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New York, NY

Interior designer Nicole Gibbons founded Clare with a vision in mind, to simplify paint shopping. Clare makes buying paint an easy, fun and interesting experience that makes choosing your perfect color a piece of cake. Not only that, the paint is of superior quality formulated without the toxic carbon-based solvents found in other paints.

Using the Clare Color Genius tool, you answer questions based on the room and what you’re looking for; including the vibe you want, how much light the room attracts and what color the current furniture in the room is, amongst other questions. Once you’ve finished the questions, the Color Genius tool will reward you with a selection of fantastic colors to choose from —making choosing your new room color easy and fun.

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"Modern paint brand made with the intention to eliminate pain points of an uninspired and outdated industry."


"The colors themselves are good — really good. Clare stuck to a tightly curated collection of 55 eco-friendly, low-emission shades."


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