Cozy Essentials: The Best Throw Blankets

Rumpl Throw Blanket on a Couch
From the living room blanket you’ll reach for on movie nights to the throw that adds color and texture to your guest bedroom chaise, there’s a throw blanket for every space and occasion.

In my own 850 square foot condo, I have no less than four throws — an ivory faux fur that looks like fresh fallen snow in my bedroom, a stately wool herringbone holds court on the sofa in my office, a cozy chenille is ready for a binge watching Friday night, and an airy cotton makes its debut each spring. Does four throws in one home makes me an expert in throw blankets? I like to think so, but, just in case, we’ve brought in some experts to help you choose the right throw for your space, as well as choose the 10 best throw blankets to curl up with in 2022.

Throw Blankets 101: What to Look for in a Throw Blanket for Your Couch or Bed

Where You Want to Use the Throw

Location, location, location (and users!) should be top of mind when choosing the right throw blanket for your space, and practicality is key.

“I always consider where it is going to be used and by whom,” says Jill Shelvin, Founder of Jill Shelvin Design. Does it need to be washed frequently? Is it more decorative? Shelvin explains that if you have children or pets, you should look for something that is easily washable, like cotton or man-made fibers. Silk, wool, and cashmere look beautiful, but they often need to be dry cleaned. Meanwhile, blankets with tassels, poms, and fringe look beautiful, but those decorative accents may not wash and wear well. If it’s likely to be used a lot, you also want to look for materials that will avoid shedding or pilling.

“In high traffic spaces, you should select a more durable material, like cotton, to prevent your throw blanket from wearing down.”

Jessica Harris, Manager of Production Design at Living Spaces, adds, “In high traffic spaces, you should select a more durable material, like cotton, to prevent your throw blanket from wearing down.”

Color and Your Design Style

Here comes the fun part. What does your space need visually? Shelvin says, “A throw on a sofa is always great as an accent to break up the color or pattern of the sofa. It softens and adds a feeling of comfort.” Coordinate with the colors and accessories already in the room like throw pillows, add a pop of contrast, or choose a neutral for a goes-with-anything look.

“You can never go wrong with a neutral throw that can travel from room to room, and can easily be used long-term,” says Jennifer Walter, Owner and Principal Designer, Folding Chair Design Co.

When you opt for color, look for shades that complement each other or add something that contrasts the existing palette. A neutral room practically begs for a rich accent, especially when you have a subtly upholstered sofa or a bed draped in calming, neutral linens. “We do like to go outside the box on color in bedrooms. We’ll contrast neutral bedding with a burnt umber throw, or even a deep burgundy,” adds Walter.

“If you have a highly patterned rug, avoid this on your throw. If you have a chunky knit pillows or textures happening within your space, I would go for a more lightweight throw."

But don’t forget, design is all about balance. Look around your room and consider the color, texture, and patterned elements you already have in your space. Amber Dunford says, “If you have a highly patterned rug, avoid this on your throw. If you have a chunky knit pillows or textures happening within your space, I would go for a more lightweight throw. If you have a leather sofa, I like the contrast of a heavier knit to offset the sleekness of the leather.”

And, If you have a sofa or chair in your space that is looking a little tired, a soft throw blanket can be like a new coat that adds a shot of style. Adding a blanket over the middle of an old chair or sofa is an amazing way to breathe new life into your living room. Consider experimenting with throws that contrast with the fabrics and textures of your furniture to make the throw blanket truly stand out,” explains Harris.

Time of Year

Consider whether the throw actually needs to keep you warm or whether it’s simply there to add an accent. If you are going to curl up with a cup of tea on a chilly winter day, opt for a fleece or faux fur throw. A breezy, airy linen or cotton works when it’s there for softness and comfort rather than warmth.

"A throw blanket that keeps you warm and cozy is a living room staple. Look for a chubby knit material to bring extra-soft warmth, perfect for those chilly days."

As Harris explains, “During a hot summer day you don’t necessarily want to get warmer – but you may want to curl up on the sofa and just chill.” Once the temperature drops, however, she says, “A throw blanket that keeps you warm and cozy is a living room staple. Look for a chubby knit material to bring extra-soft warmth, perfect for those chilly days. Another option is a cashmere throw, which insulates heat and keeps you nice and warm.”

Beyond texture and material, this also impacts the size of the throw blanket. “The size of your throw blanket might depend on the season, as I like to use larger, chunkier knit throws for colder months and smaller lightweight throws for spring and summer,” says Dunford. Only half joking, she adds, “If you are always fighting over who gets to keep their feet under a blanket, size up!”


You can find throws at all price points, from an inexpensive throw from a big box store to a chic, boho cashmere blanket from a high end boutique. Think about the everyday use of your throw blanket. If it’s used daily, you do want to spring for a high quality blanket, but it will see a lot of wear and tear. It may need to be replaced on occasion, so you don’t want to break the bank.

