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Jersey City, NJ


Satya + Sage

Sonja Haile, the founder of Satya + Sage, firmly believes in making time for yourself, and noticed that just to get through the week, she would dedicate at least one day to self-care. On those days, she would always light a candle to refresh her space and her mind. And this inspired her to begin on a venture of her own—creating candles with self-care at the forefront of their design.

Each Satya + Sage candle is made with 100% vegetable and coconut wax, is phthalate-free and uses premium grade fragrance and essential oils. Sonja states that each candle begins with a scent that is special to her, invoked from anything from a place she’s been, to a fond memory.

Ethically conscious, you’re also doing your bit for charity when purchasing their products, as a percentage of its profits are donated to a non-profit focused on underserved youth.

Satya + Sage
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Satya + Sage

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Satya + Sage
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