What Color Throw Pillows Should I Buy For My Gray Couch? Expert Advice and Tips

Throw pillows on a gray couch
Nothing represents versatility more than the gray sofa. A great investment piece because they compliment every style of home, gray sofas are known for their ability to transition from one space to the next– without the fear that they won’t fit well in their new space.

Pro Advice: What Color Throw Pillows Go with a Gray Couch?

Kalina Todorova describes styling a grey sofa best when she says, “a gray couch is like a white canvas: it can be styled in many ways.”

One of those ways, according to Robin DeCapua, is using neutral throw pillows to make a soft statement. “Our favorite colors to use are ochre, orange, blue, blush or teal,” says DeCapua. “These colors stand out and contrast with the cool neutral tones of light, medium, and dark gray.”

DeCapua also suggests keeping your sofa’s shade of gray in mind while deciding on your throw pillow color scheme. “A very light gray can read almost white, so you’ll want your throw pillows to contrast. So choose either richly hued or darker accent pillows with a light sofa,” she said. “Similarly, a dark grey couch can read as charcoal, so light and bright colors will best complement it. If you must go with neutrals, try a warm neutral on the cool neutral of a gray sofa.”

Sharlene Davis-Henry, on the other hand, prefers using decorative throw pillows in bold colors like reds or oranges to make a statement, neutral colors to create a classic look, or light shades of blues and greens for a calming atmosphere. “It all depends on the mood you’re trying to create with pillows,” says Davis-Henry.

While there’s no color throw pillow cover that you should avoid outright, Davis-Henry recommends being mindful of wall color, rug color, and living room decor when making your selection. “All of these bring the design together to add texture and depth, so you’ll want to ensure that the colors you choose coordinate with the rest of the room.”

Once you’ve selected the color scheme you’d like to work with, consider the materials and patterns of the throw pillows. Kalina Todorova recommends “Coordinating patterns and designs and mixing them up with solid color pillows… by choosing soft, tactile textiles like boucle, chenille, linen, or velvet throw pillows you’ll uplift the look and feel. Contrast creates interest, so go with darker or lighter tones than the couch, and avoid tones that are too similar to the couch.”

Gray Couch Throw Pillow Color Suggestions and Combinations from Pro Designers

Black and white

Black and white throw pillows
Black and white pillows pair well with a gray sofa (credit: Madison Modern Home)

While there are many different throw pillows that work well with a gray couch, black and white pillows are a classic choice to create a traditional vibe. Heather Mastrangeli agrees, adding that “cream, black, and white are always good neutral colors to use.”

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Yellow throw pillow
Mustard brings a pop of color to your sofa (credit: Wayfair)

For a warm and inviting color that stands out against the neutral gray of the couch, try mustard yellow. “It adds a pop of color and creates a cozy atmosphere,” says Mike Semegen.

If you’re interested in trying mustard but are nervous about using such a bold shade, start small. A muted shade of mustard adds a little pop of color without being too overwhelming.

Multi Texture

Multi-texture throw pillows
Multi texture pillow cases add depth to any space (credit: Madison Modern Home)

With different textures, and often different colors, multi texture pillow cases add depth to any space. For those wanting to experiment with texture without committing to doing so through the purchase of a large furniture item, throw pillows are a great way to start.

Many like to weave in colors from existing patterns throughout the room into their throw pillow color scheme. For example, if the coffee table in your living room has blue or green accents, choosing a pillow of the same tone can tie the room together.

Blue and Gold

Blue and gold throw Pillows
Blue and gold pillows work wonderfully together (credit: Madison Modern Home)

A classic color combination that evokes traditional style while adding a bit of color, blue and gold is a combo many forget about. Try adding these complimentary colors– often referred to as the “power couple” of the color wheel– to your space for a hint of sophistication.


Coastal throw pillows
Coastal-style pillows can create a relaxed atmosphere (credit: Paige Garland Interiors)

The coastal color scheme is widely known to evoke a sense of relaxation. According to Paige Garland, throw pillows in “light colors like cream, blues, taupe, beige, and light greys” create the perfect coastal vibe. Additionally, “mix it up with some tassels, pompoms, and leaf prints” for added texture, says Garland.


Neutral throw pillows
You can't go wrong with neutral pillows (credit: Madison Modern Home)

You can never go wrong with pairing neutrals. Throw pillows in cream, white, or beige, such as the pillows featured above, pair well with the gray sofa while evoking a minimalist vibe and sense of calm throughout the space. Neutral shades are known to work well with wood furniture as well.