Katie Simpson, Interior Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, says, “Unless you plan to drape your throw over a sofa that is strictly used for decoration, cost is another thing to consider when purchasing a throw blanket. Sofas tend to get a lot of traffic, so choose something that you wouldn’t mind getting heavily used.”

What Materials Work Best for Throw Blankets?


Imagine a roaring fire, a mug of hot chocolate, and wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket. If this sounds like your dream scenario, a wool throw blanket is in your future. Wool comes in many forms, however, and each is right for a different application. Merino wool is the finest, most delicate wool. Alpaca is the most lightweight. And Angora has an almost felt-like texture.

Erin Banta, co-founder of Pepper, is a fan of baby Alpaca wool. She explains that it’s softer than cashmere, yet lighter than other wools, while also being luxuriously soft. “When you're relaxing on the couch and want to wrap yourself in a cuddly blanket, you want to be sure your throw is soft and silky. Baby alpaca wool is the way to go as it's perfect for snuggling,” says Banta.


Cashmere has a well-deserved reputation as the most luxury of luxury fabrics. It’s actually a type of wool, but it comes from a specific goat in the Gobi Desert. This super soft fabric feels indulgent, and is perfect for a touch of high-end sophistication in any room. If coastal grandmother was a throw blanket, it would be cashmere.

“Cashmere is the perfect combination of soft, warm, and hypoallergenic. There’s something about the soft, smooth texture that makes you want to snuggle up inside of it, or drape it over the end of the bed for a neat, tailored look,” says Walter.


Looking for a seasonless, lightweight throw blanket? A cotton blanket is breathable and soft, making it ideal for both summer nights where you just want something to snuggle with while you watch a movie, as well as cooler days where you want to get cozy. “Cotton blankets are great for summer because of their breathability, which helps regulate your temperature and keep you cool on a hot night,” explains Dunford.

Plus, 100% cotton is hypoallergenic and won’t agitate allergies or sensitive skin. It’s also a great option for baby blankets.


“Soft and warm, chenille is the perfect fabric for luxurious throws,” says Dunford. She explains that chenille’s signature plush, raised texture is a result of a yarn with short pieces of fiber twisted around the yarn core. “The fiber then stands away from the yarn, which gives chenille that soft texture,” notes Dunford.

With its unique texture and unparalleled softness, chenille is your fireside nap, movie night on the sofa, settle in with a good book kind of throw blanket.


Fleece throw blankets may bring back memories of your freshman dorm room but, especially for those with sensitivities or allergies to natural fibers, they’re a great alternative. “Fleece is made from synthetic materials but has many of the same qualities as wool. It helps wick moisture away from your body and provides warmth on a cold night, but it is more lightweight than wool,” says Dunford.

Plus, fleece blankets are often less expensive than their natural fiber counterparts. That makes them a great choice for throw blankets you’ll use in indoor-outdoor spaces. Grab a fleece blanket to sit out on the front porch on a chilly October day or wrap yourself up while sitting by the backyard fire pit with a cup of hot cider.


Machine washable and hypoallergenic is always a plus, and acrylic fits the bill, while also mimicking the softness of wool or cashmere. “Acrylic can imitate the feeling of natural fibers, but it is much easier to care for. Acrylic blankets are machine washable for easy cleaning at home, and their colors won’t fade after consistent washing,” says Dunford.

It’s a warm, lightweight synthetic fiber and there’s one more big bonus: moths won’t eat acrylic in the way they might munch through wool and cashmere while in storage.

10 Best Throw Blankets for 2022, According to Interior Designers

1. Merino Softwool Blanket

Rumpl Throw Blanket

Brand: Rumpl

Price: $199

This sustainable and seasonless merino wool-cotton blend is both lightweight and warm, and you can find it in four gorgeous colors with a striking and modern monochromatic stripe. The Merino Softwool Blanket also comes in full, queen, and king sizes if you decide you love it so much you want to curl up in it every night.

“Merino wool tends to be the softest type of wool, and this blanket offers a blend of merino wool and cotton, which maximizes its softness even further,” wrote Kelly Weimert who reviewed this comfy throw blanket for Living Cozy.

What we liked (from our review of this throw blanket):

  • Very warm
  • Versatile design and color options
  • Soft to the touch
  • Reversible


Listed size: 50” x 70"

Materials: 50% responsibly-sourced Australian merino wool, 50% organic cotton

Colors: Sage, Terracotta, Pacific, Ash

Shop now at

2. Palermo Cotton Throw

Palermo Cotton Throw

Brand: Serena and Lily

Price: $248

A light and airy and decorative throw blanket with a coastal feel, this is a lovely year-round addition to your home. With fringe detail and a striking herringbone stripe, it’s cool, casual, and oh so comfortable. “This cotton throw comes in a nice, soft blue and has held up well to washing,” says Shelvin.


