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Albany Park's Lido Sofa Review: Big Style for Small Living Room

Lido Sofa review in Hazelnut Boucle - stain resistant fabric
Small-Space Savior: The Lido Sofa conquers limited square footage with a compact 75" design, perfect for apartments without sacrificing style. Its clean lines and boxy profile elevate your living room while offering ample seating.
Effortless Assembly & Care: Ditch the furniture assembly struggles! The Lido comes together in 15 minutes with just a hex wrench. Plus, the stain-resistant and removable cushion covers are machine-washable for worry-free spills.
Versatility & Comfort: The Lido adapts to your needs and style. Choose from 8 stain-resistant fabrics like Sand Basketweave and Olive Velvet, each offering a unique look and touch. Firm cushions support both relaxation and productivity, making it your living room's ultimate haven.
"This easy-to-assemble, small sofa perfectly fits my modern apartment, especially considering the square footage constraints."

Whether it's groceries or the latest viral clothing trend, we're all accustomed to ordering the essentials– and the nonessentials– online.

However, unlike the new brand of coffee impulsively "added to cart," I've never gotten accustomed to ordering furniture on the Internet. As I spend a lot of time on the couch, I've had doubts about ordering a large item, such as a sofa, online– because the ability to place an order without seeing it felt risky.

Then I learned about Albany Park, a brand that strives to eliminate decision fatigue by offering just a few models (including highly modular sofa designs and small sectionals) created to work for a large audience– and ships quickly compared to the industry standard.

After confirming that the brand offers free shipping and returns within 30 days, I decided to give Albany Park a try. Their modern sofas, sectionals, and loveseats fit in well with my minimalist home décor yet felt versatile enough to transition with me as my interior design style evolves.

Albany park's lido sofa in sand basketweave fabric
Lido in Sand Basketweave stain-resistant fabric

I selected my Lido in Sand Basketweave for its simple silhouette and size that fit my (many) future apartments. Albany Park, however, offers Lido in a selection of 8 fabrics that will suit every situation life throws at you.

Read on to see what I thought!  

  • Compact size: Perfect for small apartments and modern living spaces.
  • Simple and quick assembly: Takes around 15 minutes with minimal tools required.
  • Versatile style: Clean lines and minimalist silhouette complement various design aesthetics.
  • Multiple stain-resistant fabric options: Offers different textures and colors to suit various needs (e.g., Sand Basketweave, Tan Vegan Leather, Hazelut Boucle, Storm Grey).
  • Removable and washable cushion covers: Easy to keep clean, especially with messy kids or pets.
  • Easy delivery: Arrives in manageable boxes and allows scheduling delivery timeframe.
  • Durable construction: Frame is crafted from furniture-grade engineered plywood.
  • Limited seating capacity: A two-seater design may not be suitable for larger families or frequent entertaining.
  • Firm cushions: Might not be preferred by everyone, especially those seeking a softer feel.
  • Regular fabric may not be suitable for pets: Standard fabric can be susceptible to pulling or scratching from pets. Consider pet-friendly options like vegan leather or performance fabrics or plan for using sofa covers.
  • Disposal of packaging can be a hassle: Large boxes and pallets might be difficult to manage in small spaces.
  • Limited model selection: Albany Park offers only one configuration of this sofa.
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Albany Park's Lido Sofa Review

Albany Park's Lido sofa in Tan vegan leather

Getting Hands-On With Lido

The Lido Collection was designed to lift you up with its clean lines, tapered steel legs, and minimalist silhouette. At 75" wide, the small couch is large enough to spread out at the end of the day but compact enough for small apartment living.

For me, the Lido Sofa's size was part of my reason for choosing it over other designs, such as the Kova and Barton, which had more length to them. I wanted a piece of furniture that could seat more than one guest while not overwhelming my small space. The potential to pair it with a chaise for extra seating or a coffee table for functionality was also appealing.

