The 12 Best Leather Sectionals: Styles, Prices and FAQs

Best Leather Sectional
Investing in a new leather sectional sofa is a great way to add comfort and classic style to your living room design.

But with so many different leather sectionals to choose from, finding the right one for your household can feel challenging. To help you on your hunt, we’ve rounded up our favorite leather sectionals for every need, from cozy leather sofas ideal for small spaces to expansive corner sectionals that the whole family can lounge on — this guide will help you find the best sectional for your home.

What Should You Look for in a Leather Sectional?


One of the many benefits of leather sectionals is that they frequently offer multiple configurations to choose from, ranging from left- and right-side configurations to corner configurations and more.

“The first step in choosing a sectional is to determine the right configuration for your space and how you plan to use it,” advises Andrea Rathborne. But the right configuration for you heavily depends on your individual living space. Andrea recommends “Thinking about where you want the sectional to be in relation to the TV, windows, and existing lighting.”

For instance, if you don’t want to see a TV glare when you’re sitting on the sofa, consider configuring it so that it doesn’t sit directly beneath a window across from your television.

The Type of Leather

There are several different types of leather, and some types are better suited for certain spaces than others. For instance, “If your leather sectional will have a great deal of wear and tear from pets or children, look for treated leather,” recommends Andrea Rathborne. “Treated leathers will withstand scratches and spills better.”

If you’re not too worried about wear and tear, you might also consider, “Untreated leather, which is a more natural leather that will age nicely with time,” says Andrea. Other types of leather include “Tuscan leather, which is more smooth and waxy to the touch and highlights the details of the hide,” says Chris Walsh, as well as “Nubuck leather, which has a similar feel to suede and is very luxurious.”

However, no matter the type of leather sectional you choose, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a high-quality upholstery material that will last. “As a material, leather is highly durable, strong, and resilient,” says Andrea, “and for many, looks even more beautiful as it ‘ages’ or patinas. It's soft and supple, and can be cozied up on or provide coolness for those warmer climates and months.”

Quality and Durability

Chances are you don’t want to invest in a beautiful leather sectional only to learn that it won’t last or stand up to wear and tear, so it’s always a good idea to look for sofas with quality indicators. “For leather sectionals, look for back and seat cushions with high-density filling,” recommends Andrea Rathborne. “Quality filling will ensure it’s easy to maintain the sectional’s shape and performance.

In addition to durable seat cushions, the best leather sofas also have a strong frame and suspension system. “The suspension system combined with the frame is your sofa’s foundation,” says Andrea. “A high-quality, webbed suspension system along with a well-constructed base will have your sectional living a good, long life.” Hardwood frames are known for their durability, but quality metal frames also boast a long lifespan.

Finally, consider the leather upholstery itself. Leather is cut and treated in various ways, which can affect its quality and durability. “Make sure that the quality of the hide is considered, most specifically its thickness,” recommends Kimberly Paulus. “If the hide is cut too thin, often to save cost, the leather will look worn and wear through much faster.”

Top Picks: The 12 Best Leather Sectionals

1. The Jones Modular

Jones Leather Modular Sectional

Brand: Maiden Home
Price: $5,100

We already discussed how the Jones Modular Sofa is a “pillowy dream” in our review, but it bears repeating. This cloud-like leather couch will add equal parts comfort and style to any living room design.

The laid-back silhouette features a low back and plush, down-filled seat cushions that will keep you comfortable during afternoon naps and late-night Netflix binges. And its modular design lets you choose from multiple configurations and leather options so you can find the perfect fit for your living room aesthetic.

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2. Field

Field Leather Sectional

Brand: Burrow
Price: $2,595

Coming in three neutral hues, ranging from Camel to Chestnut, this stunning sectional features leather upholstery that was made in a century-old Italian leather tannery to create a rich, buttery look and feel.

In addition to its great style and design, we particularly love the versatility of the Field sofa. You can move the chaise lounge from left to right, as well as the middle, to create the ideal three-seater for your household. But you can also purchase it as a four-seater or five-seater with multiple chaise lounges depending on your needs. Got a large space to fill? You could get a matching armchair or loveseat too.

It also comes in at a friendlier price point than many other leather sectionals too.

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3. Sven Charme Tan Sectional

Sven Charme Tan Sectional

Brand: Article
Price: $2,999

This stunning leather sectional features a classic design that will look fresh in any decade. The vintage patina coupled with tapered legs give the sofa a retro, airy feel, while high-density foam seat cushions ensure the sectional is as comfortable as it is stylish.

