Cozy Up Your Living Room with Albany Park: Discover Two New Comfy Sofa Releases

Albany Park Barton Sofa in Vegan Leather
“Quality is the most important thing that guides us when creating new products… we want a piece of furniture that can be loved for years and withstand all that life brings with it.”

This October, experts in cozy, Albany Park, welcome two new sofas to their offering: the Barton and the Lido. Living Cozy chatted with the company’s co-founder, Jessica Ross, for the scoop on the design process, sustainability efforts, and what’s next for the company.

Introducing: The Barton and Lido

According to Jessica Ross, the priority when dreaming up these two new sofas was “to make modern sofa buying easy, while also recognizing that everyone has different needs and styles.” As a result, these two sofas are “a perfect option for everyone… Whether they have a spacious living room, an open concept floor plan, or are working with a small space, both are beautiful options that can transform your living room into a comfy, yet stylish, oasis.” But for the team at Albany Park, durability is just as important as style.

Jessica Ross, the co-founder at Albany Park says:

“Our vision is to bring high-quality, stylish sofas to every home at a great price. These sofas are exactly that… they’re made of top-quality materials and feature amazing, durable upholstery that are both beautiful and ‘life-friendly.”

So when the inevitable, such as stains, dirt, or spills happen, simply remove the seat cushion covers and stick them in the wash for an easy clean. However, on a daily basis, a quick vacuum will keep your sofa looking fresh and free of dust and debris.

The Barton

Barton: 3-seater sofa
Barton in Sand Basketweave - Stain Resistant Upholstery

A 3-seater sofa that combines elegance and functionality, the Barton features deep seating and plush cushions that “invite you to stay awhile.” Inspired from the viral success of Albany Park’s Kova Sofa, the Barton is a testament to the design team's commitment to going the extra mile. The finesse in its construction is evident through its meticulously sourced fabrics and sumptuous cushions. With its stain-resistant fabrics, the sofa is a dream come true for homes with children, pets, or those with busy lifestyles, ensuring both style and durability remain uncompromised. Additionally, its laid-back silhouette ensures that it's versatile enough to enhance any interior design trend, making it not just a sofa but a statement for years to come.

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The Lido

Resistant Lido sofa
Lido in Hazelnut Bouclé - Stain Resistant Upholstery

“Building on the popularity of both the Park Collection and the Albany Collection, our designers have once again outdone themselves with the Lido Sofa,” says Ross. The sofa combines the timeless charm of mid-century modern style with the sensibilities of contemporary design. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetics ensure the sofa becomes an instant focal point, elevating the vibes of any space it graces.

However, beneath its sleek exterior lies deep seats that ensure comfort for the whole family. Ideal for urban spaces like studio apartments or office spaces, its compact dimensions and elevated design make use of space— without skimping on style. Additionally, stain-resistant fabrics further solidify the Lido Sofa as a perfect choice for bustling homes, offering both elegance and practicality.

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Keep Your Living Room in Style For Years to Come

When conceptualizing the Barton and the Lido, longevity was a priority.

Barton Sofa in Olive Velvet by Albany Park
Barton in Olive Velvet Upholstery

“The designs were driven by stylish comfort with classic lines,” says Ross. “This will allow for the sofa designs to stay in style for years down the line.” To do so, Ross and her team chose materials featuring earth tones and minimalist aesthetics– which happen to be on-trend today but are so classic that you can restyle them over and over with home decor items such as accent pillows and throws to freshen up a room in the future easily.

The emphasis on longevity can easily be seen in the neutral fabric options offered by each sofa, including colors such as Sand Basketweave, Vegan Leather, Hazelnut Boucle, and more.

Conscious Crafting: Albany Park's Eco-Friendly Commitment

When purchasing new furniture, we all want to feel good about the wider impact of our decision, and it’s no surprise that the team at Albany Park has already thought of this as well.

Lido Sofa in Sand Basketweave - Stain Resistant by Albany Park
Lido in Sand Basketweave - Stain Resistant Upholstery

“These sofas are handmade in North America, which allows us to be more conscious of our footprint,” says Ross.

“We’re not building sofas that sit in warehouses for months; we’re building your order and then shipping it directly to your home.”

To Ross and her team, this distinction is important because it really allows the team to limit their environmental impact.

But it’s not just during the ordering and shipping processes that you can feel good about your purchase. It’s during the sofa’s lifetime as well.

“These are sofas that come with a lifetime warranty– and we absolutely stand by that promise,” says Ross. “They’re constructed from high quality, non-toxic materials, so you can feel confident in loving your sofa for many, many years.”

Additionally, by manufacturing each sofa in North America, the team is able to cut down on its use of excess materials and overstock, as well as limit emissions produced during transportation. Upon delivery, each sofa is "packed in 100% recyclable, space-conscious boxes that you can maneuver in stairwells, tight hallways, and throughout any home.”

“Our impact on the environment is something we’re constantly looking to reduce and offset,” says Ross.

What’s Next for Albany Park?

For the team at Albany Park, the release of the Barton and the Lido is just the beginning. Heading into 2024 and beyond, “we’ll continue to find ways to minimize the environmental impact of all Albany Park Furniture and ensure that all of our products are held to the highest standard for quality,” says Ross.

As for the product line, Ross says that the team is looking to expand these sofa models into a full collection that offers seating options with multiple configurations, such as accent chairs, loveseats, sectionals, and more, that complement each Albany Park sofa.

Albany Park
Albany Park
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