The 31 Best Throw Pillows of 2024

Throw Pillow on a sofa

Throw pillows are the finishing touch to any room and give your living space some personality. Decorative throw pillows bring pattern, color, and texture to your home, and you can get creative with them.

Amandeep Brar said it best, "Throw pillows offer a simple and seamless way to add more personality to any living space, whether it's the family room sofa or the bed in the guest room." They are perfect in any room, and you'll be surprised at how decorative pillows can completely transform the look and feel of your interior.

In this article, you'll find all of the best throw pillows to decorate your home.


1. The Lyla Decorative Pillow

Lyla Decorative Pillow Cover

The Lyla Decorative Pillow boasts a stunning intertwined pattern that is repeated and embroidered on a 100% linen and neutral background. This throw pillow is visually mesmerizing and makes for an alluring accent to complement all aesthetics. It also features contrast zipping that matches the gorgeous embroidery perfectly.

Evan Millard put it well: "The Lyla Decorative Pillow Cover perfectly transitions from spring to summer with ease." This throw pillow is perfect all year round, with embroidered leaves adding texture and visual interest.

Price at time of publishing: $96.75

Product Details: Material: The front is 100% linen, and the back and the piping are velvet Size: 22 x 22 inches

Shop now at

2. Cleo Stonewashed

Cleo Stonewashed Decorative Pillow

The Cleo Stonewashed has subtle color variations and a much softer texture. We love it for many reasons, including the classic color combinations. Evan Millard praises the pillow for the "traditional nature of [its] embroidery," and how that is complemented by its monochromatic palette.

The combination of embroidery and fresh colors create a subtle warmth and touch of sophistication.

Price at time of publishing: $79.00 - $89.00

Product Details: Material: 100% polyester Size: 20 x 20 /22 x 13 inches

Shop now at

3. Bengal Decorative Pillow

Bengal Decorative Pillow Cover

The Bengal Decorative Pillow features a stunning and eye-catching image of a tiger in the jungle, making for a unique living room accessory. "The Bengal Decorative Pillow Cover is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your décor," says Evan Millard. The image is appliqued and embroidered on a velvet pillow cover.

Price at time of publishing: $129.00

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton velvet Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

Lulu & Georgia 

4. Bouclé Ball Pillow

Bouclé Ball Pillow

The Bouclé Ball Pillow is a playful and artful throw pillow that adds a touch of style to every setting. This textural throw pillow makes a statement and can look great with other decorative pillows. Karen Rohr describes it as "spherical and stylish," and we are inclined to agree.

This throw pillow is from an exclusive collaboration and features Sarah Sherman Samuel's characteristic warm style. It has a removable cover and includes a pillow insert.

Price at time of publishing: $58

Product Details: Material: polyester bouclé Size: 12 x 12 inches

Shop now at

5. Charlotte Velvet Pillow

Charlotte Velvet Pillow

The Charlotte Velvet Pillow adds some luxe texture to the room. As Karen Rohr says: "You can never go wrong with a solid, velvet throw pillow, especially when they come in a range of colors." This velvet throw pillow is available in various shades and has a feminine flair. It is perfect for contemporary spaces, with an elegant finish and simple shape with a subtle color "pop."

Price at time of publishing: $98

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton velvet Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

Pepper Home

6. Emma Pillow

Emma Sand Custom Pillow

The Emma Sand Pillow combines timeless and modern elements for a stylish finish. It is a Pepper Homes best-selling botanical print, and the Emma Throw Pillow takes it to a new level in a fresh shade that reminds you of the beaches in the Mediterranean. It is the perfect addition to a beach retreat or an urban oasis - but would enhance almost any aesthetic.

Price at time of publishing: Starts at $58

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: Lumbar: 12 x 21, Square: 18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22, Euro: 26 x 26 inches

Shop now at

7. Warby Pillow

Warby Pillow

The Warby Pillow comes with removable pillow inserts, while the pillow cover adds some fun and an eccentric touch to your living space. This throw pillow sports graffiti-like brush strokes juxtaposed against a white and navy colorway, creating a sophisticated, bold, and modern vibe.

This decorative throw pillow is eye-catching and can add a lot of warmth to your home.

Price at time of publishing: Starts at $58

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: Lumbar: 12 x 21, Square: 18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22, Euro: 26 x 26 inches

Shop now at

8. Denton Pillow

Denton Custom Pillow

The Denton Pillow boasts gorgeous hand-paint brushstrokes matched with a sky-blue hue, making it the perfect throw pillow cover that is universally appealing and adds some polish. This pillow works well with other furnishings but can be a focal point in its own right, making it one of the best throw pillows on the market.

