The Most Popular Paint Colors of 2024

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Thinking of renovating your home interior in 2024? A lick of paint can have an immeasurable effect on your mood and well-being, while adding new furnishings and decor pieces can transform your color scheme.
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Looking into worldwide Google searches over the last twelve months, we explore the most trendy interior design colors of 20224 for each room of your home.

The most popular room in the house for redecorating was kitchens, with a total of 6.6 million worldwide Google searches across all kitchen interior colours. Green is undeniably one of the trendiest colors this year, ranking in the top three color choices for almost all rooms. Standout shades of green include sage, olive and emerald, while pastel colors dominate nursery design ideas.

The colors we used to decorate our homes are incredibly important. They can turn a room into a cozy snug or refreshing workspace and are an intrinsic part of setting the mood in your property. These are the colors that people search for the most in relation to interior design and decor on both Google and Instagram.

The Most Popular Rooms to Redecorate 

Below is the total number of Google searches for colors of each room in the house. We looked at global searches over the last 12 months to reveal which rooms are the most popular to design.

Most popular rooms to redecorate

The Most Popular Kitchen Colors

The Most Popular Kitchen Colors

1. White - 889,500 annual Google searches

Classic white is still the most popular color for kitchens, always looking clean, light and open. With white kitchens, there’s never a risk of looking dated in a few years, while the sleek minimalistic feel is effortlessly complemented by dark counters or contrasting kitchen accessories. White is an excellent color to add light to a room and increase the feeling of spaciousness. White is a great choice for showcasing accents of other colors, as well as a tried and tested background for just about anything you want to hang on a wall.

2. Green - 728,500 annual Google searches

Another popular color choice for kitchens is green. Symbolising nature, healing and growth, there’s perhaps no better fitting color for a kitchen 2024. Shades of sage, olive and jade prove most popular around the world. Greens can come in a huge variety of shades and hues and can be used together as part of a theme, or as striking accents against a neutral backdrop. Being intrinsically tied to nature, green is rising in fashion at the same time as houseplants are experiencing a height of popularity, which indicates a shift away from harsh designer aesthetics to more comfortable tones and environments made not as show-homes, but as spaces to live in. Tying into the apparent rise in popularity of natural themes in home decor, sage is well paired with either a monochromatic palette or with muted shades of red, yellow, and pink. This cool color creates a refreshing yet calm environment and is an ideal pick for the kitchen, where cooks can often feel hot and flustered behind the stove.

3. Blue - 715,200 annual Google searches

Hues of blue add a relaxing and calming element to any kitchen, and the color’s boosting properties make it perfect for interior decorating. Blue is the third most popular kitchen color for 2024, and trending shades include teal, turquoise and light blue.

Inbaal Honigman, Psychic and Spiritual Expert, comments: “White and pale shades of green and blue are all colors that are light and airy, to make us feel lighter and capable in the kitchen environment. They are uplifting, without being overly exciting, to help us be creative, while still sticking to a recipe, following a routine, and enjoying even the most mundane tasks.

“They're also colors that give the illusion of more space, as a vast kitchen makes us feel like we have lots of options, which promotes creativity.”

The Most Popular Bedroom Colors

The Most Popular Bedroom Colors

1. Black - 396,000 annual Google searches

It has been thought that dark bedroom wall colors can help facilitate a good night’s sleep, by reducing the amount of active energy in the room and the amount of light absorbed during the day. 2024 sees the rise in popularity of black bedrooms, including shades of charcoal and dark grey. Similar to white, gray is a popular neutral background that pairs well with a huge variety of colors, while also offering an injection of style to fit the desired mood of the room.

2. White - 274,800 annual Google searches

White, bright walls have been a classic in interior design for years, and bedrooms are no exception. Although a dark bedroom can help you fall asleep, most people use their bedrooms for things other than sleeping, infact, Inbaal says: “It makes sense that neutrals would feature at the top, as adding our own accents and personal touches is what makes us feel safe in our bedroom.” For some in 2024, the bedroom has become a space for working, studying and relaxing, and white walls clear visual clutter from both your physical and mental space.

3. Green - 259,800 annual Google searches

Reminiscent of forest hues and shades of nature, green is one of 2024’s standout colors and a popular choice for bedrooms. The most popular green shade for bedroom walls is dark green, which had 97,300 searches last year. Inbaal continues: “Green is a color of spiritual healing and the heart chakra, to make us feel loved while we're asleep.”