“With a corner-blocked wooden frame, down-filled back cushions, and buttery soft aniline leather upholstery, the Sven Charme Tan Sectional is an absolute winner for many households,” raves Andrea Rathborne. “Charming, classic, and reliable, it is hard to beat this sofa.”

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4. Allform

Allform Leather Sectional

Brand: Allform
Price: $3,995

This modular sectional is another leather sofa that we love for being so customizable. You can choose from two leather upholstery colors—Whiskey or Dark Smoke—as well as a wide range of performance fabric options in various hues. You can even choose the leg finish to create the perfect look for your space.

Plus, the leather sectional comes in left- and right-side configurations, so it can easily fit into most living room designs. And with optional matching accessories, like throw pillows, a lumbar pillow, and an ottoman, you’ll have no trouble making the sofa your very own.  

Read Our Full Review Here

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5. Sloan

Sloan Leather Sectional

Brand: Interior Define
Price: $4,295

Featuring a low back and track armrests coupled with ultra-comfy seat cushions that beg for long conversations, this leather sectional will look and feel great in just about any living room.

It’s also another highly customizable option, allowing you to choose everything from the seat cushion fill and depth to the length and width of the chaise lounge. You can even choose from a variety of leg wooden and metal leg designs, whether you’re looking for something more traditional, mid-century modern, or contemporary.

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6. Isaac Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa

Isaac Leather Reversible Sectional Sofa

Brand: Castlery
Price: $2,499

This Chesterfield sofa style tufted leather sectional rocks a mid-century modern-inspired design that will never go out of style. And while it only comes in one color—Cognac—it’s the sort of color that matches just about everything, so it will complement a wide variety of looks.

You can also choose from left- and right-side configurations, as well as a reversible chaise or bumper chaise. And if you need even more space, you can tack on a matching ottoman for ultimate comfort.

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7. Anaheim Leather 2-pc. Sectional

Anaheim Leather 2-pc. Sectional

Brand: Raymour & Flanigan
Price: $2,589

Clean and contemporary, this two-piece sectional is made of top-grain leather on the body and armrests, while matching vinyl upholstery covers the back and sides to create a luxurious yet affordable design.

The sectional also happens to be a sofa bed, equipped with a queen-sized mattress that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. And the kiln-dried hardwood frame features reinforced joinery for extra strength and durability whether you’re watching a quick show or getting a full night’s rest.

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8. Brownsville

Browsville Leather Sectional

Brand: Industry West
Price: $8,950

This modular leather sectional combines a chic modern design with comfy oversized cushions that you’ll want to spend the whole day relaxing on. It comes in two gorgeous hues—Texas Brown and Ivory.

The Texas Brown color is the only leather upholstery option, but given its nearly universal appeal, you’ll have an easy time integrating it into most home decor styles. And thanks to the modular design, this sectional can grow with you as your household expands.

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9. Albany

Albany Vegan Leather Sectional

Brand: Albany Park
Price: $2,155

If you’re in the market for a vegan leather sectional, then consider this beauty from Albany Park. It looks and feels like genuine leather and rocks a thoughtful design that will fit neatly into your living room’s corner.

The seat cushions are made of pocket coils encased in high-density foam and mattress-quality memory foam for maximum comfort. And thanks to its sturdy kiln-dried hardwood frame, this vegan/faux leather sectional is most definitely built to last.

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10. Cleon Small Sectional

Cleon Small Sectional Sofa

Brand: Blu Dot
Price: $7,040

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a gorgeous sectional sofa into your living room design. This cozy sectional features a modular design that lets you switch and swap its shape to find the perfect fit.

It offers two leather upholstery colors—Camel and Slate—and sits on a solid hardwood frame that can support many years of comfort. And the aniline leather is burnished and polished to create a texture that’s both soft and cool to the touch.

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11. Denali 2 - Piece Leather Chaise Sectional

Denali 2 - Piece Leather Chaise Sectional

Brand: AllModern
Price: $5,600

This low-slung leather chaise sectional is another great option for small spaces due to its hidden storage in the chaise lounge, which can hide items like throw pillows and blankets while keeping them close until you need them.

The sectional also transforms into a queen-size bed in an instant, with a pull-out memory foam mattress that will keep you and your guests comfy all night long.

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12.  Relaxed Saguaro Leather Sectional

Relaxed Saguaro Leather Sectional

Brand: Anthropologie
Price: $6,798

This leather sectional’s low back and deep-seated design give it an inviting, relaxed feel without sacrificing a highly sophisticated look.

The sofa comes with high-resiliency foam core seat cushions along with hypoallergenic down-filled throw pillows that easily slope over the armrests. Sitting on a hardwood frame, this welcoming sectional, complete with a chaise lounge, is the ideal companion for any and all forms of relaxation.

