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MadeRight CA couch by Edgar Blazona

MadeRight CA is more than just soft fabrics, hypoallergenic fillings, and eco-friendly woods. They stand as veterans in the industry, operating as a tech-forward company that seamlessly combines high-end designs with contemporary manufacturing systems. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted to order, right in the heart of California, with incredibly quick turnaround times. Customers have the flexibility to customize their furniture's size, choose from a wide array of performance fabrics and leathers, and even tailor the cushion package to achieve their desired level of comfort and aesthetic. With unwavering confidence in their products, they back them with a lifetime warranty on frames and a 180-day trial period.

At MadeRight, sustainability is fundamental. We responsibly source wood, optimize fabric cutting to reduce waste, repurpose fabric scraps, prioritize quality over quantity, promote sustainability throughout the supply chain, craft locally, offer eco-friendly fabrics, and encourage responsible disposal to minimize our environmental impact and satisfy customers on the journey to a greener future.
Nidhi Kapur, Maiden Home Founder
Edgar Blazona
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At MadeRight, the company draws its inspiration from the home state and the innovative culture of local tech giants, weaving these influences into furniture that combines eye-catching aesthetics with supreme comfort. MadeRight isn't just about superficial appearances; it places a significant emphasis on the components that lie beneath the surface. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to top-quality materials, advanced mechanics, and superior fillings. This isn't merely a business dealing in soft fabrics and eco-friendly woods; it's a tech-savvy enterprise that seamlessly merges sophisticated designs with contemporary manufacturing techniques.

However, the essence of MadeRight transcends furniture alone. Their dedication extends to the entire customer experience, from order processing to post-sale support. Their innovative use of technology underpins their sofa brand, going above and beyond to incorporate features that create a deep connection between the product and its owner. Ultimately, it's the fusion of California-inspired innovation that defines MadeRight.

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