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Burrow Chorus Bed Review: A Sleek, Simple-to-Set-Up Frame to Level Up Your Bedroom

Burrow Chorus Bed
Burrow makes high-quality modular sofas, end tables, dressers, bed frames, and mattresses that can be customized throughout the life of the furniture to adapt to evolving needs.
I chose the Burrow Chorus bed because its simple, clean aesthetic could match with future potential updates in the bedroom.
The Chorus Bed and headboard shipped in three boxes that were easy(ish) to move.

Like most New Yorkers, I had a roommate for well into my 30s. A few years ago, however, I finally took the plunge to live alone and it felt so, so good.

Since we’re all out here trying to make a buck, my goal has always been to spiff up the room so I can rent it out quickly and easily when I want to but I’m horrible when it comes to design so I put the project off for years.

The budget bed frame a previous roommate left behind done the job well enough but the frame was old, dingy, and terribly tacky. It was the first item on my update list. Since I hadn’t (and still haven’t) yet chosen an area rug, new paint colors, end tables, or any other aspect of the forthcoming redesign, I wanted a bed frame that was beautiful and modern but also clean and classic enough that it would blend in with whatever changes I plan to eventually make in the room. So, when I was offered the opportunity to receive and test out the Chorus Bed Frame in my home, I jumped at the chance.

Getting hands-on with the Chorus Bed

Previously known as the “Circa”, the Chorus bed is designed to for easy delivery and construction — helping you to avoid the usual bed assembly troubles. The Circa frame requires no tools to assemble and the (optional) headboard, which sturdily and securely connects to the frame, has been tested for strength and stability. The bed is available in full, queen, and king size and has a capacity to hold up to 700lbs.

If you’re looking to design an entire room (like I am), Burrow’s inspiration page does a great job laying out curated rooms with themes like “Crisp & Comfortable”, “Scandinavian Studio”, and “Loft Leisure.” The room profiles are complete with links to various coffee tables, side tables, lamps, seats, benches, rugs, pillows, and blankets that would all work with the theme. Basically, it’s a one-stop shop to build the bedroom or living room of your dreams. I’ll admit to having spent far too much time the past few weeks, scrolling endlessly through Burrow-curated rooms and dreaming I could outfit my entire home just like the online profiles.

Burrow Crisp and Comfortable
Burrow's Crisp and Comfortable bedroom setup

Burrow is best known for its Nomad Sofa and modular sectionals, which are very much in line with the brand’s mid-century-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic. The Chorus Bed comes in two wood finishes (Oak and Walnut), as well as three upholstered versions (Papyrus, Stone Grey, and Heather Charcoal) that are made with scratch- and stain-resistant fabric. The bed frame can be purchased with or without a headboard and you can mix and match across wood and upholstery to create various combinations. Once you know what size and materials you want, the straightforward ordering process only takes a few minutes. 

Delivery and construction

Despite the delivery delays plaguing so many businesses in this country (furniture being one of the most hard-hit industries), my bed arrived in a little over a month. Surprise! Oh, and not only is the shipping fast, it’s also free. Double win! The bed also ships directly in various smaller boxes that are easy to move around. Triple win!

I received several emails from Burrow regarding the estimated delivery timeframe (initially, 1-3 weeks), and again when the product shipped and was scheduled to arrive. My only issue with the delivery process is that the company that handled the delivery just left the three large boxes in my building’s lobby. I was home all morning and didn’t receive any buzz or knock on the door (very annoying since there’s a lot of theft in my building) so I stumbled on the boxes when I went out to run an errand. 

Burrow Bed Frame Boxs
The Chrous bed arrives in boxes

Though I was able to push the boxes into my apartment alone, I recruited a friend to help out with assembly. We worked together to unpack the boxes and lay out all of the materials, which included: five rails (foot, head, center support, and two side rails), two slat rolls (one for each side of the bed), four corner legs, one center support leg, and one thumbscrew. The headboard also came with four hand screws that are used to tighten it to the frame.

The assembly instructions were clear, easy to interpret, and included graphics to assist in identifying different parts and processes. While it didn’t take too long to distinguish the head rail from the foot rail (they’re the same length and look very similar), it would have been helpful if they were labeled with stickers to avoid having to look back and forth at the directions and flip the rails around several times.

Burrow bed instructions
The instructions were easy to follow

After setting up the frame rails in a rectangle, you simply slide the rails together. The teeth of the head rail slide into the slots on the side rails and then the teeth of the side rails are slid into the slots on the foot rail. While I believe this step certainly could be done by one person, it was much easier having a second person hold one side in place while I pushed the other side into it. 

Building the Chorus frame
Building the Chorus frame

Once the rectangular frame is set up, it’s time to twist the four legs into the corners of the frame. While two of the legs easily screwed on within a matter of seconds, two legs gave us quite a bit of trouble. We twisted these two legs for about 15 minutes and we undid and redid the rails several times before we could finally screw them in all the way. With my friend holding the rails tightly together at the corners, I was able to eventually screw in the remaining legs. It was slightly frustrating but, ultimately, it didn’t cause too much hassle. With the four legs in place, we were then ready to flip the frame.

Per the instructions, a partner should be used to help flip the frame and I strongly agree, as there’s no way I could have flipped it alone without having the frame come crashing down onto the floor. Once the frame is flipped, the final fifth leg is then screwed onto the center support rail, which is rested into the notches of the foot and head rails. The headboard (if you get one) is then lowered into the head rail and four large, ergonomic hand screws are used to securely attach it. I expected the headboard attachment to be far more complicated but it only took a few minutes to twist all the screws into place.

