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We Tested Burrow's Velvet Nomad Couch: Here's What You Need to Know

Burrow's Velvet Nomad Couch
Burrow aims to change the sofa-buying experience through high-quality, versatile products that can be customized throughout the life of the furniture to adapt to evolving needs.
We tested Burrow's Nomad Velvet Sofa at Mackenzie Collier Interiors HQ in Phoenix, AZ.
The Nomad Sofa is modular and shipped in easy-to-move boxes.

It's difficult to choose the right couch for your home, especially if you're buying online. There are so many styles, fabrics and brands to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming.

One brand that's taken huge strides to simplify the sofa buying experience is Burrow, a direct-to-consumer brand that ships its modular, highly-customizable sofas in easy-to-move boxes (for free).

But what's it actually like to live with a Burrow couch?

We shipped Burrow's Nomad Velvet Sofa to the team at Mackenzie Collier Interiors in Phoenix, AZ to to test the sofa and give us a professional opinion.

Mackenzie Collier Interiors (MCI) is a full-service residential & commercial interior design team based in downtown Phoenix and Portland, specializing in sustainable, functional design.

In this review, we have two of the MCI team answering questions and sharing their thoughts about Burrow's Velvet Nomad sofa:

  • Yoselin Castro: A Senior Interior Designer at MCI with experience ranges from high-end residential design to corporate offices, government buildings, retail spaces, restaurants.
  • Karen Rohr: An Interior Designer at MCI, Karen has developed projects ranging from architectural proposals to high-end interior designs.

Everything you need to know about the Burrow Nomad sofa

Burrow Nomad Sofa
We shipped the Nomad Sofa in Feather Performance Velvet.

Design and style

What do you like about the Nomad sofa?

Yoselin Castro: “It’s simple and straight to the point. I love the depth of it (I’m 5’2”) and it feels like it’s the perfect balance of firm and soft!”

Karen Rohr: The sofa is a sleek, modern piece that's perfect for adding comfort and style to your room. The built-in features make it easy to put together. The design cues give it that extra something special and make the piece both comfortable and stylish, but not too formal or stuffy!

What makes the Nomad sofa unique?

Yoselin Castro: “I love how it’s modular and provides flexibility for different home sizes and personal preferences!”

Karen Rohr: “I like how this piece has modular features that allow it to fit into almost any space.”

How would you describe the Nomad sofa’s design and look? Could it work in various settings and design styles? 

Yoselin Castro: “It’s modern and sleek with a hint of mid-century.I could see that! The sleek design is versatile enough to fit styles from contemporary to mid-century.”

Karen Rohr: “It is a mid-century modern design, but the structure is clean and easy to adapt for most styles. I'd like to say it is a very flexible and timeless piece that can be implemented in almost any design. The piece has been designed to match the casual, modern mid-century movements and would look perfect doing it.”

Unboxing and building 

Burrow sofa in a box
Burrow delivers its sofas in easy-to-move boxes.

What was the unboxing experience like? 

Yoselin Castro: “Super easy, not a lot of fuss. The boxes had a couple sofa pieces and the easy-to-follow instructions which was exactly what we needed to have a positive experience.”

Karen Rohr: “It was really great! Easy as pie as some might say! Burrow really did go above and beyond by labeling each box with what's inside so that it’s easy for anyone to put together without getting too frustrated!”

Was it easy to build? How long did it take?

Yoselin Castro: “It took about 25 minutes, SO YES!”

Karen Rohr: “The instructions for this project were really easy to follow and the finished product looks great! I'm not too savvy when it comes to building things myself, but everything looked straightforward in the guide. The only tricky part for me was the way you join the arms with the seat, it takes a lot of strength to get the piece in. Other than that, I love that you didn't need extra hardware and it was very easy to understand.”

Burrow instructions
The Burrow instructions were easy to follow.

Was it okay to get the sofa into the right room? 

Yoselin Castro: “Yes, it was originally in one room and then we needed to move it into another but turning it into its’ side easily allowed us to fit it through the door for its narrow profile. Imagine the scene in Friends (PIVOT!). Now if only they had a Burrow sofa they wouldn’t have needed to worry so much with fitting it through a tight doorway and also having to turn it.”

Karen Rohr: “In terms of moving the sofa around it was very easy once it was built.”