Shades of Gray

Gray throw pillows
Gray pillows can create contrast and depth on your sofa (credit: Madison Modern Home)

While one might think that shades of gray would create a monochromatic look, gray is a spectrum that evokes different feelings depending on the shade. In the space above, light and dark gray throw pillows placed on a gray sofa create contrast and depth.

Try placing the darkest shades towards the back corners of the sofa and the lightest towards the center. This will create that feeling of depth.

Glam and Textured

Glam throw pillows
These faux fur pillows add a pop of contrast to the sofa (credit: Paige Garland Interiors)

Throw pillows make it easy to create a space with layers and dimension. In the space above, Paige Garland uses white faux fur to create a “pop of contrast” to modernize a retro-style sofa.

For those unsure if they’re interested in committing to the faux fur look, opt for a reversible sham. This will allow you to experiment or play it safe, depending on your mood.

Pink and Orange

Orange pink throw pillows
Orange and pink work nicely together (credit: Madison Modern Home)

For a classic color combination for those looking to brighten up a space, try pink and orange throw pillows. These colors never fail to make each other shine, and bring in a summery feel all year round.

Grays and White

Gray and White pillows on a Sofa
Image via Madison Modern Home

For a neutral look that creates a bit of depth, try using gray and white throw pillows. The white will lighten up the space, while the gray creates a bit of layering when placed on the sofa.

Try alternating your gray and white pillows, or placing a white pillow in the center, to draw the eye to a specific part of the sofa.

Green and Blue

Green blue throw pillows
Green and blue pillows create a playful feel on this gray sofa

Don’t be afraid to play with wild colors and patterns while choosing throw pillows. After all, Paige Garland sure doesn’t. “Bright pops of color blocking and mix-and-match patterns, green, and blue pillows give a playful feel to the space and don't overpower the gray background,” she says.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and Yellow throw pillows
Orange and yellow pillows bring a bright and cheerful feel to a space (credit: Madison Modern Home)

Sunshine anyone? Orange and yellow are a bright and cheerful pairing that add a pop of color to the gray of the sofa. These two hues are natural partners, as they sit analogous on the color wheel and can turn any space into a cozy one.

Neutrals and Blue

Neutrals and Blue throw pillows
Kathy Kuo likes to mix cream and beige pillows with eye-catching navy blue (credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

Kathy Kuo prefers to use neutral and blues with a gray sofa. "I love to accent a gray sofa with decorative couch pillows and throw blankets in varying shades of cream and beige, plus some eye-catching navy blue for a pop of color,” she says.

The square pillows placed on the sofa above create a traditional look that has an impact on the vibe that the colors bring into the space as well. Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re deciding on your color scheme!

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Warm Whites and Dark Blues

White and blue throw pillows
Warm whites and dark blues will always work together (credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

Additionally, Kathy Kuo recommends pairing warm white and dark blues together to create a striking combination on a gray sofa. “Warm whites and dark blues always compliment each other beautifully,” says Kuo.


Pink Throw Pillow
Pink and gray is a timeless color combination (credit: Wayfair)

Many turn to pink to accent a gray sofa. “Pink is a timeless color combination; a dusty pink would add a little warmth to such a cool color,” says Kendal Cavalieri.

Mike Semegan agrees, as “Pale pink is light and airy, providing a beautiful contrast to the gray of the couch… it adds a subtle hint of color to the space, making it feel warm and inviting.”


Red throw pillows
Red pillows can act as a focal point (credit: Wayfair)

Let red throw pillows shine by placing them on a gray sofa. Kendal Cavalieri says that “for bright reds, the gray couch will serve as a neutral color palette and really allow the bright red to be a focal piece,” as “gray is a neutral color meaning any color has the potential to pair well with it.”

We’d especially recommend red throw pillows if red is already present within the room. Is there a hint of red in your family room already? Adding red pillows will tie together the accents already present.

Animal Print

Zebra Throw Pillows
Animal print offers a more adventurous option (credit: The Inside by Havenly)

What’s the harm in using a gray sofa as a canvas to explore with funky prints and patterns? Danielle Wallish suggests trying “a print like zebra if you’re adventurous.” The neutral black and white of the print pairs well with a white throw pillow and gray sofa– while providing an area of interest through pattern.

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Sasha Weilbaker
Written by
Sasha Weilbaker
Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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