10 of the Best English Roll Arm Sofas to Add Charm to Your Living Space

English Roll Arm Sofa in a Living Room

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If you’re in the market for a sofa that brings a little extra to your living room, you’re probably on the hunt for timeless design, unique flair, and customizable fabrics that mesh with your style.

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What is an English Roll Arm Sofa?

An English Roll Arm Sofa is a type of couch characterized by its low, tight back and rolled arms. For many, it’s a popular choice because it pairs comfort with a classic look.

According to Karen Rohr, the sofa gets its name from the shape of its arms: they are rolled forward and have a rounded appearance that makes it easy to identify. Rohr explains that “this gives it a more relaxed look compared to other types of sofas.”

Maxwell Roll Arm Sofa
The Maxwell Sofa from Interior Define

If you’re having trouble spotting an English Roll Arm Sofa, Allison Smith suggests looking for arms that sweeps or gullies from the front of the sofa to the back. “The arms will have a soft tuck to them. On the side of the arm itself, it will have sweet little pleats that come together with welting,” Smith explains.

While the English Roll Arm Sofa has a distinct style, the material it’s made from differs. Common upholstery materials include leather, velvet, and cotton, but it wouldn’t be surprising for the sofa to be made of other material as well.

Why Choose an English Roll Arm Sofa?

Although people love the English Roll Arm Sofa for a variety of reasons, many are drawn to its classic, timeless design.

“Trends are ever-changing and evolving, so I think there’s always an attraction to the classic, timeless details on furniture,” says Chris Walsh. “English Roll Arm Sofas are just that: they will never go out of style, and you won’t have to worry about changing furniture to keep up with the changing trends.”

“Trends are ever-changing and evolving, so I think there’s always an attraction to the classic, timeless details on furniture."

Additionally, the sofa is known for its variability. Nancy Lupo personally appreciates the sofa’s ability to “be presented in so many ways.” Allison Smith explains that they can work with a variety of home decor styles depending on what you cover it in. “These sofas work well in bohemian, to eclectic, to very traditional or transitional,” she says. “The bottom line is, the style can work if it is slipcovered right.”

For those looking to modernize the English Roll Arm Sofa, Nancy Lupo suggests using a one cushion bench seat or pulling all the fabrics taut and tight to create a sleeker, more modern look.

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Our Top Picks: The Best English Roll Arm Sofas for 2022 According to Interior Designers

1. Carmine

The Carmine Sofa from Maiden Home

Brand: Maiden Home
Price: $2,775
Dimensions: From 60" Wide, 37" Deep, 34" Tall

This classic English Roll Arm Sofa by Maiden Home has been given a fresh look. According to Chris Walsh, the classic shape of the Carmine “will never go out of style.” Walsh also says that he appreciates the ability to customize the fabric and color of the sofa to fit each individual’s design preference, allowing for all to ensure that the sofa is a perfect fit in their home.

Shop now at maidenhome.com

2. Maxwell

Maxwell Interior Define

Brand: Interior Define
Price: $1845
Dimensions: From 82” Wide, 23.5” Deep, 31” Tall

Known for being “comfy, cozy, and approachable,” Maxwell has taken the classic elements of the English Roll Arm Sofa, such as turn legs, contoured arms, and piping details, and made it light and airy with a thin frame rail.

The low back, low arm height, and deep seat of the Maxwell invite you to sit back and relax. Choose between hundreds of fabrics and upgrade the cushions of the sofa for customized comfort.

Shop now at interiordefine.com

3. Saxon

Saxon Sofa

Brand: Apt2B
Price: $2,007
Dimensions: From 80” Wide, 37” Deep, 32” Tall

With a deep seat and ultra-plush cushioning, the Los Angeles-crafted Saxon brings a “modern twist to shabby-chic.” The sofa’s deep bench seat makes it easy to curl up on cozy nights in, while it's cleanable hypoallergenic fabrics make for easy hosting.

