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Floyd's Form Sectional Sofa Review: A Minimalist, Make-it-Your-Own Sofa Solution

Floyd Sectional Sofa
Floyd makes furniture that’s adaptable; take out or add in pieces to accommodate changing needs.
Floyd is focused on simple furniture designed with longevity and sustainability at its core.
We shipped the Left Side Chaise sectional to our DC condo to test its ability to fit in a small space and see how it holds up to daily life (and a cat!).

I recently decided it was time to redecorate our office (going on year three of WFH will do that to you!), and, in addition to the obvious home office-must haves like a desk and chair, I wanted a small sofa that I could use as a reading spot or relax on when that 3 p.m. slump hits.

And, while I love to switch around my accessories, I knew I was looking for foundation pieces that would last. I wanted a simple, minimalist sofa that prioritized quality as much as style — and I needed it to be comfortable. 

Enter Floyd. This direct-to-consumer Detroit, MI brand is looking to change the sofa sustainability game. They don’t want to sell you a new sofa every few years. Floyd wants you to buy what works for your lifestyle and adapt with modular pieces as those needs change. With its sectional, maybe you add a chaise when you add a member of your family. Perhaps you take away a section when you downsize to a smaller place. These pieces are meant to last and grow with you.

Plus, Floyd is committed to using environmentally and socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices, as well as reaching towards becoming the first carbon neutral furniture brand.

Getting hands-on with the Floyd Sectional

With seemingly endless configuration options, the Floyd Sectional is your go-to for spaces large and small. These low profile modular pieces fit together for a minimalist, sleek look that’s both comfortable and clean. Made in performance fabrics, including a fan favorite: soft, durable, upcycled boucle, the Floyd Sectional requires no tools to assemble. Simply snap in place with alligator-style clips to connect (and reconnect!) your sections. Plus, there are additional pieces like modular tables and pillows that can make your Floyd Sectional perfectly customized to you. 

Designing Your Floyd Sectional

Modular furniture is Floyd’s bread and butter, and the design process for the Sectional is just as easy and seamless as you’d anticipate. If design isn't your forté, Floyd offers various preconfigured options from 2-seaters to 5-seaters with a chaise. Choose that one that works best in your space and they’ll do the work of telling you exactly which pieces to order. If you have a room that requires a bit more puzzlework and customization, you can use the easy customization tool to see your sofa come together just as it will look in your home. Either start with one of their base configurations and work up from there, or start completely from scratch. I went with the scratch option since I was working with a tiny city office, and I chose a Left Side Chaise and Single Unit piece for a small configuration that would work in my office. 

Floyd Sectional Configurations

As your needs change, you can add on right seaters, left seaters, chaises, single units, and ottomans to further customize your sofa. Each piece attaches exactly the same way — with the alligator clip — so there’s never a worry about the pieces not matching up. And you don’t need to worry about older pieces breaking down before you add new pieces in. According to their specs, the Floyd Sectional boasts a “two density foam cushion with a zigzag, flat spring suspension that provides a structural flex.” This translates to a sofa that will stand the test of time.

As your needs change, you can add on right seaters, left seaters, chaises, single units, and ottomans to further customize your sofa.

When it comes to fabric, you have a choice of textured performance fabrics: talc or pebble boucle, and mineral, off-white, charcoal, marine, and cypress performance fabric. Each is known for stain and odor resistance as well as its water repellent, easily cleanable properties, and these fabrics even stand up to pets. Add in a matching pillow or pick a pop of a contrasting color.

Delivery and Construction 

There was a small mishap with my sofa delivery and the two pieces were lost at the warehouse, which meant the delivery process took from placing my order on March 15 to receiving the sofa on June 17 (which, actually, isn’t that bad considering the current macro supply chain issues!). 

However, even with the three month total timeline, the sections actually arrived at the warehouse quickly, so it was not Floyd’s fault. Once the pieces were located, the warehouse was able to schedule delivery that week. The team that brought the sofa was wonderful.

Unfortunately, after all of the confusion, only one piece of the sectional was delivered and it was damaged on the back, presumably due to the issues at the warehouse. However, that side is facing the back, so I’m choosing to ignore it and enjoy the fact the smaller size actually works in my space. 