Bed slats
Hooking the slats into place

The final step is to unroll the slats – one for each side of the bed frame – and hook them into the small posts on the foot and head rails. Next, we moved the bed to the desired position and, thanks to the soft, protective felt-like pads under the legs, we were able to move it around quite a bit to play with different arrangements. 

The entire assembly process took about an hour but a quarter of that time was spent twisting the legs in. Assuming your legs don’t have any issues (and you probably won’t), you should be able to assemble the bed with a partner in about 45 minutes.

Living with the Chorus Bed

This is a beautiful bed and a serious step up from my previous futon arrangement. I’m proud to have the bed in my room and having put it together and slept on it, I’m confident it’s a very high-quality frame. Because it’s so sturdy and doesn’t wobble, there’s no creaking or cracking when moving around on the bed, which is a big plus for restless sleepers like myself. I also appreciate the 7.5” under-bed clearance, which has allowed me to stuff all of my storage boxes of off-season shoes and clothing under there.

This is a beautiful bed and a serious step up from my previous futon arrangement. I’m proud to have the bed in my room and having put it together and slept on it, I’m confident it’s a very high-quality frame.
Burrow Chorus Bed Frame

As I’m still in the process of redesigning the bedroom, I’ve been moving the bed and my mismatching furniture around quite a bit to try to determine what arrangement I like best. Though my floors aren’t the prettiest (and I know my landlord will never replace them), I really appreciate how the soft leg pads allow the bed to be moved around effortlessly and without scratching the floors. Considering how heavy the boxes were for me to push alone, I worried it would be difficult to move the bed around once it was fully assembled but thanks to the pads, I’ve had zero issues pushing it around by myself.

I really appreciate how the soft leg pads allow the bed to be moved around effortlessly and without scratching the floors.

Personally, I find the overall height of the bed frame to be a bit low but that’s purely a matter of personal preference. The height of the Burrow frame with a Burrow mattress on top of it is 23” but because my mattress is much thinner, the overall height is slightly less. I’ve had no issues getting in and out of the bed but my mother (who has arthritis and Parkinson’s) is unable to get off the bed alone, something she could do fairly easily on the previous bed. If you have bad knees or mobility issues, this bed could still work for you, you’ll likely just want to make sure you have a thicker mattress and/or leg extenders to raise the bed up higher.

The photos on the Burrow site accurately portray what the bed looks like in real life and I appreciate the wide variety of photos they provide, that do a good job showing the bed in different arrangements. The only thing I’d caution is to make sure you measure the dimensions out in your room, which is something I failed to do. Because the bed is pictured on the site next to Burrow end tables, which are also fairly low to the ground, it didn’t occur to me that the bed would be so low and I’m an idiot for not measuring it out at home. In the end, the bed works perfectly fine, I’ll just need to get a thicker mattress and/or lower end tables that are more in proportion to the lower bed.

The Chorus Bed is easy to assemble, its modular design would allow you to add on (or remove) a headboard at any point, and how effortlessly you can slide the bed around without damaging floors, I believe the bed is extremely practical for a modern home. 

  • The modular design allows you to add or remove a headboard anytime you choose
  • Numerous sizes, wood, and fabric options allow for ultimate customization
  • Matching end tables and dressers are available to provide a cohesive feel to the room
  • Assembly is fast, easy, straightforward, and requires no tools
  • The bed’s minimalist design and aesthetic could be adapted to most personal styles
  • The delivery team didn't bring the boxes to my door
  • The wooden legs may be difficult to twist in
  • The bed is very low, which could be an issue for some people

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Burrow Chorus Bed Frame FAQs

What Materials is the Chorus Bed Made From?

The Burrow Chorus bed is made from a solid hardwood, heavy duty slats, secure hardware, and a non-toxic oak or walnut finish. The headboard is also available in hardwood or in scratch- and stain-resistant fabric.

Does the Chorus Bed Feel Sturdy and Well Made?

The Chorus bed feels extremely sturdy and well-made. It can hold up to 700lbs and doesn’t creak or crack when you move around on the bed.

Burrow Chorus Bed
Chorus Wood Bed
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Furniture without compromises

Founded in 2016, Burrow, a New York-based brand, set out to change the furniture industry by making pieces from your living room and beyond without compromising quality, affordability, and convenience.

Burrow's innovative sofa-in-a-box made sofa buying more straightforward and helped redefine an industry that hadn't changed for decades. Its modular design means its pieces are easy to take apart as it is put together and made to expand if your needs change.

Burrow now has a range of mid-century modern furniture, including sofas, shelving systems, coffee tables, and more.

No items found.
Carta coffee table
Burrow nomad fabric sofa
Burrow Serif square table
No items found.

Beautiful designs that work well (and last)

Burrow has a strong focus on both style and substance. Its furniture is inspired by American Mid-Century Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian interior design. Its furniture features acute attention to detail to ensure each piece meets the demands of modern living with functional features like built-in chargers, modular design, and concealed storage. Each piece is designed to last years and adapt with you.

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A Seriously Sturdy and Stylish Bed

This is an absolutely beautiful bed frame and the handsome headboard has me feeling like I finally have an adult-approved bed in my home. The clean, minimalist design means it can easily match with a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and accessories so it’s a very welcome addition to my work-in-progress second bedroom.

Cassandra Brooklyn
Cassandra Brooklyn is a freelance writer with bylines in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Daily Beast, and National Geographic, among others. When she's not writing product reviews, travel features, and deep dives into the intersection of technology and culture, you can find her hiking, cycling, and scuba diving pretty much anywhere in the world.
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