The Outdoor Trends Report 2022

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It’s the season for lounging in your garden and sipping on something cold - it’s no wonder a well-maintained and fashionable garden is an essential part of the home.

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Whether you’re thinking about laying in the sun, dining alfresco, or entertaining outside, it’s essential to design your perfect outdoor space to enjoy during the summer months.

Not only does being outside improve your mood, it can help your physical health too, so it’s important to maximize the use of your yard, with the right outdoor furniture, design theme, and color scheme.

We rounded up some of the biggest outdoor trends this year, to help you decide on the perfect design for your yard space. By looking at Google search results from the last twelve months, we’ve identified the most popular outdoor trends worldwide.

Outdoor Trends Report 2022

The Most Popular Outdoor Trends

Most popular outdoor trends 2022

We looked at Google searches from around the world, to find the outdoor trends that have been the most-Googled in the past year.

1. Outdoor Rug(s)

Number of searches: 3,092,500

We use rugs all over our homes to add a cozy touch to a room, tie in a color scheme or protect our floors. With the rise of indoor-outdoor living, an outdoor rug could be the perfect way to set up a ‘living area’ in your yard, while adding texture and color to your outdoor decor. Pair an outdoor rug with floor cushions, potted plants, and dim lights for a warm and cozy atmosphere.

In first place, outdoor rugs are the most popular outdoor feature trend this year, with 3,092,500 Google searches from around the world.

2. Raised garden beds

Number of searches: 2,641,500

Raised garden beds have always been a popular addition to most gardeners' backyards thanks to their easy upkeep and versatility. The gardening boom of the pandemic has meant that more and more people are looking to grow their own plants - from herbs to vegetables and even flowers. Raised planter boxes help give you better control over your soil quality, save you from bending down to the floor and help you control weeds in your garden.

It’s no surprise to see raised garden beds come in second place amongst the most popular outdoor feature trends of 2022, with 2,641,500 Google searches.

3. Outdoor kitchen

Number of searches: 2,105,000

Outdoor living can do wonders for your mood and mental health, and one of the best ways to get out of the house is by cooking outdoors. Having an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to entertain guests, save on energy bills and make use of your yard space.

The popularity of outdoor kitchens is undeniable, receiving 2,105,000 worldwide Google searches over the last 12 months.

The Most In-Demand Outdoor Trends

The most in-demand outdoor trends

We wanted to find the most in-demand outdoor furniture trends of 2022, so we looked at the year-on-year Google search difference for all the trends on our list. These trends came out on top with the largest increase in searches.

1. Tapestry lawn

Increase in searches: 408%

The upkeep of a grassy lawn can be tiring, with lawns sometimes needing mowing up to twice a week in the spring months. One solution to this is a tapestry lawn. The low-maintenance and eco-friendly grass alternative uses plants and flowers to create a lawn that is completely grass-free, attracts wildlife, absorbs rainfall twice as fast, and doesn’t require regular feeding. Aesthetically, tapestry lawns give a colorful mosaic effect of different low-growing plants.

With a 408% increase in year-on-year Google searches, tapestry lawns are the most in-demand outdoor trend of 2022.

2. Weather-proof outdoor furniture

Increase in searches: 255%

The outdoor living trend is booming in 2022, and more and more people are searching for durable patio furniture to relax and entertain outdoors. With the unpredictable weather, it’s essential to ensure that your furniture is resistant enough to leave outside in harsh conditions. 

Weather-proof outdoor furniture is treated to withstand the sun, rain, and wind, to prevent rusting, fading, and cracking. We found a 255% year-on-year Google search increase for weather-proof furniture.

3. Outdoor ornamental grasses

Increase in searches: 143%

Ornamental grasses are one of the most in-demand outdoor trends this year, offering versatility for your yard. Available in a wide range of colors and heights, ornamental grasses are the perfect way to add greenery to an outdoor balcony area or a small garden.

With a 143% year-on-year Google search increase worldwide, outdoor ornamental grasses are among the most in-demand outdoor trends.

The Outdoor Trends Losing Popularity

The Outdoor Trends Losing Popularity

After looking at the outdoor furniture trends that are rising the fastest in popularity, we found the trends losing popularity the fastest since last year. The following trends suffered the largest year-on-year decrease in Google searches.

1. Outdoor log burner

Decrease in searches: 46%

An outdoor log burner is one of the best ways to add warmth and light to your patio. A log burner can be a chiminea, a fire pit, or even a wood-burning stove. Recent initiatives to limit the emissions from outdoor log burners and control the type of fuel that can be used could be one reason for the decline in popularity of this classic garden feature.

We saw a 46% decrease in year-on-year Google searches for outdoor log burners.

1. Industrial outdoor furniture

Decrease in searches: 46%

Industrial style outdoor furniture uses dark metals, wood, and a neutral color palette to add a sophisticated touch to any outdoor space. Industrial furniture encapsulates a rugged and unique style, while also giving the impression of durability - an essential quality for outdoor furniture.

Losing popularity, industrial outdoor furniture saw a 46% decrease in year-on-year worldwide Google searches.

