's natural materials, artistic expressions, architecture, colors, and shapes.

You'll find a range of colors, designs, and styles of rugs in the Beni rugs catalog, and every piece is handmade to order with high-quality materials. In addition, most pieces come in a wide selection of sizes, with the option to add tassels (or remove them) before ordering. And you'll find everything you could want to know about each rug on the product page, so you can feel confident about where and how your rug is made.

In addition, you can learn more about how Beni rugs are made on the brand's website, showing you the process from raising the sheep to finishing the rug. You can even check out their short film that details the process before (or instead of) reading about it.

Return policy: N/A | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 10-14 weeks

9. Anthropologie

Hand-Tufted Leighton Rug
Hand-Tufted Leighton Rug

Anthropologie rugs feature trendy designs you won't see at other retailers, and if you like the brand's global aesthetic, you'll probably love their rug selection. You'll find striped, geometric, floral, and abstract designs, plus a collection of jute rugs in various sizes and shapes.

Anthropology is the spot to shop for a high-end statement piece at an accessible price. So whether you want a fun, colorful kitchen rug or a large, vintage-inspired area rug for the living room, you'll find something in this brand's collection that fits the bill.

If you're near a physical location, you can check out some rugs in person or arrange in-store pickup instead of waiting for shipping. Or you can opt for white glove delivery, and they'll send pros to install your rug for a more convenient experience.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 2-4 weeks

10. Rugs Direct

Chris Rug
Chris Rug

Rugs Direct has a vast selection of area rugs for every budget, style, and space. The brand offers thousands of options, from silly doormats to expansive, handmade Persian rugs with everything in between. And with a catalog like that, it has something for everyone, no matter what your list of requirements looks like.

You can sort the massive selection at Rugs Direct by material, construction, color, style, size, and shape, making finding precisely what you need easier. Or you can try the site's Design Finder to help you find the perfect rug for your space in a series of nine questions. Alternatively, you can check out the brand's ideas page for a sizing guide, rug-buying tips, and visual inspiration for your space.

Despite the thousands of products, each page on Rugs Direct has unique info and tips for the specific rug you're looking at. And many of the options come with custom sizing.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 1-3 weeks

11. Annie Selke

Niels Latte Handwoven Rug
Niels Latte Handwoven Rug

Annie Selke sells designer-approved styles and high-quality area rugs with options for every home, budget, style, and space. You'll find rugs in every size, shape, material, and color you could ask for, and the filters even allow you to search by discount to find the best deal.

Founder and Chief Vision Officer Annie Selke is passionate about traveling and studied textile science at the University of Vermont. She was also named Massachusetts Small Business Person of the Year in 2010, and her designs have been featured in the Obama White House, in hundreds of magazines, and on multiple TV shows.

While most Annie Selke rugs have simple striped or geometric patterns, you'll see plenty of options with plaid, floral, and graphic designs in this curated selection.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free for orders $350+ | Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

12. Burrow

Prairie Modern Rug
Prairie Modern Rug

Burrow area rugs are a budget shopper's dream — you won't find a single option for over $900 on the brand's site, and they're all meant to be pet-friendly and low-maintenance. Most of the rugs are made using recycled materials, perfect for eco-friendly homes, and they feature versatile, modern prints that can fit any style.

As another bonus for those on a budget, Burrow offers financing options and affordable rug pads to make it easier to protect your floors without breaking the bank. And each piece has a detailed product page with everything you need to know about the rug before you buy.

Most Burrow rugs come in one, two, or four sizes, so it's not the best spot to shop if you want a custom size. But it shouldn't be an issue if you're looking for a standard runner, living room area rug, or entryway rug.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 5-10 days

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13. Serena & Lily

Moorea Rug
Moorea Rug

Serena & Lily is all about chic, coastal-inspired decor, and the brand offers a wide range of styles and materials that match this aesthetic. You can also request free design advice (in-person or virtual) or order rug swatches before you purchase your piece.

Most rugs come in multiple sizes, and you can sort the Serena & Lily rug collection by construction or color. You'll find a range of natural fiber and synthetic options with neutral and casually cool colors perfect for any chic or coastal space. As a bonus, some rugs are made from recycled materials with statement-making accents.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: $19-$299 | Shipping time: 1-4 weeks

14. Lulu & Georgia

Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel
Checkerboard Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Lulu & Georgia sells exclusive designer rugs with cutting-edge designs and styles that can fit with almost any modern home. You'll find a range of colors, textures, and textiles to choose from, and each piece is made to elevate your space and last for years to come.

The brand collaborates with well-known designers who share a curated selection of "designer picks" to help you find a pro-approved piece for your favorite room. And while its prices are higher than some competitors, Lulu & Georgia's exclusive collection features area rugs you won't find anywhere else.

