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Comforters, sheets, and pillows that are earth-friendly, skin-friendly, cruelty-free, and super-soft.




New York, NY



Specialising in super-soft pillows, wonderfully cuddly and fluffy comforters and luxurious sheets, with Buffy, you won’t want to leave your bed, ever. Buffy provides products that not only give you the most comfortable sleep of your life, but are also environmentally responsible and actively work towards helping the planet.

Their signature product - the Cloud Comforter, uses insulation made from recycled plastic bottles, stopping them from ending up in landfill (or worse). In addition, their signature fabric is made using eucalyptus trees - which are grown using 10x less water than cotton, and their mill partner plants four trees for every three harvested!

Starting from $49, their products offer the best of both worlds—luxuriously soft and comfortable, whilst also taking care of our planet.

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