Cozy Earth

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Premium bamboo bedding and loungewear.




Salt Lake City, UT


Cozy Earth

Providing ridiculously comfortable loungewear and bedding, Cozy Earth was formed after Tyler Howells and his wife could not find bedding that suited both of them, as they both slept comfortably at different temperatures. After trying a silk comforter, they realised that it not only helped with their temperature regulation, but was also softer and more luxurious than a standard comforter too!

After searching, Tyler realised there weren’t existing comforters that were high quality enough to share with their friends and family. So, he decided to create one himself. Thus, Cozy Earth was born.

Having worked incessantly and gained access to every single part of the supply chain - from who makes the labels to where the bamboo is harvested - Cozy Earth uses only the best suppliers that focus on premium quality, responsible production and natural materials to create the best comforters possible.

Cozy Earth
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Cozy Earth
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