Return policy: 60 days | Delivery cost: 10% of order total | Shipping time: Varies

15. Article

Hira Rug
Hira Rug

Article is known for its focus on budget-friendly prices and modern furnishings and its curated selection of area rugs maxes out at $799. Aside from being another fantastic option for budget shoppers, Article stands out with area rugs that feature a range of versatile color palettes and draw inspiration from Scandinavian, contemporary, and mid-century modern styles.

You can sort Article's collection by color, material, and size, but with less than 50 rugs, we think browsing the brand's entire selection is more fun. You'll find gems like handwoven rugs made from jute/wool blends and natural cowhide area rugs to add texture and style to any space.

Most of Article's rugs have only one or two size and color options, so those looking for customization might want to look elsewhere.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: $19+ | Shipping time: Varies

16. Nordic Knots

Boho Rug
Boho Rug

Nordic Knots was founded to bring the beauty of Nordic landscapes, colors, and lights into modern homes. The brand focuses on the Scandinavian tradition of minimalist aesthetics with functional designs, creating durable, eye-catching area rugs for every home.

"Nordic Knots has an amazing array of rugs made from natural fibers that feature sophisticated, modern designs. Their products can be purchased internationally, and their customer service is excellent," said Olma Fuentes, Founder + Principal at Deni + Dove Interiors.

Each Nordic Knots area rug is made using ethical production methods and high-quality materials, and most designs come in a wide range of sizes to suit any space. You can also order textile samples to see the materials' quality in person before placing your order.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 3-6 days

17. Armadillo

Pompeii Rug
Pompeii Rug

"Armadillo is another contemporary maker of high-end rugs that are beautifully designed and built to last. I love that they make each rug using natural materials and eco-friendly, sustainable processes," Olma Fuentes told Living Cozy.

Armadillo emphasizes ethical products, working to make a difference in the world around us and the sanctuaries of our homes. The brand hopes to inspire a natural pace of life with products that are kinder to the environment and our senses. It practices ethical living and manufacturing with every aspect of the production process.

"At Armadillo, we are drawn to natural fibers because they are sustainable and as practical as they are beautiful," reads the brand's website. "By their very nature, they possess subtle, unique variations and have a rich, tactile, sensory feel that you won't find with manmade materials, and that makes them a pleasure to live with. The natural fibers we carefully source for our rugs not only add visual and physical warmth to the home, but they're also incredibly durable and easy to care for."

The collections at Armadillo feature a selection of high-quality area rugs with neutral and earthy palettes. And if you need help deciding what you want for your home, you can schedule a free design consultation for professional advice.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

18. The Citizenry

Adini Wool Area Rug
Adini Wool Area Rug

The Citizenry is an excellent choice for those who prefer unique, handmade items while avoiding big-box retailers. The brand sells home goods for every room, including a stunning selection of handcrafted area rugs. And each rug is only available in limited quantities and sold exclusively at The Citizenry.

The Citizenry's area rugs are made in collaboration with master artisans from around the globe, creating pieces that blend modern styling with time-tested techniques and materials. In addition, the brand uses all local materials and seeks to establish sustainable relationships with its artisans that last for years to come.

And with such high-quality artisanry and materials, The Citizenry still offers much more reasonable prices than you'll find at luxury boutiques offering similar-quality rugs. The brand's collection starts at just $279.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: 10% of order total | Shipping time: 5-7 days

19. West Elm

Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug
Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug

West Elm offers a large selection of area rugs in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles, with customization options available for many of the rugs in its catalog. And it's an excellent spot to shop for trendy aesthetics, modern styling, and statement pieces for every room.

"West Elm specializes in high-end modern and contemporary rugs, with a focus on quality and design," said Mike Semegen. "It also has free virtual design services, which can be quite helpful for customers designing their own spaces."

You can filter rugs by room, category, material, and style to make navigating West Elm's sizable collection easier. And each piece has a detailed product page with inspiring pictures to help you visualize how it'll look in your home before you buy.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Varies | Shipping time: 4-5 days

20. Boutique Rugs

Burdette Soft Neutral Rug
Burdette Soft Neutral Rug

Boutique Rugs offers high-quality area rugs and runners at affordable prices, with a huge selection of styles, colors, patterns, shapes, and materials. And you'll find tons of pet- and kid-friendly, machine-washable, and outdoor rugs to fit every space.

If you need inspiration, you can get lost for hours browsing the site's magazine-worthy gallery of customer and influencer pictures. You can also check out their trending section to see what's hot before you update your home.

As a bonus, Boutique Rugs almost always has some beautiful pieces on clearance to make it easier to get the look you want at a price you can afford.

Return policy: 60 days | Delivery cost: Free | Shipping time: 1-6 days

21. The Inside

Otis Rug
Otis Rug

The Inside by Havenly offers a curated collection of classic and globally-inspired area rugs, with designs ranging from classic stripes to bold animal prints. You'll find prices as low as $221 (lower if you catch a sale), with a range of materials including natural fibers, pet-friendly synthetics, and luxurious blends.