Living with the Floyd Sectional

I love a sofa with lounge-y vibes and that’s exactly what you get with the Floyd Sectional. It’s not overly soft or one that you’ll sink into, but it’s perfect for relaxing and kicking up your feet. Floyd describes it as both soft and sturdy, and that’s the most accurate way to describe it. It’s comfortable and cozy, yet it holds up to its minimalist lines.

Floyd Sectional in the corner

The sofa feels substantial, supportive, and well made. It feels like these cushions will stand the test of time, which is key given Floyd’s focus on longevity and sustainability of its pieces. Floyd’s pieces are made with foam, spring, and a wood frame, which helps it maintain its supportive feel over the years. I absolutely love the color of the fabric and the sleek design looks just like it did when I assembled it in the customization tool online. 

The sofa feels substantial, supportive, and well made. It feels like these cushions will stand the test of time, which is key given Floyd’s focus on longevity and sustainability of its pieces.
Floyd Sectional

The performance fabric is essential, especially in a home with pets (or kids, if that’s you). I can’t make any promises, but my cat is uninterested in anything but taking naps on it (as in, it hasn’t turned into a scratching post). While the ivory color certainly makes me nervous with the cat and/or me holding a cup of coffee, so far there have been no staining issues, and cat hair has come up easily with a vacuum. I don’t want to test my luck, so I’ll take Floyd’s word for it on the stain resistance. 

One issue I did find is that the fabric seems to be sagging a bit along the front. I’m not sure whether it’s something that will get worse or stay as is, but it is something to be aware of. It’s not an issue that significantly disrupts the clean lines of the sofa, however.

  • Countless configurations available, as well as build-from-scratch customization
  • Easy to assemble, add, and reconfigure
  • No tools required
  • Stain and odor-resistant fabrics
  • Mission to become carbon neutral and commitment to sustainability
  • Sofa was shipped quickly, but issues on the warehouse end delayed delivery
  • Slight sagging in fabric
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Floyd Sofa FAQs

How Comfortable is the Floyd Sectional?

The Floyd Sectional is both sturdy and cozy. You’re not going to sink right in but, trust me, this is somewhere you can curl up with a good book for hours. The low profile means it is perfect for lounging — this isn’t a sit straight up and have a spot of tea kind of sofa. This is a pop in a movie and get comfortable sofa. Depending on whether you opt for a chaise, you can even kick up your feet and up the ante in comfort.

Could it Work with Any Design Style?

In my own home, I incorporated the minimalist, clean lines of the Floyd Sectional into a room that is eclectic and vintage-inspired. It’s like a breath of fresh air that lightens up an otherwise dark room. It would, of course, look incredible in a sleek, modern room, but it’s so versatile that it could be right at home with any design style, including classic, coastal, or mid-century.

Floyd Sectional Sofa
The Form
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About Floyd

Floyd is a Detroit-based direct-to-consumer furniture company. Every Floyd product is designed to last.

The brand first launched in 2013, with a single product, The Floyd Leg. Now, the brand has evolved to offer a range of high-design furniture pieces aimed to simplify furniture shopping for modern consumers. From bed frames, shelving, and coffee tables to media consoles, side tables, and outdoor furniture, Floyd offers pieces for every room.

“Our homes should be a place to embody the things we love and care about. By marrying timeless design and premium U.S. manufacturing with the modern conveniences of flat-pack delivery and intuitive assembly/disassembly, we’re creating furniture “for keeping” - not tossing.”
Alex O’Dell
Alex O’Dell
Co-Founder, Floyd
Floyd Sectional in the room
Floyd bed
Floyd sofa
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Furniture Made for the Home, Not the Landfill

By 2025, Floyd is aiming to ensure 70% of materials come from either recycled or renewable sources and use 100% FSC certified wood across all of its products. It’s also aiming to minimize packing materials and eliminate single-use plastics.

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The Perfect Sofa for Lounging and Adapting

My journey with Floyd was a bit of a roller coaster. We started off strong with the customization tool on the website, dramatically dipped with the warehouse troubles, and then ended on top when I got the sofa in my office and absolutely loved it. If you want a sofa for evenings with Netflix or weekends spent relaxing, the Floyd Sectional is it. Plus, you can’t beat the ability to continue to grow (or shrink!) this sofa as your lifestyle evolves. This is a sofa with staying power.

Heather Bien
Written by
Heather Bien is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work appears on Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, Martha Stewart Weddings, mindbodygreen, and more. She previously worked in interior design and still can't resist redecorating every chance she gets.
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