Open Spaces

Find relief from a cluttered world with beautiful organization solutions.




New York, NY

Open Spaces was founded to help make your home a sanctuary. Its team believe that too often we are busy at work, only to come home to a cluttered space that does nothing to alleviate our tired minds. Their aim is to make your home a space where you can escape the world and relax, enjoy hobbies, and breathe.

Selling only the essentials, its products are easy to navigate and are designed to all work together in harmony. You are able to purchase single items, or they offer packages for different spaces, taking away the stress of choice, and giving you the tools you need to organise every space in your home.

Prices start from $36, and it offers a range of chic products, including wire baskets, drawer dividers, racks and storage bins that will help make your home a space of peace.

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"Behind the soft colors, matte materials, gently curved edges, and stackable shapes is the intent to banish clutter (of the mental kind, too)."


"For the appearance and the quality of the product, the Open Spaces line is actually incredibly affordable."

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