The Inside was founded to make buying furniture and home goods more enjoyable and less stressful. And if you ask co-founder and CEO Britt Bunn, the brand's primary purpose "is to inspire you with a dynamic digital experience, compelling visuals, collaborations with heritage design houses, peer engagement, and so on. [And its second purpose is] to empower you to bring that vision to life by offering access to more design for more value."

Whether you're looking for dark and moody colors or a light, neutral aesthetic, there's sure to be something to your taste in The Inside's collection.

Return policy: 30 days | Delivery cost: Varies | Shipping time: Varies

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What To Look for When Buying a Rug

Buying a rug is a big decision, even if you've chosen a brand with a good return policy. Too small, and you'll create an awkward floating effect in the space. Too large, and your room may look crowded. Wrong material, and your rug could quickly become damaged. It's enough to give anyone decision paralysis!

Buying a rug doesn't have to be a headache, though. Simply give your purchase careful consideration and base your decision on expert advice. And we'll help you with that last part right now.

Foot Traffic

"The main factor you want to consider when purchasing a new rug is whether you'll be placing it in a high-traffic area or a low-traffic area, as this will determine the rug material that is most suitable," explained Olma Fuentes. "Typical high-traffic spaces in the home include hallways, entryways, the kitchen, and the family room, so you'll want a rug made of durable material that can sustain lots of compression from daily use and is more resistant to stains."

The level of foot traffic your rug will receive may also impact the type of rug pad you want. For example, a nonslip rug pad is a must-have in a high-traffic space unless you position your rug under a piece of furniture (like a sectional sofa).

Rug Material

You'll find various natural, synthetic, and blended material options while shopping for rug. And the material your rug is made from will influence several things, including the following:

  • Cleaning requirements
  • Longevity and durability
  • Resistance to moisture, UV rays, and foot traffic
  • Hand feel (how it feels against your skin)
  • Insulation and padding

"We always recommend a natural fiber rug," said Julie Brayton, Principal of Brayton Interiors. "These will stand the test of time and can easily be maintained with routine professional cleaning. If you take care of these natural fiber rugs, there's no reason they wouldn't last decades! Our favorite would be 100% wool. Next in line would be wool blends like wool/silk."

If you opt for natural materials, scout out your go-to local rug cleaner and have your rugs cleaned annually or bi-annually. High-quality area rugs are an investment piece; if you care for them properly, they can last forever.

For example, wool resists stains and is naturally stain- and flame-resistant (no added chemicals needed). While wool rugs tend to be pricier, they're well worth the investment. They look more luxurious and feel softer underneath your feet.

Other natural fiber options include jute, sisal, or seagrass. These are great to use as base or layer rugs or on their own. And again, with maintenance, they can last for decades — just be sure to check the humidity requirements against the humidity in your home. These rugs are usually much more affordable than wool, but stain removal can be more difficult with materials like jute.

Rug Size

Choosing the wrong size is one of the most common mistakes when buying an area rug. But finding the right size is easier than you might imagine.

A general rule is that you'll want 6-24" of exposed floor between the edges of your rug and the walls. Smaller margins of around 6" work well in narrow hallways, while larger margins of 18-24" work well in spacious areas like living rooms and bedrooms.

Start by measuring your room and any furniture on or around the area rug. Then experiment with different sizes by outlining them in masking tape on the floor to see how much space they'll cover.


Before you buy an area rug, Mike Semegen recommends determining how much you're willing to spend and choosing one that fits your budget while still meeting your needs. If your budget isn't large enough for the rug you want, consider monthly payment options or save until your rug needs and budget meet in the middle.

If you choose to save up, you might want a cheaper rug in the meantime. If you go this route, consider what you'll do with your in-between rug when you replace it and choose accordingly. For example, instead of picking something that'll end up in a landfill, you might opt for an indoor/outdoor rug that you can retire to your patio, mudroom, or somewhere else exposed to the elements.

Pro Tip: Don't Forget the Rug Pad!

Rug pads might sound optional, but unless your area rug is designed to work without one, it's best to make the investment. Rug pads serve several purposes, including the following:

  • Keep the rug in place by preventing slipping and sliding
  • Catch debris
  • Protect your floors from dirt, furniture, and wear marks
  • Keep the rug fibers in good condition for longer
  • Keep the rug backing in good condition for longer
  • Insulate your home
  • Add cushion and comfort

You might prefer a thin anti-slip rug pad, which will do the basics, like keeping your rug in place without adding bulk that can catch under doors. Thin rug pads are usually more affordable but offer less protection to your floors and the rug.

A thicker rug pad will add a more luxurious cushions feel while offering greater protection to your floors and the rug fibers. Thicker pads are a bit more expensive, however, and they lift the rug a bit — note that they're sized a bit smaller than the rug, so they don't create hard edges and tripping risks.

Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.
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