Sustainable weighted blankets
From $269 at Bearaby

The Bearaby Tree Napper Could Be Your Key to Better Sleep

The Bearaby Tree Napper
Bearaby offers sustainable weighted blankets designed to help you relax and get a better night's sleep.
The Bearaby Tree Napper is a cooling weighted blanket that's as beautiful as it is comfortable.
Bearaby is equally committed to comfort, sustainability, and design, specializing in beautiful weighted blankets for every type of sleeper.

When I was asked to review the Bearaby Tree Napper weighted blanket, I couldn't have been more excited because I just so happen to be quite the weighted blanket enthusiast. As someone with a long history of sleep problems, I'm willing to try anything for a better night's sleep, so I was among the first people to rush out and try weighted blankets when they gained popularity a few years ago.

What I found was that I love the peaceful sensation that comes from cozying up underneath a weighted blanket, but I didn't love the design of the ones I tried. They were filled with little glass beads that would slide around as I moved (and I move a lot when I sleep), making some parts of the blanket heavier than others. But that's one of the reasons I love the Bearaby Tree Napper so much—rather than synthetic filler beads, the blanket gets its weight completely from the sustainable Tencel fabric it's made with, offering even, all-over weight and comfort.

What I Love About Bearaby

Bearaby Tree Napper

The Tree Napper took just a few days to arrive, so I didn't need to wait long to start enjoying its benefits. When I opened the box, I was impressed with the blanket's neat and thoughtful packaging. It came fully encased in a muslin drawstring bag, which is big enough to provide plenty of reusability potential. The blanket itself was tightly rolled and secured with soft and stretchable Tencel loops, so it was a breeze to release and unroll.

Once I pulled out the blanket, I was delighted by the sophisticated, neutral color it came in. In fact, I love the whole line of hues it comes in, but I opted for Elderberry, which is a soft blush that fits seamlessly with the rest of my aesthetic. But beyond being gorgeous, the blanket is also highly functional and well made. Since it doesn't have any synthetic filler, I received consistent, comforting weight the moment I wrapped it around me.

I also love the Napper's chunky knit design. I've long been a fan of the look of chunky knit blankets, but the wool one I bought years ago shed like crazy so I was completely put off by them. Thanks to the Tree Napper's all-over Tencel fabric--a material composed of sustainably-sourced eucalyptus fibers—the blanket doesn't shed at all while providing the oh-so-cute look of a chunky knit.

  • Plant-based and cruelty-free
  • No artificial filler beads
  • Sophisticated color options
  • Handmade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Three different weight options: 15 lbs., 20 lbs., and 25 lbs. (The recommended weighted blanket weight is 10% of your body weight.)
  • Doesn't shed
  • A little pricey (starting at $269)
  • Fingers and toes easily slip through the blanket
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Test Drive: Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review

The Bearaby Tree Napper is naturally weighted with soft, breathable Tencel fibers that are uniquely cool to the touch, so you get the benefits of a weighted blanket without the excess heat that so often accompanies it. That said, if you crave more warmth, Bearaby also offers the Cotton Napper that provides a bit more heat while still being breathable.  

Additionally, the Tree Napper is machine washable, making it perfect for households full of pets like ours. Plus, it comes in six soft but rich colors, all of which are neutral enough to complement most aesthetics. But one of the features that really makes the Tree Napper outshine its competition is that it's entirely free of synthetic filler, so you never need to wrangle with unruly filler beads sloshing from side to side while you're trying to get comfortable. It's also more sustainable than many alternatives thanks to its plant-based Tencel composition.

Maple Tree Naper

According to Bearaby, weighted blankets are medically proven to support deeper sleep cycles since they can increase serotonin, our body's happy-making hormone, as well as melatonin, the hormone that helps lull us to sleep each night. Research also shows that weighted blankets significantly reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels during nighttime sleep.

