The Sill

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Healthy houseplants starting at $5 shipped to your door.




New York, NY


The Sill

Armed with the knowledge that plants make us happier, healthier, more efficient and boost our creativity, The Sill is on a mission to make “plant parents” of us all.

With a focus on bringing the outdoors in, The Sill believes that everyone deserves to have their own personal plant oasis. Every plant from The Sill comes with simple care instructions, direct access to a team of houseplant experts, and a guarantee that they will be there every step of the way. A huge range is available, and each plant comes with a pot that you can customise to your preferred shape and color, giving you freedom to choose something that will fit your space perfectly.

The Sill is the missing piece of the puzzle - it bridges the gap between plants and people, offering advice for which plants will fit with your lifestyle, and your budget.

The Sill
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The Sill

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The Sill
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