Listed size: 50” x 70” with 3” fringe

Materials: Cotton

Colors: Navy, Coastal Blue, Sand

Shop now at

3. Candace Throw Blanket

Candace Throw Blanket

Brand: Fernish

Price: $49

If you’re looking for an affordable option in a go-with-anything neutral, look no further. This piece works wonderfully as a bed blanket on top of your duvet or as an accessory to cuddle up under in front of the TV.

According to Christine Kobervig Munger, Director of Merchandising and Sourcing at Fernish, this throw blanket is your versatile pick. “Hand woven and just the right blend of cotton acrylic to make it soft and durable. The beautiful French Stripe pattern blends seamlessly with many different styles of decor. The hand-knotted fringe is a fun little detail that brings texture to your sofa, chair, or bed,” says Munger


Listed size: 50” x 60”

Materials: 70% Cotton,24% Acrylic,6% Nylon

Colors: Beige

Shop now at

4. Oversized Cloud Linen Gauze Throw

Oversized Cloud Linen Gauze Throw

Brand: Parachute Home

Price: $149

Parachute’s cloud linen has cult classic status among home decor fans, and this effortlessly casual throw blanket is your chance to envelope yourself in the softest, dare we say, cloudlike, linen-cotton blend. Both fluffy and lightweight, this waffle-style piece is a throw you’ll tote around with you from the bedroom to the sofa and back.


Listed size: 60” x 80”

Materials: 33% linen, 67% cotton blend

Colors: Bone, Terra, Coal

Shop now at

5. Ivory Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket With Large Tassels

Ivory Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket With Large Tassels

Brand: Living Spaces

Price: $165

“This Ivory Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket With Large Tassels is the perfect throw for the summer because it is equal parts cozy and cool. Its soft cotton doesn’t trap heat, saving you from overheating, and the tassels add a layer of eye-catching texture that is sure to elevate your space,” says Harris.

The simple, minimalist beige gets a bold, modern touch with the large-scale tassels and it’s sure to make a statement in your space. It’s a perfect add-on to your sectional or sofa for movie nights or snuggling up with a good book.


Listed size: 50” x 70”

Materials: Cotton

Colors: Beige

Shop now at

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6. Gianna Throw Blanket

Gianna Throw Blanket

Brand: Fernish

Price: $89

Munger describes it as, “A chunky, 100% cotton knit throw with a fun mix of knit patterns and colors. Cozy to curl up in and fun to mix into your decor.” This warm, thick knit with oversized stitching is a modern neutral that feels far more luxe than its price tag.


Listed size: 50” x 60”

Materials: Cotton

Colors: Multi (gray, black, beige)

Shop now at

7. Cashmere & Wool Equestrian Throw

Cashmere & Wool Equestrian Throw

Brand: Williams Sonoma

Price: $399

With timeless stripes and a hand-edged border, this luxe throw blanket is one you’ll treasure for years to come. Shelvin recommended this elegant throw blanket in a super soft wool and cashmere blend, and we can see it styled in modern or traditional living spaces.


Listed size: 50” x 70”

Materials: 50% cashmere, 50% wool

Colors: Sand, Grey, Navy, Black, Orange

Shop now at

8. Cozy Faux Shearling Throw

Cozy Faux Shearling Throw

Brand: West Elm

Price: $54.99

Looking for a super plush throw? This faux shearling, hypoallergenic option is ideal for cuddling up with your favorites. Plus, it’s made out of recycled materials, which is always a bonus. “This is the perfect throw to cozy up for movie night! It’s extra soft and adds a layer of texture to your sofa,” adds Simpson.


Listed size: 47” x 60” or 60” x 80”

Materials: 100% recycled polyester

Colors: Sable, Alabaster, Silver

Shop now at

9. Ruched Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Ruched Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Brand: Madison Park

Price: $35.99

“Having owned a number of these over the years I can honestly say that I'm not embarrassed to call it my 'comfort blanket'. It's ultra-soft and as a busy mom the fact that it is machine washable means I'm never without it for too long,” says Chloe Hughes from Foter. This affordable, easy-to-wash faux fur blanket is a great choice for high traffic areas.


Listed size: 50” x 60”

Materials: 100% polyester

Colors: Gray, Ivory, Teal, Aqua, Blush, Lavender

Shop now at

10. Super Throw

Super Throw

Brand: Amity Home

Price: $270

This hip throw has raw ends and a felted texture for a perfectly lived in feel. It’s extra large for those weekend days when nothing sounds better than lounging on the sofa with takeout and a movie. Walter describes it, “This throw is exactly as it sounds…super! It’s large enough to drape across the entire bed, it’s super soft, and comes in the most desirable colors! Our favorites are earth green and cabernet.”


Listed size: 50” x 85”

Materials: 50% Acrylic,25% Polyester,20%Wool,5% Other Fibers

Colors: Multiple Options

Shop now at

Meet the Home Decor Experts

To create this guide to the best throw blankets for your couch and beyond, we spoke to a range of interior design experts, including: 

Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
Heather Bien
Written by
Heather Bien
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
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