Some highlights of Albany Park's Lido collection include:

  • Simple assembly: I assembled the sofa myself in about 15 minutes, using only a provided hex wrench to tighten the legs on the sofa's base.
  • Removable cushion covers: Yes, I chose Sand Basketweave upholstery, a shade that, cough cough, is quite close to white. A brave choice? Yes. However, the sofa's removable seat cushion covers are stain-resistant and easy to wash, making it an ideal choice for those who value practicality and style.
  • Shipped in easy-to-move boxes: The sofa was delivered in easy-to-move boxes that easily fit through doorways and up a flight of stairs.

Delivery and Assembly

The Lido Sofa was delivered to the driveway of my apartment building in two easy-to-move boxes and one small package on a double-size pallet. I was able to choose the timeframe of the delivery ahead of time. As promised, the sofa was delivered at the beginning of the shipping window, with thirty minutes' notice by the delivery team.

The sofa assembly was straightforward, featuring a base, back, and two armrests that locked in using brackets that slid into each other. I assembled the sofa in under fifteen minutes using the instruction manual and the provided hex tool.

For the purposes of this review, it's important to mention that the most challenging part of the sofa's assembly was disposing of the cardboard and pallets– something for those living in small spaces to consider.

Living with the Lido Sofa

Albany park's lido sofa in olive velvet fabric

From the start, it was clear that the sofa looked incredible in my living room. Its boxy profile and two-seater (rather than the typical three cushions featured on a 3-seater sofa) sofa cushions created a clean look and feel that I hadn't previously considered but loved! The sofa's foam cushions are firm, making me want to sit up straight rather than slouch into its back cushions– an excellent choice for someone looking to use the sofa to work rather than take a nap.

Besides the beautiful look, the Sand Basketweave upholstery feels excellent to the touch. While intentionally spilling something on the sofa felt too much, for the benefit of this review, I spilled a bit of ketchup, and amazingly enough, the stain came off with a wet towel! If necessary, the cushion covers can be removed and cleaned in a washing machine.

Beautiful Design for Versatile Style

And there you have it! My experience with Albany Park's Lido Sofa proves that style and functionality can thrive in any sized space. Whether you're a minimalist in a studio apartment or a design enthusiast craving versatility, the Lido has something to offer. With its compact size, clean lines, and easy-to-clean features, it's become my home's heart, inviting relaxation and productivity. So, if you're ready to ditch the endless scrolling and confidently embrace furniture shopping, look no further than Albany Park. The Lido Sofa might just be the missing piece you've been searching for.

Lido Sofa review in Hazelnut Boucle - stain resistant fabric
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“These sofas are handmade in North America, which allows us to be more conscious of our footprint.”
Jessica Ross
Jessica Ross
Co-founder, Albany Park
Albany park's camel velvet fabric swatch
Albany park's hazelnut boucle fabric swatch
Albany park's storm grey fabric swatch
Albany park's sand basketweave fabric swatch
Albany park's tan vegan leather fabric swatch
Albany park's white boucle fabric swatch
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Lido Sofa FAQs

What Materials is the Lido Sofa Made From?

The sofa is constructed from furniture-grade engineered plywood and held up by steel legs.

What Size is the Lido Sofa?

The sofa is 75 inches wide, 32 inches tall, and 37.5 inches deep.

Is the Lido Sofa Easy to Care For?

With stain-resistant options, Lido is a dream to anyone who has ever had to clean a nasty sofa spot. To make things even simpler, Lido features washable upholstery that allows you to simply unzip the sofa's cushions and throw them in the wash to clean.

About Albany Park

Albany Park was founded in 2017 when Darryl and Jessica Sharpton discovered a problem: buying sofas sucks. In response to the endless designs available and wait times of 4-6 weeks, the Sharptons decided to create a better option– thus, Albany Park was born.

The brand offers five living room sofas designed to accommodate a wide variety of audiences– and their living spaces, delivering coziness in easy-to-move boxes.

Sasha Weilbaker
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Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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