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Transformer Table 3.0: A 6-in-1 Table for Every Home, and Every Family

Transformer table 3.0
From date night dinners to full family gatherings the Transformer Table is all you need.
The extendable dining table needs little effort to change sizes and takes.
After a few weeks with the table, I found myself wishing I had another one to put somewhere else in an additional size.

This Convertible Table was updated - check new version 4.0!

You might have never imagined that the end table you use to receive incoming mail could also one day serve as an expansive dining area for 12 people. Transformer Table made this high versatility dream a reality by creating a system that will change with you as your needs evolve through years and even decades. 

If you’ve purchased one too many tables throughout your life that serve very specific purposes, this one might be the first and last you ever need.

Living with the Transformer Table

The Transformer Table is a 6-in-1 product that's configuration ranges from a small entryway table where you can drop your keys and phone to a full-sized dining table. Each Transformer Table comes with five panels that expand themselves, allowing for this wide variety of configurations.

Transformer Table
It's easy to adapt the length of the Transformer Table

You can create a one-person miniature desk for the tightest work from home spaces, a comfortable breakfast nook for a family of two to four, or a multi-purpose desk. Finally, the table with all of its leaves becomes a sizeable family-style dining table that can comfortably fit at least 12 people.

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Unboxing Six Tables in One

Setting up the 6-in-1 table was actually a breeze and entailed simply removing it from the box and pulling it apart. I was at first alarmed by the lack of directions, then realized I didn't need them at all. When I first started sliding the transforming mechanism back and forth, I was shocked at how easily such a tiny table could become the size of my large dining room. This quality in itself makes it largely accessible for almost any buyer, a feat that few extendable dining tables have. 

Transformer Table delivery boxes
The Transformer Table arrives in boxes

It's also simple to set up with just one person, and you don't need that helper to pull the table apart to add leaves or to jam it back together. The process is seamless. 

The Movable Middle Leg

At first glance, I was concerned that the sizeable middle leg would obstruct legroom when the table was assembled in certain configurations. But really, the company thought of everything, and I was relieved to know it could be easily moved out of the way. 

Transformer Table Mechanism
The table can range from 18" to 10 feet in length

The extra leg provides stability and security when the table is much longer and seems to prevent sagging over time. Moving it to one side or the other allows more flexibility and choice to support wherever you want, or make more legroom by sliding it all the way over. If you purchase the corresponding bench, the middle leg can also aligns with the support system in the middle of the bench, making it a dead zone where people probably wouldn't naturally choose to sit anyway.

Beautiful Finishes on Environmentally Friendly Wood

Transformer Tables are Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means the global non-profit responsible for managing forests approves of how they are protecting the environment and wildlife for generations to come. So, buyers can feel they've chosen an eco-friendly option. 

Transformered Table for 8 persons
The Transformer Table set to seat eight people

The finishes are available in American Mahogany (dark brown), Siberian Birch (gray), Canadian Dark Oak (black), and Australian Acacia (light brown/wood). Each color is a neutral that would complement almost any room, making it a purchase that will surely move around the home and expand and contract long into the future. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on the expansion mechanism, which seems durable enough but is a useful safety net.

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The Transformer Coffee Table

While it may not seem the most apparent purchase to buy a coffee table with a dining table, you don't have to — it's free with every table and set. The main reason is that it doubles as a holding unit for the leaves when they aren't in use, which anyone who has owned a table with leaves can appreciate. They tend to be bulky to store and quickly get nicked up otherwise. 

Transformer Coffee Table
The Transformer Coffee Table

The Transformer Coffee Table 3.0 features slated wood in a sturdy, rectangular shape that can be housed near the Transformer Table for easy leaf changing or put in a storage closet or basement if the table isn't being transformed frequently. The coffee table is available in all of the same colors and is unique because it's exceptionally well-made and sturdy and could easily double as a bench to sit on while putting on your shoes.

The only potential disadvantage of the coffee table is that it's hollow and clearly appears to be missing something when the leaves aren't stored inside, making it slightly less attractive for the main living room if the leaves are constantly in use. 

Both products are easy to clean, and there's a one-year warranty against structural damage or issues with the surfaces.

  • Transforming the table is easy and tool-free
  • It's made of 100% hardwood
  • The company offers a coffee table storage system that houses the extra leafs
  • The color and design is modern, sleek, and versatile
  • It's a bit narrow as a dining table
  • Delivery service/process wasn't ideal
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Transformer Table FAQs

Is the Transformer Table Made from Real Wood?

The Transformer Table is made from 100% hardwood that's sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests. There is no MDF or Melamine.

How Long is the Transformer Table?

The Transformer Table extends from 18 inches to 10 feet, while the bench extends from 28 inches to 11 feet. At its biggest, the table can sit up to 12 people.

Transformer table 3.0
Transformer Table 3.0
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Furniture for Your Ever Changing Lifestyle

Transformer Table's goal is to create a personalized living experience that resonates with and enhances your living space.

Transformer Table products are designed and crafted to offer you comfortable, customized furniture that will continuously move and adapt to your ever changing lifestyle and last no matter what life throws at you. The brand was founded on the belief that every home offers an opportunity to create harmony and beauty.

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Black Transformer Table
Transformer Table for 2 Persons
Transformer Wood Coffee Table
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A Versatile Dining Table That'll Last for Years to Come

The Transformer Table is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product with a clear focus and priority on versatility. There's no reason to get rid of the table once it's purchased because it will almost definitely be needed in a different room, perhaps in a different size. For this reason, I'd purchase the color that most clearly represents most of the rooms in your house because you might want the table to make its debut in a different room in just a few months.

I found myself wishing I had another one to put somewhere else in an additional size, which is a good sign. But be warned — each family member will have a different potential use for it in mind, and there might be some bickering over its final placement.

Get $100 off at Transformer Table with code: LIVINGCOZY100

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