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Reimagining bath time as your time, with quality robes and towels that make every day a special occasion.




Savannah, GA



One day, Liz innocently asked Lindsey what towels she used, and they were surprised to discover that they both hated their towels. So, they resolved to create towels that people would love.

With a focus on top notch quality, Liz and Lindsey admit that they have spent ‘an unhealthy amount of time thinking about towels’, and so discovered the secret recipe to soft, fluffy, plush towels that are the result of years of researching, testing and designing.

Based on the idea that one size does not fit all, they offer blank canvas towels that allow you to choose your embroidery and piping color, so that your towels are unique to you. And if you don’t want to design your own, they have a number of gorgeous designs to choose from.

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"Weezie towels truly keep their fluff. I’m not just saying this. I’ve been drying off with my set since the spring and they’ve stayed perfectly fluffy ever since."


"Turns out, buying the best possible version of something you use daily (at a minimum) makes a huge difference in how you feel."

Apartment Therapy

Behind the brand

"Our brand hashtag, #enjoythestay, is all about celebrating little moments of delight in the everyday: using your nice china, opening a great bottle of wine, and yes, wrapping up in your coziest, fluffiest towel just because."

Lindsey Johnson
Co-Founder and CEO, Weezie

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