Price at time of publishing: Starting at $58

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: Lumbar: 12 x 21, Square: 18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22, Euro: 26 x 26

Shop now at

9. Cosmo Velvet Pillow

Cosmo Velvet Pillow

The Cosmo Velvet Pillow can transform any room, and it has been designed so that you can mix and match to achieve the aesthetic you want. This gorgeous pillow has a rich and striking coral hue and comes with a removable insert. You can pair it with almost any color and texture, making it a versatile throw pillow. 

Price at time of publishing: Starting at $76

Product Details: Material: 100% polyester  | Size: Lumbar: 12 x 21, Square: 18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22, Euro: 26 x 26 inches

Shop now at


10. Vintage Linen Pillow

Vintage Linen Pillow

The Vintage Linen Pillow has a lived-in feel. This minimalist piece is perfect for any space and has nature and earthy-inspired hues. It is best to mix a few of these pillows on your sofa, bed, or lounge chair, to create a comfortable and cozy space. 

Price at time of publishing: $69

Product Details: Material: 100% European flax Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

11. Boucle Pillow

Boucle Pillow

The Boucle Pillow Cover is sophisticated and soft, with a style that can elevate any space. This pillow is perfect for layering, as its subtle texture and neutral color make a great background for other shades. This throw pillow has a boucle feel and incorporates colors from undyed natural cotton yarns. This pillowcase is versatile, can be mixed with other pillows, and can be styled well on the sofa or bed. 

Price at time of publishing: $59 

Product Details: Material: 100% undyed cotton Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

12. Desert Pillow 

Desert Pillow

The Desert Pillow has been handmade by weaving experts, and it brings the perfect balance of desert vibes to the sofa, chair, or bed. It is a sophisticated-looking pillow cover and features a geometric but minimalistic pattern inspired by the landscape in the southwest. The pillow covers are separate from the pillow insert.

Price at time of publishing: $69- $79

Product Details: Material: 90% cotton, 10% linen, 100% cotton back Size: 20 x 20 inches/14 x 36

Shop now at

13. Leopard

Leopard Throw Pillow

The Leopard Pillow boasts a classic animal print and is the perfect throw pillow to mix with colorful throw pillows. Danielle Wallish loves this collection and had this to say: "The Inside by Havenly's Throw Pillows come in five different sizes and 90 fabric options, including performance fabrics, such as velvets and linens." All of their pieces are made to order, so you will get unique pillow covers.

Price at time of publishing: $69

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: 16 x 16 /18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22 inches

Shop now at

14. Snow Boucle

Snow Boucle Pillow

With the Snow Boucle, you can effortlessly add texture and pattern to your space. This throw pillow pairs perfectly with other decorative pillows to create a stunning visual space. The throw pillow was inspired by French fabric and has a gorgeous texture. This decorative pillow is perfect for everyday use as it is durable and soft.

Price at time of publishing: $69

Product Details: Material: 100% polyester Size: 16 x 16/18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22 inches

Shop now at

15. Coal Windowpane

Coal Windowpane throw pillow

The Coal Windowpane Pillow works well as a simple decorative pillow, as it subtly adds some texture to your space. It is white and black, so can be mixed with colorful throw pillows - or any other throw pillow you choose.

This throw pillow can work in any space, and The Inside will launch some new pillow fabrics and quick ship pillows in various fabrics that can be shipped in around 5-7 days. So there are more exciting patterns on the way!

Price at time of publishing: $69

Product Details: Material: 5% linen, 95% polyester Size: 16 x 16 inches/18 x 18/20 x 20/22 x 22/26 x 26

Shop now at

16. Vera Pillow

Vera Pillow

The Vera Pillow boasts a stunning grid design in oatmeal, warm tans, and ecru. "The Citizenry wins at handwoven pillows," says Karen Rohr, adding that their versatility makes them a must-have. In addition, the special weaving technique on this throw pillow gives it a timeless and textured look and feel. This throw pillow can work in any room and with other decorative throw pillows.

All of their pillows are handcrafted and made by 26 artisans in Peru.

Price at time of publishing: $165

Product Details: Material: 50% sheep’s wool, 50% alpaca

Back: 100% cotton Size: 18 x 18/22 x 22 inches

Shop now at

17. Shibi Bazaar Navy Indigo Stitch Pillow

Shibi Bazaar Navy Indigo Stitch Pillow

Kathy Kuo describes this throw pillow well: "This beautiful blue and white patterned pillow is perfect for adding a dose of coziness and comfort."

The soft blue accents and navy blue finish give it a warm and inviting look, making it a perfect decorative pillow that can complement any style.