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What are the Different Types of Leather

There are a few different types of leather upholstery to choose from, and they mostly vary based on their grain and the dyeing process they undergo. With respect to leather upholstery, grain essentially indicates how close the leather is to its natural form. There are three main types, ranging from the highest quality to the lowest: full grain leather, top grain leather, and bonded leather.

“Full grain leathers have not undergone any treatments to buff out imperfections, so they have the most natural look,” says Andrea Rathborne. “They also develop a patina over time, so they’re a great pick if you’re looking for a vintage, fashionably worn-in look.” In contrast, top grain leather has been treated to remove imperfections on the hide and provide a more consistent look, so it works well for sleek, contemporary aesthetics. It’s also less expensive than full grain leather.

Bonded leather upholstery is composed of multiple pieces of leather bonded together using a fiber sheet and latex or polyurethane. This leather is the lowest quality of the three, but it’s also the most affordable.

Leather upholstery also varies by its dyeing process. Similar to grain, some leathers are heavily pigmented to achieve a uniform look, whereas other leathers have no pigment or corrections, resulting in a more natural-looking leather. According to Andrea, “Aniline leather is considered the most natural, soft, and supple of all leather types. You’ll find Article leather sofas and sectionals most often work with aniline leather to offer our customers a truly delightful seating (or napping) experience.

How to Style a Leather Sectional

One of the best aspects of leather sectionals is that they can be styled in all sorts of different ways, but using a few guidelines can make it easier to find the perfect look for your space.

Kimberly Paulus recommends, “Adding softer design elements like cozy and comfortable throws, interesting decorative pillows, and maybe even a fabric ottoman to break up the cooler feel of leather sectionals.”

“Adding softer design elements like cozy and comfortable throws, interesting decorative pillows, and maybe even a fabric ottoman to break up the cooler feel of leather sectionals.”

Leather is also a strong, organic material that pairs well with a variety of textures. Andrea Rathborne recommends, “Layering on natural and beautiful textiles such as wool, felt, silk, or linen,” which can make your design cozier and more multi-dimensional.

But in the end, the best way to style a leather sectional depends on your unique style sensibility and aesthetic leanings. And since leather sofas are so versatile, you can easily switch up the style elements as the seasons or your moods change.

Leather Sectional FAQs

Are Leather Sofas Easy to Clean?

In general, leather sofas are fairly easy to clean provided you use the right cleaning techniques and leather-friendly cleaning solvents. “Many solvents can be harmful to your leather,” says Chris Walsh. “For best results, dust your leather sofa periodically with a dry cloth. Should any stains arise, take a damp cloth of warm or lukewarm water and blot the affected area.”

But if you live in a busy household and you’re particularly worried about dirt and grime, make sure to research how durable and easy it is to clean any sectional you consider buying since some are easier to clean than others. “Different types of leathers will be more or less durable against stains and scratches,” says Andrea Rathborne. “Always check the brand's website for maintenance tips.”

How Long Do Leather Sofas Last?

With proper maintenance, high-quality leather sectionals can last for many years. In fact, “Leather can technically last for a lifetime if cared for properly!” says Chris Walsh. “Of course, it will age, and wrinkles may appear over time, but the patina should not affect the overall quality and ability to use the sofa.”

Speaking of patina, it’s one of the reasons leather sofas age so well. “With a little bit of care, leather sofas will not only last for many years but become even more beautiful as they age and develop their unique patina,” says Andrea Rathborne

Does All Leather Sag and Stretch Over Time?

Like virtually all natural materials, leather will change over time, which includes potential sagging and stretching from the pressure of consistent sitting, but it will often return to its original form when not in use for a while.

“For most regular use, leather will adjust or mold to applied pressure, like an elbow, heel, or bottom,” says Andrea Rathborne. “When this pressure is removed, the leather will return to its original tautness.”

Meet the experts

At Living Cozy, we work closely with expert designers and top brands to provide the best information about the products you share your home with. In this article, you’ll hear from:

  • Kimberly Paulus, lead designer and president of Monarch Designs
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  • Andrea Rathborne, Creative Director, Product Design at Article
Written by
Kelly Weimert
Kelly Weimert is a writer, editor, and interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. She's written for interior design publications such as MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, and Hunker. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably busy obsessing over how to beautify her home.
Kelly Weimert
Written by
Kelly Weimert
Kelly Weimert is a writer, editor, and interior design expert with 10 years of experience writing about design and home decor. She's written for interior design publications such as MyDomaine, Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, and Hunker. When she's not writing or editing, she's probably busy obsessing over how to beautify her home.
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