3. Outdoor parasol

Decrease in searches: 45%

The outdoor parasol is a classic way to add shade to your yard, terrace, or balcony, and is a space-saving option for outdoor areas that are too small for a gazebo. Despite the versatility of patio umbrellas, we found that this outdoor trend is losing popularity faster than most.

There was a 45% decrease in year-on-year searches for outdoor parasols on Google.

The Most Popular Outdoor Furniture Colors

The Most Popular Outdoor Furniture Colors

When designing your perfect outdoor space, one of the most important things to consider is the color scheme. The right choice of colors can add character to your yard and help to intertwine your outdoor and indoor spaces. Looking at a range of colors, we found the most popular outdoor furniture colors for 2022, according to Google searches from around the world. 

1. White outdoor furniture

Number of searches: 47,800

White is a classic color for home design, which has recently seen a rise in popularity online. White outdoor furniture is a firm favorite, helping to illuminate, clear your mind, and provide a classic and clean look for any design theme.

White is the most popular color for outdoor furniture this year, receiving 47,800 Google searches.

2. Black outdoor furniture

Number of searches: 33,900

Black complements virtually everything and adds a chic, stylish element to any backyard. The perfect way to introduce a bold color to your home decor, black metal or wooden outdoor furniture can be paired with beige or stone-colored cushions to add contrast.

We found there were 33,900 Google searches in the last twelve months for black outdoor furniture, beating most colors on our list.

3. Gray outdoor furniture

Number of searches: 7,000

Following the trend of neutral outdoor furniture colors, gray comes in third place as one of the most popular choices this year. Gray home decor has been booming in popularity since Pantone named Ultimate Gray one of the trendiest colors of 2021, and gray furniture compliments other neutrals as well as bright colors.

With 7,000 Google searches in the last twelve months, gray is one of the most popular colors for outdoor furniture.

The Most Popular Outdoor Lighting Trends

The Most Popular Outdoor Lighting Trends

1. Outdoor solar lights

Number of searches: 1,711,500

Coming in first place, this eco-friendly outdoor lighting option is the most popular lighting trend this year. Solar lighting is ideal for outdoor spaces since it doesn’t require mains wiring, batteries, or charging. Thanks to its versatility, outdoor solar lighting comes in a range of endless colors and designs, perfect to fit any yard theme.

Ranking at the top of our list, there were 1,711,500 Google searches for outdoor solar lights in the last year.

2. Outdoor lanterns

Number of searches: 374,100

Outdoor lanterns are the ultimate way to add cozy lighting and ambiance to your yard space. Perfect for cottagecore and boho gardens, outdoor lanterns add a magical touch to your garden. With the added benefit of being portable, you can move lanterns around your yard space and rearrange your lighting to suit your mood and guests.

In the last 12 months, there were 374,100 Google searches for outdoor lanterns.

3. Outdoor lamp

Number of searches: 223,700

Following the theme of linked indoor-outdoor living, the popularity of outdoor lamps is undeniable. Table lamps and outdoor floor lamps are choice additions for many outdoor spaces, thanks to their space-saving benefits.

Outdoor lamps are among the most popular outdoor lighting trends on our list, coming in third place with 223,700 Google searches last year.

The Most Popular Outdoor Garden Design Trends

The Most Popular Outdoor Garden Design Trends

1. Zen garden

Number of searches: 1,776,000

Zen gardens take inspiration from the traditional Japanese gardens where Buddhist monks meditate, found in Kyoto. Incorporating rocks, gravel, and water features, zen gardens can be recreated in your backyard and are a popular choice for many homeowners thanks to their tranquility and sophistication.

The most popular outdoor design theme of 2022, zen gardens received 1,776,000 Google searches in the last 12 months.

2. Vertical garden

Number of searches: 1,075,500

Vertical gardens are exactly what the name suggests - they use a panel, usually made of trellis or netting, to vertically suspend a garden of plants. Vertical gardens are ideal for small outdoor spaces like balconies. Although vertical gardens usually require more upkeep in terms of watering and fertigation, they also help to improve air quality and save space.

One of the most popular outdoor design trends of 2022, vertical gardens received 1,075,500 Google searches in the last year.

3. Balcony garden

Number of searches: 324,400

A balcony garden is the perfect solution for plant-growers with limited space or city apartments. Making use of wall space, overhead structures, and railings, balcony gardens can be just as aesthetically pleasing as a large yard space. Their easy upkeep and low maintenance make balcony gardens popular around the world.

With 324,400 Google searches in the last month, balcony gardens are among the most popular outdoor design trends of 2022.


We wanted to find the most popular outdoor trends of 2022, so we compiled lists of outdoor feature trends, outdoor furniture colors, outdoor lighting trends, and outdoor design trends, using lists from Inside Out Living, House Beautiful, The Telegraph, Lazy Susan Furniture, The Perfect Light and Real Homes.

We then used Google Keyword Planner to find the total number of worldwide Google searches for each trend between July 1 2021 and June 30, 2022. We also looked at the year-on-year search difference for each trend.

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