While I can't speak to the exact science behind the blanket's benefits, I can say that it has definitely made a positive impact on my sleep. I'm usually a pretty restless sleeper, tossing and turning throughout the night, but my partner said I'm much more still during the nights when I'm covered with the blanket. Since I can't watch myself sleep, I'll have to take his word for it, but I certainly feel like I move less throughout the night, waking up totally refreshed in the morning.

In addition to delivering on the deep sleep benefits that Bearaby claims it will, the blanket is also all kinds of cute. Like I mentioned, I absolutely adore the cozy look of chunky knit blankets, but the shedding typical of natural wool blankets was not okay with me. I love the way the Tree Napper provides the cute, cozy look of chunky knits without leaving fibers all over the house and you don't need to hide it under a duvet cover.

The Bearaby Tree Napper
Tree Napper
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The Bearaby Brand Story

Founded by Kathrin Hamm and headquartered in New York, Bearaby believes that, "Self-care should be joyful, good design should be functional, and deep revitalizing rest should be natural." The brand's thoughtful collection of design-forward weighted blankets delivers on its beliefs beautifully. Combining comfort and beauty, the blankets were designed without artificial filler, using impossibly soft fabric that promotes a sense of comfort and wellness.

All of Bearaby's blankets are also hand-knit with airflow and breathability in mind, so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a weighted blanket without worrying about overheating during the night. And because we all have different needs, Bearaby offers a wide variety of blankets for every type of sleeper, ranging from Travel Nappers for folks on-the-go to Velvet Nappers for anyone seeking an extra dose of comforting softness.

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Bearaby Blankets color
Bearaby Pink Blanket
Bearaby Napper on the Bed
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Bearaby's Commitment to Sustainability

Bearaby is dedicated to putting the planet first, ensuring that sustainability informs everything from the materials it uses to the partners it works with. The blankets come in velvet, organic cotton, and Tencel. The velvet blankets are made from recycled marine plastic, with each individual blanket keeping 900 plastic bottles out of our precious oceans.

The brand's plant-based organic cotton and Tencel blankets are highly sustainable as well. Bearaby sources its organic long-staple cotton from India, which is farmed using 90% less water than traditional farming methods and is Fairtrade International certified. Meanwhile, the Tencel fabric is woven from renewable eucalyptus wood pulp and sourced from Austria where it's farmed using a sustainable, closed-loop process.

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One of the Best Weighted Blankets on the Market

If it's not clear by now, I truly can't recommend the Bearaby Tree Napper enough. I've tried several weighted blankets over the years, but the Tree Napper outshines the others thanks in large part to the lack of unruly synthetic filler that's common among other weighted blankets. The blanket offers even, consistent weight using a cooling fabric that promotes airflow and doesn't make me sweat during the night. It's perfect for hot sleepers. Plus, it's gorgeous and complements my aesthetic beautifully, a feature I've yet to find in weighted blankets from other brands.

The Tree Napper starts at $269 for the 15lb blanket, with the 20lbs and 25lbs heavy blankets costing $279 and $299 respectively. It's available in six lovely colors to fit perfectly with your bedroom or living room aesthetic. Bearaby also offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.

In addition to the Tree Napper, Bearaby has a range of blanket options:

  • The Nappling: A smaller weighted blanket for kids is made with nothing but layer upon layer of soft, organic cotton.
  • The Cotton Napper: A knitted weighted blanket made from long-staple organic cotton.
  • The Hugger: A queen sized cotton weighted blanket.

Alongside its popular blanket line, Bearaby offers a line of Sensory Pillows meant to soothe you in your sleep:

  • Cuddling: The bolster pillow offers ultimate comfort and ergonomic support on demand. It is made of Melofoam™, a plant-based material that provides unique benefits for relaxation.
  • Cuddler: A plant-based Melofoam™ body pillow that relieves tension and supports joints, neck, and back for easy rest.
  • Hugget: A knot pillow to help relieve stress and provide a delightful sensory experience.
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