Price at time of publishing: $130

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

18. Harry Modern Rustic Leather Hide Decorative Pillow

Harry Modern Rustic Leather Hide Decorative Pillow

The Harry Modern Rustic Leather Decorative Throw Pillow is finished in brown and is perfect as a decorative pillow as it is bold and eye-catching. Kathy Kuo describes it as, "A hair-on-hide pillow," which is exactly what makes it so striking. This is a true statement piece.

This throw pillow has a very rustic and natural aesthetic. Kuo's take: "The look is both luxurious and laid back." An accurate description in our opinion, making it ideal for a rustic aesthetic.

Price at time of publishing: $299

Product Details: Material: top grain leather with 100% cotton backing Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

19. Zola Modern White Curly Short Wool Sheepskin Throw Pillow

Zola Modern White Curly Short Wool Sheepskin Throw Pillow

The Zola Modern White Curly Short Wool Sheepskin throw pillow is a bold decorative pillow. "There's nothing like a sheepskin throw pillow for adding warmth," according to Kathy Kuo - and this throw pillow will definitely make you want to cuddle up as it exudes comfort and coziness.

Price at time of publishing: $143

Product Details: Material: curly short wool sheepskin Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

20. Harlee Round Throw Pillow

Harlee Round Throw Pillow

If you are looking for round pillows, the Harlee Round Black Throw Pillow is for you. This faux fur pillow adds a bit of luxury to any space. Tracee Murphy states, "This pillow just screams FUN, and every room needs at least a touch of black. Use alone or group with other "standard" pillows for a designer look." It does not need a pillow insert as it is already stuffed.

Price at time of publishing: $54.95

Product Details: Material: 100% polyester Size: diameter is 16 inches

Shop now at

21. Ziggy Zebra Print

Ziggy Zebra Print

The Ziggy Zebra Print Throw Pillow is a maximalist's dream come true. It is a bold abstract throw pillow that adds a pop of pattern to the space. As a lover of these designs, Tracce Murphy had this to say: "The exotic nature of animal prints always adds that spark of interest." Prints are classic, and you can't go wrong with them.

Bold throw pillows are always a hit, and this Ziggy Zebra print is a must-have. It is also extra comfortable as the pillow insert is made of feathers.

Price at time of publishing: $49.95

Product Details: Material: linen Size: 23 x 11 inches

Shop now at

22. Channel Pillows

Channel Pillows

Channel Pillows are amazing decorative pillows. They come in various colors and are made of faux fur, so they bring that warm and comfortable feeling. The faux fur adds some luxury, and this throw pillow is extra plush. When it comes to this brand, Karen Rohr says, "CB2 channel pillows have my heart. They give off such a classy vibe, but the comfort level is up there too."

It comes with a pillow insert and makes for a great match with other decorative pillows.

Price at time of publishing: $39.95

Product Details: Material: 100% polyester Size: 18 x 18/23 X 23 inches

Shop now at

23. Pelliccia 16 "x16" Throw Pillow

Pelliccia 16 "x16" Ivory Throw Pillow

The Pelliccia Ivory throw pillow is made of faux fur and brings a natural yet simple sophistication to any space you put it in. Tracee Murphy put it perfectly: "Don't forget to have fun with a fur-like pillow for a super soft and luxe addition to your room." It works with other decorative pillows or on its own and can fit in any room you put it in, so get creative!

Price at time of publishing: $64.99

Product Details: Material: 100% Mongolian sheepskin and 100% polyester faux suede back Size: 16 x 16 inches

Shop now at

24. Organic Moonbeam

Organic Moonbeam Pillow

The Organic Moonbeam is a pure cotton throw pillow that boasts silvery grey weaving and black border stitching for some contrast. This accent pillow brings a relaxed and monochrome finish to the space you put it in. You can also choose between two different pillow inserts for ultimate comfort.

Price at time of publishing: $47.95

Product Details: Material: 100% organic cotton Size: 23 x 23 inches

Shop now at

25. Creste Ivory Corduroy

Creste Ivory Corduroy Pillow

The Creste Ivory Corduroy Throw Pillow comes in various shapes. You can get a round, square, or rectangular one. These decorative pillows are made from corduroy but have a very velvety look and feel. They feature subtle textured stripes, and this pillow adds pattern while being impactful.

Price at time of publishing: $69.95

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: Round 14 x 3.5 inches, Rectangular 30 x 15

Shop now at

26. Patterned Silk Pillow Cover

Karen Rohr can't recommend Rejuvenation enough, commenting that their products are "high quality and feature designs from modern to whimsy traditional patterns." You know that Rejuvenation's pillow covers and throw pillows are top-tier and that you get your money's worth when getting from this collection.

The patterned silk pillow cover makes for a versatile and elevated accent in any room. It has a range of colors and patterns, adding a vibrant element to the space. This throw pillow has been handspun and is luxury to the finest.