Additionally, knife’s edge trim frames both the seat and back cushions, adding a distinct and unique flair to the classic design. Customize both the fabric and wood finish to ensure that the piece fits your space.

Shop now at apt2b.com

4. Kipton Rolled Arm Sofa

Kipton Rolled Arm Sofa

Brand: Arhaus
Price: $3,899
Dimensions: From 60" Wide, 38" Deep, 34" Tall

Sleek design and clean lines meet comfort in the Kipton Rolled Arm Sofa. Karen Rohr “loves its classic look” as “it’s a sleek and luxe piece featuring a frame crafted in North Carolina from sustainably sourced hardwood.” Others note that the sofa’s plush cushions deliver on maximum comfort while blending into its sleek design.

Shop now at arhaus.com

5. Rivington Sofa

Rivington Sofa

Brand: Lulu and Georgia
Price: $3,798
Dimensions: From 72” Wide, 40" Deep, 34" Tall

Known for fitting into any aesthetic, the Rivington Sofa is an exclusive by Lulu and Georgia that features low, sloping arms and specialized detailing. The sofa is made in California and available in a variety of fabrics and color options, offering maximum customizability.

Shop now at luluandgeorgia.com

6. Lotus 88” Sofa

Lotus 88'' Sofa

Brand: Joss & Main
Dimensions: 88” Wide, 37” Deep, 32.5” Tall

The Lotus Sofa is the definition of classic meets modern. According to Karen Rohr, the sofa’s “streamlined silhouette adds a timeless, modern touch while keeping the beauty of a classic piece with the rolled up arms.” Fabric colors are available in both vibrant and neutral color palettes, allowing you to make the sofa a statement piece if you wish.

Shop now at jossandmain.com

7. KST Sofa

KST Sofa

Brand: CB2
Price: $2,999
Dimensions: From 89.25” Wide, 37.25” Deep, 30.75” Tall

A contemporary update to a traditional design, the KST Sofa combines elegance with comfort. “My new favorite velvet sofa is this one by Ross Cassidy for his CB2 collaboration,” says Penelope Francis. “I always design from a classic point of view, and this velvet sofa has an updated rolled arm inspired by stately English manor homes and romantic WWII period pieces you’d see in old movies.”

Additionally, the sofa’s down cushions allow you to keep it comfy when you’re not entertaining.

Shop now at cb2.com

8. Pales 95" Velvet Rolled Arm Chesterfield Sofa

Pales 95" Velvet Rolled Arm Chesterfield Sofa

Brand: Perigold
Price: $5,265
Dimensions: 95” Wide, 38” Deep, 28” Tall  

With removable seat cushions, a solid wood frame, and tufted cushions, the Velvet Rolled Arm Chesterfield sofa delivers comfort and elegance. Karen Rohr says that the sofa “is the perfect mix of classic and modern” because its “sleek lines make it a perfect timeless piece, and versatile to any style.”

The sofa’s chesterfield style, meaning that the arms are equal to the back in height, make it easy to settle into the sofa from all sides. Choose from a variety of finishes for the sofa’s wood legs to create a customized look.

Shop now at apt2b.com

9. Whitley Sofa

Whitley Sofa

Brand: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Price: $3,880

Dimensions: From 82” Wide, 41” Deep, and 33” Tall

The fuss-free, luxurious elegance of the Whitley Sofa is a simple, updated take on the English Roll Arm Sofa. The eco-friendly hardwood frame and high-density, high-resilience cushioning make you feel good about relaxing into the sofa’s high back and deep seat.

Shop now at mgbwhome.com

10. Ives 86” Sofa

Ives Sofa

Brand: West Elm
Price: From $1,499

Dimensions: 86” Wide, 40” Deep, 33” Tall

Known for its ability to bring comfort to small spaces, the Ives Sofa “adds a luxe touch to a classic frame,” says Karen Rohr. “This is a very comfortable option, with a lot of fabric options and Contract Grade for unmatched durability.”

Zip-off covers make the sofa easy to care for, while a variety of fabric options allow for customization.

Shop now at westelm.com

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