Nomad Velvet Sofa
It was simple to get the Nomad Sofa into the perfect spot.
  • Timeless Style: The sofa can provide comfort and support for years to come. It's modern and casual but the look will still last forever!
  • Easy Assembly: This easy to put together sofa is one of the best perks about it, and most of the work can be done by one person with moderate strength and no extra tools.
  • Fabric and Color: An extra plus to the sofa is that it is stain resistant, especially for those with little ones running around or those who like to entertain and can’t resist a good get together with friends and family. 
  • Attaching the arms to the sofa: This seemed to be a tricky part and it would be great to see this be made easier for the consumer; however, it's not clear exactly how Burrow can improve the hardware on this part. The assembly was great until we got to this point making it extremely hard to attach the arms to the seats.
  • USB Charger Location was not the most convenient. It is hidden which is great but at the same time is not functional for the cable and it can be a hazard as the cable can exceed temperatures. While this feature is convenient, maybe placing it in a different location will help!
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Living with the Burrow couch

Burrow Nomad Sofa in the Room
The Burrow Sofa at Mackenzie Collier Interiors.

Is it comfortable and does it feel well made?

Yoselin Castro: “I’m not a big fan of sofas that are too loungy and make you sink the moment you sit on them. That is most definitely not the case with the Nomad soda as it feels very durable and sturdy, yet plush enough to take a midday nap!”

Karen Rohr: “The couch is a comfortable, well-padded sofa that feels soft and inviting. The cushioning of the seat really does make you want to lean your head back for just one little nap!”

Is it durable/practical for a modern home? Do you feel the couch is kid and/or dog friendly?

Yoselin Castro: Absolutely! My dog was actually one of the first people to try it out. Yes, I said people— she’s basically human… but, anyway, back to the sofa!

Karen Rohr: “It is, the size is very flexible and it's easy to move around which makes it practical. The velvet Nomad sofa comes in a durable material that can withstand anything and the feather color helps with longevity.”

Burrow Nomad charger
The Nomad comes with a built in USB phone charger.

Could stains be easily removed? Is it easy to clean? 

Yoselin Castro: Yes, I was amazed by the quality of the stain-resistant fabric after accidentally spilling a couple drops of my coffee.

Karen Rohr: “Not sure if it is ideal for every type of liquid but it passed our coffee test! The fabric was easy to clean and no marks were left.”

Does the sofa feel sturdy? 

Yoselin Castro: “Very much! I think that’s probably one of my favorite features about it. It definitely holds some weight to it, but it’s not one of those pieces that once you set it down you could never move it ever again.”

Karen Rohr: “It holds up pretty well. I was surprised as it is also very lightweight too.”

How would you describe the cushions? Soft, firm, medium?

Yoselin Castro: “For my personal liking—I think it’s the ideal level of firm! It’s definitely not “soft” but I’d say it’s comfy enough to take a nap and feel supported as opposed to sink completely in then wake up feeling groggy. Ha!”

Karen Rohr: “I would describe the cushions as a soft, medium level.”

Burrow Nomad sofa cushions
The Nomad's cushions are comfortable for sitting and napping.

Can you comfortably lay down on the sofa? Would it be good for a weekend afternoon nap? 

Yoselin Castro: “I think so!”

Karen Rohr: “The sofa is comfortable enough to lay down and have a quick nap, plus bolster pillows are ideal for making this sofa an easy piece that you can simply lie down on and fall asleep.”

Furniture without compromises

Founded in 2016, Burrow set out to change the furniture industry by making pieces from your living room and beyond without compromising quality, affordability, and convenience.

Burrow's innovative sofa-in-a-box made sofa buying more straightforward and helped redefine an industry that hadn't changed for decades. Its modular design means its pieces are easy to take apart as it is put together and made to expand if your needs change.

Burrow now has a range of mid-century modern furniture, including sofas, shelving systems, coffee tables, and more.

No items found.
Burrow Bed
Burrow Totem Credenza
Burrow Index Shelving
No items found.

Beautiful designs that work well (and last)

Burrow has a strong focus on both style and substance. Its furniture is inspired by American Mid-Century Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian interior design. Its furniture features acute attention to detail to ensure each piece meets the demands of modern living with functional features like built-in chargers, modular design, and concealed storage. Each piece is designed to last years and adapt with you.

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Overall feedback on the Nomad Sofa

Would you recommend the Nomad Sofa? What are your thoughts/feelings about Burrow after testing the sofa? 

Yoselin Castro: “I’m certain I will be recommending this Nomad sofa to friends, families and even clients! I actually considered it for myself although the only thing getting me back was the color. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the gray or the other colors that it is available in. I think Burrow could benefit from having more fabric and color options available. Perhaps some light options in warmed tones such as lighter beiges and off-whites.:

Karen Rohr: “Yes, I would recommend this, especially for young adults and small families. It's a good value piece and comfortable enough, plus it’s easy to put together with no extra assembly help. Not only is it lightweight and easy to move around for a growing family, but the Nomad sofa resists stains to make it ideal for little ones and pets.”

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