The Most Popular Bathroom Colors

The Most Popular Bathroom Colors

1. Black - 362,600 annual Google searches

There were over 2.2 million worldwide Google searches for bathroom colors in 2021 and black is the clear winner. Black bathroom ideas are stylish, modern and chic, and are taking over the traditional chrome and gold colors that have dominated bathroom design for years. Bathrooms in 2024 incorporate dark black design elements through fixtures, feature walls and flooring.

2. White - 252,400 annual Google searches

White rooms signify a clean, open space and an all-white bathroom can benefit your mood while elevating your home interior. The calming color of white is essential to help you relax and de-stress at the end of the day and serves as the perfect blank canvas for decor.

Inbaal adds: “Black and white are wonderful colours to paint this room, because there's so much else going on - neutral fixtures will combine well to make us feel serene, without too many surprises, whereas colourful plumbing will bring some joy into the washroom.”

3. Green - 204,800 annual Google searches

Going green in your bathroom is a rising trend this year, from reducing your environmental impact to adding plants to the shower. Earthy tones are some of the most in-demand bathroom colors this year, with dark green, mint, and sage among the most popular.

The Most Popular Living Room Colors

The Most Popular Living Room Colors

1. Green - 188,100 annual Google searches

As the color of renewal and growth, using green in your living room design can be the perfect way to bring an essence of nature indoors without the need for plants. Layering different shades of green works best, from incorporating dark hues to featuring light pistachio shades.

2. White - 150,100 annual Google searches

Using white in your living room can open your space and make decor pieces like fireplaces and chandeliers stand out. The neutral color of white can fit a wide range of design styles, from minimalist to farmhouse and even Scandinavian.

3. Blue - 122,700 annual Google searches

Blue painted walls are a common choice for living rooms going into 2024, thanks to their mind-clearing properties. Warm lighting is the perfect accompaniment to any blue room, adding a touch of balance and an element of relaxation to cooler blue tones. Inbaal says, “Blue is the color of the throat chakra, perfect for a talkative family who love to communicate in the living room.” The in-demand shades of blue for living rooms are teal, light blue, and turquoise.

The Most Popular Nursery Colors

The Most Popular Nursery Colors

1. Green - 71,600 annual Google searches

Green is a soothing color for nurseries and lighter shades of green have been thought to promote concentration and reading abilities. Standout shades of green for nurseries in 2024 include emerald, forest green, and olive.

2. White - 36,200 annual Google searches

White is a classic neutral color and is the perfect canvas for nursery walls. Studies have shown that in a baby’s early stages of life, they can only see the colors black, white and gray.

3. Brown - 31,900 annual Google searches

In 2021, the ‘new normal’ saw more of us interacting with nature in new ways, and earthy tones in design are more popular now than ever before. In-demand shades include terracotta and beige. While beige is often used as a term to describe something as tired or dull, it is experiencing something of a revival. This could in part be thanks to the rise in popularity of the grandmilliennial aesthetic, in which beige walls would provide an ideal backdrop for vintage furniture and floral patterns.

Peach color also popular. This is perfect color for creating a warm and soothing atmosphere and pairs well with gold and cyan, as well as other colors on the peach spectrum such as apricot or coral.

The Most Popular Dining Room Colors

The Most Popular Dining Room Colors

1. Green - 38,700 annual Google searches

Green is a refreshing and revitalizing color to add energy to any room, and the most popular color worldwide for dining rooms in 2024. Inbaal says: “​​We need to feel comfortable where we eat, not too rushed, not too lethargic. Green is the perfect complement, as its effects on our energy are very gentle and soothing.” The most popular shades are dark green and sage.

2. Blue - 36,700 annual Google searches

From duck egg blue to deep royal hues, there’s a shade of blue to complement any room. In dining rooms, blue tones can be used in artwork, furnishings, or as an accent color. Pair rich blues with yellows, golds, and whites for a modern feel.

3. White - 23,400 annual Google searches

White rooms give the illusion of a bigger space, and a white dining room provides a fresh backdrop for family mealtimes. Popular shades in 2024 include cream and magnolia.

The Most Popular Loft Colors

The Most Popular Loft Colors

1. Green - 18,080 annual Google searches

Loft conversions are an easy way to add usable space to your home, in the form of a  bedroom, library, or even a walk-in wardrobe. The most popular loft color of 2024 is green, and the most popular shade of green is olive.

2. Blue - 15,000 annual Google searches

Varying shades of classic colors work best for small spaces that can be easily overwhelmed by bold shades. Another standout color for lofts is blue, adding a calming effect to any room.

3. White - 12,660 annual Google searches

White is the perfect color to open any small, dimly-lit room, and its popularity in loft design is undeniable. Light shades including silver and magnolia prove to be among 2024’s most in-demand.