Price at time of publishing: $79

Product Details: Material: 100% silk Size: 20 x 20 inches

↦ Shop now at

27. William Morris Brer Rabbit Pillow Cover

The William Morris Brer Rabbit Pillow Cover has an organic charm and whimsical nature. It comes in indigo and vellum. It features a famous British design that is very striking and adds a lovely natural element to the space.

Price at time of publishing: $119

Product Details: Material: 100% cotton Size: 20 x 20 inches

↦ Shop now at

28. Floral Jaipur Block Print Throw Pillow With Buttons

Floral Jaipur Block Print Throw Pillow

The Floral Jaipur pillow is gorgeous. It features a dainty floral design in light, subtle colors. As Michal Rubin puts it: "The allover print is exotic." What's not to like?

The pillow is absolute perfection to the finest detail. They also have buttons on the reverse side, so it is cute from all angles. This pillow is bold and one of a kind. 

Price at time of publishing: $34.99

Product Details: Material: cotton and wood Size: 18 x 18 inches

Shop now at

29. Rust And Ivory Abstract Brushstrokes Throw Pillow

Rust And Ivory Abstract Brushstrokes Throw Pillow

The Rust and Ivory throw pillow is beautiful and abstract, featuring brushstrokes in an ivory and rust palette. You can pair this with various decorative pillows and in any design aesthetic. 

As Michal Rubin commented, "A graphic print is a great way to add a pop of design in a room! I LOVE the abstract watercolor design on this throw pillow and the subtlety of the color."

Price at time of publishing: $29.99

Product Details: Material: cotton Size: 18 x 18 inches

Shop now at

30. Faye Linen Textured Pillow 

Faye Linen Textured Pillow

The Faye Linen Textured pillow has a soft and natural feel. Jennifer Davis describes these pillows as "the perfect finishing touch for any sofa; they bring a touch of luxury to any space." They are simple, yet they complete the look of your room.

You can play around with these throw pillows to find the one to fit your decor and aesthetic thanks to it coming in a wide range of colors.

Price at time of publishing: $59-69

Product Details: Material: linen cotton blend | Size: 20 x 20 inches

Shop now at

31. Schumacher Betwix

Schumacher Betwix Throw Pillow

The Schumacher Betwix throw pillow is beautiful and adds a touch of blue to your space. The fabric pairs well with various colorways, so you can have fun with textures and looks.

Jennifer Davis claims that "The pattern is the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy and fun to any room," and it works with almost any aesthetic.

You can get creative with this pillow. Davis's opinion that this pattern "is sure to be a hit" sounds accurate, as there are so many colors it pairs with. You can add texture to make a bold statement with this throw pillow.

Price at time of publishing: $79

Product Details: Material: linen Size: Can order to your size specifications 

Shop now at

What Should You Look for in a Throw Pillow?

You should look for color, texture, size, shape, and fabric when buying throw or decorative pillows. Evan Millard has some great advice: "In addition to shape and materials, I look for pillows that are full and hold their shape well." You want your pillows to look great. There is nothing worse than deflated-looking decorative pillows. 

Tracer Murphy also has some great tips. "The key word to describe what to look for is PERSONALITY! This can be through color, pattern, or texture."

You want your decorative pillows to stand out but still match with the rest of the room. Karen Roth always sticks with "the three c's — comfort, cleanability, and color!" Quality is also very important when it comes to decorative pillows.

How Do You Make Throw Pillows Match Your Sofa and Furniture

You must choose pillows that match what you are putting them on. Evan Millard has some helpful tips on how to do this: "I look for an element of a pillow that coordinates or strongly contrasts with the piece it's going with." Bear this in mind when shopping - focus on the shape, color, and pattern of the pillow.

It helps to find a link between the pillow and the sofa to create visual harmony. Tracee Murphy says it's important to keep your Color palette in mind. Murphy believes "a darker or lighter shade of any of the colors or a high-contrast neutral works," as it creates a good visual balance.

Murphy also highlights the importance of having fun with shapes and using the color wheel for inspiration. Karen Rohr says that size is crucial, and she feels that it is best when "the pillow ranges among the larger sizes before you work your way in with smaller ones." It is good to work with different heights and sizes.

Rohr also believes that you should "give your space what it craves," through the design and color of the pillow. You want the pillows you choose to enhance the space and the sofa. 

It can be challenging to find the right pillows for your sofa, but Amandeep Brar has some advice: "If your sectional or chairs are neutral or earth-toned, incorporate different-sized pillows in vivid hues. Have fun experimenting with patterns and textures." Everything you choose, from the decorative pillows to the sofa, needs to flow and complement each other.

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Ash Read
Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
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