How Maiden Home Crafts Custom-Made, Built-to-Last Furniture at Attainable Prices

Maiden Dune Sofa
When designing her NYC home, Nidhi Kapur looked everywhere for timeless, quality pieces that she loved and knew would last.

“It was a search that left me frustrated; designer boutiques were out of reach, but big-box stores served up generic style,” she recalls. “I experienced the very real pain points around finding high-quality, well-priced pieces that reflected our style.”

Unwilling to settle, Kapur went straight to the source: North Carolina, a region filled with family-owned workshops that have been creating custom pieces for generations. 

“When I first visited workrooms in North Carolina, I was learning about both how the product was made and the people who were making it. I quickly fell in love with the ethos of furniture making in the area; there is a love for the craft that runs generations-deep,” says Kapur.

It was during that first visit to North Carolina that inspiration struck and Kapur began dreaming about the business and brand that eventually became Maiden Home. “I couldn’t believe everyone I knew was buying generic, mass-produced products from big-box furniture retailers when what I had found in North Carolina existed.” And through a modern business model, Kapur believed that this quality, customizable furniture could be delivered at a truly attainable price.

Muir Sofa
The Muir Sofa

North Carolina is home to some of the world’s finest craftspeople, so it made sense for Kapur to start the quest to create high-quality pieces from scratch in the region. “After my first visit, I was so impressed by the commitment to quality and attention to detail, she recalls. 

“Most of the workrooms we’ve partnered with are family-owned, and the pride they have for the quality of their products is really second to none."

Kapur set out to build direct relationships with manufacturing partners to bring her dreams to reality. “Most of the workrooms we’ve partnered with are family-owned, and the pride they have for the quality of their products is really second to none. It’s tied to their family’s reputation, so there’s nothing more important to them,” she says. “It’s truly a labor of love.”

Having these direct relationships with manufacturing partners has allowed Maiden Home to work closely with expert craftspeople on new product development and to continuously improve its production process. “Over the past five years, it’s been really rewarding for our team to form personal relationships with our partners, introduce their craftsmanship to new audiences, and play a role in supporting American manufacturing.”

Morro accent table driftwood full-set
Morro Tables

The concept for each Maiden Home piece begins in the brand’s New York studio, “we create a distinctive, thoughtful design plan that leaves no detail overlooked. We invest in every aspect of the design process from the core construction to the design detailing, making sure each piece lives up to our high standard of luxury, quality, and comfort,” says Kapur. 

Maiden Home offers a range of beautiful furniture for the home including sofas and sectionals, chairs, beds, tables, benches and ottomans.

The brand also adds signature design detailing throughout its collection. From the top stitch seam detail seen on The Jones and The Wythe to the tailored flange seam of The Dune to the custom composition of our cushions to its signature top stitch and flange seam detailing.

Every piece is then made to order, eliminating the need for warehouses and showrooms. “These rent and inventory costs are major expenses for traditional retailers, which ultimately get passed to the consumer in the form of markups,” says Kapur. Instead, Maiden Home’s business model allows the brand to invest where it matters most to the customer—its products — ”we can offer truly unmatched quality without the inflated price tag.”

Crosby Sofa
The Crosby Sofa

The brand’s keen attention to detail and quality doesn’t go unnoticed and has helped Maiden Home to build a strong reputation and following of loyal, returning customers. 

“We’re fortunate to receive so many photos, notes, and calls from our customers after they receive their pieces and fall in love with them in their homes. We frequently hear that the quality exceeds our customers’ expectations (especially for the price point), that our performance fabrics are both beautiful and can stand up to their kids and pets, and that their white-glove delivery experience is smooth and seamless,” says Kapur. 

“Overall, our customers come back to Maiden Home because they know they can find design-forward pieces that are not only comfortable but built to last.”

“Overall, our customers come back to Maiden Home because they know they can find design-forward pieces that are not only comfortable but built to last.”

Maiden Home’s mission is to offer design-forward, comfort-driven pieces custom-made to last—pairing the heritage craftsmanship of our artisan partners with distinctive designs for the modern home. “Core to everything we do is a relentless focus on quality, respect for craftsmanship, and deep commitment to our customer,” says Kapur.

Maiden Home
Maiden Home
Handcrafted luxury for the modern home
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