U.S. Interior Trends 2022 Report

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Interior design and decor are what turn our houses into homes. For centuries these furniture and aesthetic choices have been used in order to instill a sense of inner peace and general wellbeing in our living spaces.

This has become even more emphasized over the last few years as people find themselves spending more time at home, and the need to incorporate comfort and nurture feelings of emotional ease is more necessary than ever. 

So, which decor and interior trends are the most popular in the United States? Which is becoming more popular? And which trends are we searching for the most? We at Living Cozy have taken a look into which trends are the most searched for on Google to bring you the answers to these very questions! 

The Most Popular Decor and Interior Trends in the U.S.

The Most Popular Decor and Interior Trends in the U.S.

1. Cottagecore - Annual Google Searches: 1,862,000

Cottagecore is all about that rural aesthetic and creating a cozy haven for you to reside in, with a nod to domestic crafts such as baking, and artistic crafts such as drawing. And with cottage in the name of this trend, there’s definitely a country theme about it! The main visual characteristics use natural materials, such as wood, neutral color schemes, and plants that complete the cozy rural vibe. 

2. Nature Wallpaper - Annual Google Searches: 640,000

It seems decor is lending itself to plenty of inspiration from the natural world. Wallpaper prints often feature various types of flora and fauna, each incorporating modern and mature designs. If you’re struggling to keep that finicky succulent alive, then you could always try adding a botanical print to your living space. 

3. Home Office - Annual Google Searches: 428,400

It’s no secret that the way employees work has changed drastically over the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that there’s a surge in home offices. Having a functional yet comfortable workspace in the home is vital for home workers, however for some a minimalist approach may serve better, especially if easily distracted. 

4. Arc Floor Lamp - Annual Google Searches: 320,900

Utilising curved shapes for interior design and decor has been a growing trend this year, arc floor lamps are not exempt. These lamps, due to their design which has them arc over wherever they’re placed, provide an atmospheric and functional light source. Perfect to use over seating areas, reading chairs and even desks, for those home offices. 

5. Curved Sofa - Annual Google Searches: 290,900

Another item of furniture that utilises a curved shape, the curved sofa’s shape offers a greater sense of comfort than the more standard angular shapes. Put simply, our minds are more drawn to softer round shapes, whereas pointed shapes signify danger. In a period where many are still spending plenty of time at home, it makes sense that we’d want to utilise designs that give us comfort. 

The Biggest Growing Decor and Interior Trends in the U.S. 

The Biggest Growing Decor and Interior Trends in the U.S. 

1. Japandi Bathroom - Year on Year Google Search Volume Increase: 515%

Out of all the trends, Japandi has seen the largest growth in search volume across the United States. The term “Japandi Bathroom” has a 515% increase alone, which is incredible. A relatively new trend, Japandi is a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian interior design. The combination of functionality and rustic minimalism makes this a trend to be reckoned with. 

2. Irregular Rugs - Year on Year Google Search Volume Increase: 233%

This next trend can take all different shapes and with a 233% increase in Google search volume in the last year, it’s shaping up to be a big trend! Irregular rugs are yet another interior and decor trend that lends itself to nature, featuring organic shapes of the natural world. 

3. Japandi Bedroom - Year on Year Google Search Volume Increase: 230%

Japandi bedrooms are next, with a 230% increase in Google search volume over the last year. The focus here is to use natural material and lots of natural lighting too, to create a harmonious resting space for you to retire to at the end of the day. 

4. Japandi Kitchen - Year on Year Google Search Volume Increase: 164%

A Japandi kitchen sounds like a dream come true, with master-crafted natural materials, high functionality, and ease of use, perfect for cooking up a storm morning and night. The tranquillity that such a design creates is perfect for a cooking environment and with such a stylish finish, it’s sure to be a design you won’t easily tire of. 

5. Cobalt Dresser - Year on Year Google Search Volume Increase: 100%

Cobalt and other dark blue hues have been on the rise over the last year, with a 100% increase in Google search volume. In the United States, specifically, cobalt dressers are becoming more popular. With its serene blue, it is sure to bring a relaxing vibe into your living space. 

The Top-Rated Decor and Interior Trend in the States

The Top-Rated Decor and Interior Trend in the States‍

1. Cottagecore - Highest Rated in 49 U.S. States

Having been popular in the United States overall, cottagecore comes out on top as the highest-rated design and interior trend in the United States! It came out as the most searched trend in 49 out of the 50 states. A trend that’s all about freedom, simplicity and comfort, it epitomizes all that’s desirable in current home interior design needs. And, on top of that, it’s also a trend that encourages self-sufficiency, which reflects the growing concern for sustainability. This cozy and serene highly aesthetic design trend may stick around for a while yet.


We began by compiling a list of popular interior and design trends, using lists such as these Vogue and House Beautiful ones. 

We then utilized Google Keyword Planner to get the search volumes and year-on-year percentage change for each term. Search volumes were gathered only for the United States as a whole for these first two sections. Data correct as of 18/07/2022. 

We then ran the list of terms through Google Keyword Planner to get the Average Monthly Search volumes for each of them, this time by individual state. We took the highest searched term for each state and then did a tally to see which terms were the most popular by individual states. Data correct as of 18/07/2022.

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