The Most Popular Porch Colors

The Most Popular Porch Colors

1. Yellow - 19,500 annual Google searches

The world’s favorite porch color is yellow, topping all other colors for Google searches globally. Popular shades include sunset and Tuscany.

2. Black - 16,560 annual Google searches

Black is one of the most popular color choices in the world for porches in 2024. Choosing a neutral porch color has been said to increase your house value and chances of selling, so it’s unsurprising to see black porches trending in 2024.

3. White - 10,040 annual Google searches

White is an excellent color for porches thanks to its ability to complement a wide range of house exteriors.

The Most Popular Pantry Colors

The Most Popular Pantry Colors

1. White - 23,200 annual Google searches

The most popular color for walk-in pantries is white. Following 2024’s trend of crisp, clean, and classic colors, using white in your pantry can make the space feel bigger and less cluttered. 

2. Black - 13,800 annual Google searches

Contrasting the crisp, open feel of white, black is the second most popular pantry color this year. Adding a sleek and modern touch to any home, black can be used in pantries as a floor, cabinet, or shelving color.

3. Green - 8,700 annual Google searches

Green pantries are among the most in-demand in 2024, with standout shades of olive and mint green.

The Most Popular Home Office Colors

The Most Popular Home Office Colors

1. White - 12,840 annual Google searches

Over the last year, some of us working from home have been lucky enough to transform a room of the house into a home office. The most popular color choice for home working spaces is white, facilitating a relaxed environment and a clear mind.

2. Green - 10,190 annual Google searches

Calming colors are ideal for working spaces, so it’s no surprise that green is one of the most popular for home offices. Some of the most in-demand hues of green are dark green, teal, and light green.

3. Blue - 6,660 annual Google searches

Blue walls are said to reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate, enabling good concentration and clear thought. Popular shades of blue for home offices include light blue and turquoise. 

“If you feel well in the home office, you won't be drawn to visiting other rooms constantly, so the choice of fresh, uplifting colors like white and green, or a welcoming color like blue is likely to increase productivity.” Inbaal says.

The Most Popular Laundry Room Colors

The Most Popular Laundry Room Colors

1. Blue - 8,740 annual Google searches

Drawing inspiration from water and cleaning, blue is the most popular color choice for laundry rooms in 2024. Shades of light blue, turquoise, and aqua are trending this year.

2. White - 7,430 annual Google searches

The crisp, clean connotations of white are perfect for laundry or utility room walls. One of 2024’s trendiest colors for interior design, white is the second most popular color choice for laundry rooms worldwide.

3. Green - 7,410 annual Google searches

Green interiors are a staple this year, and one of the most in-demand choices for laundry rooms. Popular shades include mint green and sage.

Inbaal adds: “These are not cosy colors, and they're not meant to be - it's a room to do a job, and that's how it needs to look.”

The Most Popular Basement Colors

The Most Popular Basement Colors

1. Blue - 6,050 annual Google searches

Basement interior colors received the least amount of searches out of all rooms in the house, with a total of 34,910 Google searches across all colors. The most common color for basement interiors is blue, with light blue and sky blue as the most popular shades. These powdery blue tones can replicate a sunny sky in a room that rarely receives natural light. 

2. Green - 5,240 annual Google searches

For basements that get limited sunlight, green walls can be the ideal way to bring nature indoors to a room where plants would struggle to survive. Popular shades for basements include dark green, light green, and jade.

3. Black - 4,430 annual Google searches

Black interior design can add an edgy and dramatic flair to any basement. Pair black walls with gold lighting to add warmth to the room, or limit the incorporation of black to furnishings and decor pieces for a more subtle effect.

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Using a list of all colors from Wikipedia and trending colors from Country Living, we wanted to discover which are the most popular for home interiors going into 2042.

To find 2024’s most popular colors overall, the number of worldwide Google searches in the last twelve months for each color followed by the term ‘color’ was sourced from Google Keyword Planner. From our main list, we removed colors that could refer to other items, including ‘guacamole’ and ‘coral’. From each room’s list, we removed specific colors that could refer to other terms, including ‘gold gym’ and ‘wine loft’.

To find the most popular colors for each room, the number of worldwide Google searches in the last twelve months for each color followed by the room was sourced from Google Keyword Planner.

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Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
Ash Read
Written by
Ash Read
Ash is the founder of Living Cozy. He's been featured by publishers like MyDomaine, Realtor, Real Homes, Architectural Digest, The Spruce, Homes and Gardens, and more. As a writer his work has appeared in publications like FastCompany, TNW, and Entrepreneur.
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