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FluffCo's Bedding Made My Bedroom Feel Like a Five-Star Resort

FluffCo's Bedding
FluffCo offers a luxury hotel experience at budget-friendly prices.
Both FluffCo's Blended Comforter and Down & Feather Pillow are winners in our household, keeping us warm, cozy, and comfortable all night long.
All of FluffCo's down and feather bedding is ethically and humanely sourced.

As someone with lifelong sleep problems, ensuring my bed is as comfortable and inviting as it can possibly be has always been a priority. But finding that comfort is no easy feat. For starters, I have neck problems from an old injury that mean I'm basically the Goldilocks of pillows—if a pillow is too firm, it strains my neck too much on one side; if it's too soft, it strains it on the other side. 

And elevating my Goldilocks status to the next level is the fact that I can't sleep in just any temperature with just any blanket (much to my partner's annoyance). I need my bedroom to feel nice and cool so that I can cover myself in a big, cozy duvet without overheating. A thin blanket or sheet just isn't cozy enough to provide the feeling I need for night-long comfort. 

Given these issues, I was really excited to try out FluffCo's Down Blended Comforter and Down & Feather pillow to see if they could help out with my ongoing (and high-maintenance) sleep needs.

What I Love About FluffCo

Before I even slept with FluffCo's comforter and pillow, I already liked the brand for their ethical sourcing practices. The company is certified by the Responsible Down Standard, which only certifies companies that source their down in ethical, humane ways. I'm vegan, so ethical practices regarding animals is one of the first things I look for in a brand. 

I also love that FluffCo is a direct-to-consumer retailer. Instead of selling their products through third-party retailers or wholesalers, which is the traditional model, they sell directly to the consumer. This model often benefits customers because third-party retailers and wholesalers charge the brands that use them, which typically causes the brands to raise their product prices to account for this added cost. But in the case of FluffCo and other direct-to-consumer brands, they can skip that third-party charge, which in turn helps to keep their prices low. 

I had high hopes for the duvet and pillow, both of which did not disappoint.

Given that I like FluffCo's business model and ethical commitment, I had high hopes for the duvet and pillow, both of which did not disappoint. From the moment I took them out of the box, feeling their lightweight and ultra-fluffy feel, I knew they'd both be strong contenders to replace my existing bedding. 

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Incredibly soft and fluffy
  • Despite its lightweight design, the comforter is super warm
  • Pillow offers two fill options for optimal comfort
  • The "firm" pillow option isn't very firm
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Test Drive: Down and Feather Pillow

FluffCo Down and Feather Pillow

The cover of the Down & Feather Pillow is made of 50% cotton and 50% Tencel. Known for having a cooling effect, Tencel is a great material for hot sleepers, while cotton is all kinds of soft, so I love the combination of the two. Meanwhile, the pillow is filled with a mix of ethically sourced white duck down and white duck feather, giving it an ultra-fluffy feel, making it easy to see where FluffCo got its name. It also comes in two different fills—firm and soft. The firm option has more filler than the soft version. I was given the firm version. 

After taking it for a test drive, I woke up without any neck pain and slept easily, both of which are big wins for me. 

Given the pillow's composition, I wasn't surprised that it felt good right out of the box. It was full and fluffy, and seemed like just the type of pillow that my neck likes, so I was excited to sleep on it for the first time. After taking it for a test drive, I woke up without any neck pain and slept easily, both of which are big wins for me. 

I've since used the pillow quite a few times and I've been very happy with it overall. The only downside for me is that it does need to be fluffed regularly to keep its shape. It flattens out quite a bit after sleeping on it—more than I thought it would considering that I have the firm (rather than the soft) fill option. Therefore, if you need a truly firm pillow that keeps its shape, then this pillow likely isn't a good fit.

FluffCo's Bedding
Down & Feather Pillow
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Test Drive: Down Blended Comforter

FluffCo Down Comforter

The Down Blended Comforter is made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count. It's filled with a mix of ethically sourced down and temperature-regulating fibers designed to keep you comfortable all night long. The comforter also features corner loops to make it easy to attach your favorite duvet cover, as well as double-needle stitching to prevent fill leaks. 

The first thing I noticed when I took the comforter out of the box was how lightweight it is. It honestly made me question whether it would keep me warm enough in the chilly temperature I like to keep our bedroom at night, but after using it for one night I quickly learned that wouldn't be a problem. 

The comforter easily took on the shape of my body, eliminating any air pockets that can feel drafty. It's not as thick and pouf-y as my existing down comforter, but it's still plenty soft and kept my partner and I as warm and cozy as can be in our cool bedroom.

The FluffCo Mission

FluffCo has a mission to deliver five-star hotel comfort at reasonable prices. The brand's direct-to-consumer model is a big part of why that mission is possible, since they can bypass the additional charges associated with using third-party retailers and sell directly to us, the consumers. 

The result of this mission is a collection of high-quality bedding that feels like it belongs in a luxury hotel but comes at a much friendlier price point. In addition to bedding, FluffCo also sells towels and bathrobes, so you can easily create the hotel spa experience at home. 

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FluffCo Soft Pillows
FluffCo Light Pillows
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Commitment to Ethical and Social Responsibility

FluffCo makes a point of only partnering with manufacturers that employ high ethical standards. Each of FluffCo's Down & Feather products are filled with ethically sourced down and certified by the Responsible Down Standard, a designation only given to companies that use humane sourcing practices. 

Additionally, the brand is committed to social responsibility. FluffCo partners with several local homeless shelters, donating its bedding to them so that the residents can enjoy high-quality comfort while getting back on their feet. 

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Bottom Line: Do I Recommend FluffCo's Pillow and Comforter?

The short answer is yes, I definitely recommend FluffCo's Down Blended Comforter and Down & Feather pillow. The comforter is lightweight with an even, ethically sourced down fill that keeps my partner and I warm all night despite our cool bedroom temperature. It also features thoughtful details, like sewn loops on each corner, ensuring that our duvet cover doesn't shift around during the night. 

I'm also a big fan of the pillow. Filled with down and feathers, it's super soft and fluffy, and it feels really comfortable on my finicky neck. The only downside for some might be the fact that the "firm" option of this pillow isn't very firm, so if you're looking for a firm pillow that keeps its shape all night, then it's probably not your best bet. 

Kelly Weimert
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Kelly Weimert is a writer, editor, and interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. She's written for interior design publications such as MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, and Hunker. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably busy obsessing over how to beautify her home.
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