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Thinking about putting your home on the market? Preparing and planning before hosting house viewings helps to sell your home faster and usually commands a higher sale price. While deep cleaning and decluttering your home are essential first steps, the prep work shouldn’t stop there.

Just like baking a fresh batch of cookies, choosing the right soundtrack for your open house can make your property instantly more appealing to prospective buyers, by creating the right atmosphere. But which songs are best for selling a house quickly?

To take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect open house playlist, we analyzed around 100 property-selling playlists on Spotify, revealing the most popular songs and genres for selling your home.

The Top Five House Selling Songs

House Selling Songs

1. Better Together by Jack Johnson | 9 Playlist Appearances

In joint first place, Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ is one of the best property selling tracks, according to Spotify playlists. Released in 2005, the upbeat song features Johnson’s acoustic guitar playing paired with romantic lyrics, and a tempo of 110 BPM. The mellow and singer-songwriter genres of ‘Better Together’ are also among the most popular genres for house selling songs, setting the right atmosphere for any viewing.

1. Dreams - 2004 Remaster by Fleetwood Mac | 9 Playlist Appearances

After gaining a revival in popularity in 2020 thanks to Tik Tok, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ is one of the band's most popular songs. Perfect for open houses, the soft rock/ folk song appears on 9 house selling Spotify playlists, ranking in joint first place.

1. Naked - Fouk Remix by Kraak & Smaak | 9 Playlist Appearances

Kraak & Smaak’s 2019 release of ‘Naked’ ranks in joint first place, as one of the most common house selling songs on Spotify playlists. The remix with Fouk adds a house/ electronic dance feel to the track, complete with piano chords and interesting vocals.

4. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac | 7 Playlist Appearances

Another Fleetwood Mac hit makes our top five, with ‘Landslide’ ranking in joint fourth place as one of the most popular songs for an open house. Written in 1974, the rock/ folk song with emotional and soft lyrics sets the ideal atmosphere for any house showing. One of the fastest songs on our list, ‘Landslide’ has a 159 BPM.

4. The Rocketeer - Rocketeer To The Rescue/End Theme by Orchestra of the Americas | 7 Playlist Appearances

Disney’s 1991 release ‘The Rocketeer’ is a movie about a stunt pilot superhero, played by Bill Campbell. The movie was recently adapted as a TV show on Disney Junior, with an accompanying original score by James Horner. The final track on ‘The Rocketeer’ soundtrack is one of the best house selling songs according to Spotify playlists. The instrumental track makes an appearance on 7 house showing playlists.

House Selling Songs

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The Most Popular House Selling Genres

House Selling Genres

1. Pop: 11 Songs

The most popular genre for your open house soundtrack is pop, appearing as the genre of 11 songs on our list. Although the top five most popular songs for house selling do not feature a pop element in their musical genre, plenty of songs on our list incorporate pop, including ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles and ‘Budapest’ by George Ezra.

2. Rock: 8 Songs

One of the best genres for house selling success, playing rock music during a house showing is a popular choice. Two of the top five most popular songs for house selling include elements of soft, mellow rock and common house viewing tracks on Spotify playlists come from artists like Elton John and Van Morrison.

3. Folk: 7 Songs

Folk songs are ideal for open houses, setting a relaxing and easy-listening environment in your home and welcoming prospective buyers. Randy Newman and Fleetwood Mac songs are especially popular for house selling.

3. Mellow: 7 Songs

Creating a soothing and calm atmosphere is crucial during a house showing, and mellow songs are ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Acoustic songs like Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ and Jason Mraz’ ‘I’m Yours’ are some of the most popular house selling tracks on Spotify.

The Most Popular House Selling Song BPM

House Selling BPM

Joint 1. 110-119 BPM: 8 Songs and 120-129 BPM: 8 Songs

The BPM of any song indicates its tempo, and higher BPMs mean faster paced tracks. The most popular BPM of the top house selling songs on our list is between 110 and 129, with 16 songs falling within these tempos. Most of the mellow, rock and pop songs common among house sellers have a tempo between 110 and 129 beats per minute.

It has been theorized that the best BPM for a hit song is around 120, while upbeat songs with a similar tempo are undoubtedly the best choice for the background track to your open house.

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We wanted to find out the most popular house selling songs on Spotify, therefore used Playlist Miner to find 96 Spotify playlists related to ‘Open House Real Estate’, ‘House Selling’, ‘House Viewing’ and ‘House Showing’, and the 100 most common songs included in playlists related to each search term. Looking at 400 songs in total, we calculated the total number of appearances of each song, which used to form our ranking and reveal the best songs for selling your home.

The BPM of each song was sourced from Sort Your Music and the genre of each song was sourced from Chosic.

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