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Maiden Home Varick Review: A Sofa That Makes a Stylish Statement

Maiden Varick Sofa
Maiden Home produces modern luxury furniture, handcrafted by artisans in North Carolina.
The Varick Sofa and matching ottoman are modern classics with their sleek lines and bold proportions.
You can choose from a variety of premium fabrics or leather for the upholstery.

In the past two years, I have moved five times. (Yes, five!) With each move, the Uhaul has been packed with the same furniture: durable pieces that have adapted to studio apartments, cottages, and old Vermont homes alike. Up until receiving the Varick Sofa, my primary sofa has been a curved loveseat that has gone through three generations of my family, been reupholstered twice, and still receives compliments to this day. This is to say that when it comes to a sofa, I look for timeless, classic aesthetics and a build that will not only survive but flourish in the long haul. 

After living at home with the Varick Sofa and matching ottoman, I can confidently say that I see those same qualities in these pieces.

Getting hands-on with The Varick Sofa 

Ordering from Maiden Home

Maiden Home designs all of its furniture in its New York studio and each piece is created to be design-forward, comfort-driven, and crafted with heritage quality. The brand also has a strong focus on high-end materials, sourcing from the finest textile mills, tanneries, and sustainably-managed forests. 

Maiden Home is also a direct-to-consumer brand. This means it does not sell through third-party retailers. Instead, you order Maiden Home furniture directly through the brand’s website and the pieces get shipped to you. This is good news for consumers because it eliminates the possibility of third parties marking up retail prices. 

The Varick Sofa and ottoman - like all Maiden Home pieces - are made-to-order and crafted in the USA. Each piece is handmade by artisans in North Carolina. Unlike mass-produced furniture, Maiden Home’s pieces are made with careful attention to the most nuanced details. From the sofa’s frame to its springs to its cushions and upholstery, each element is brought together with expertise and respect for premium quality. 

It’s no surprise, then, that the Varick Sofa and matching ottoman have a plethora of upholstery and size configurations to choose from. 

Varick Details and Color Selection
Designing The Varick on Maiden Home's website.

I received the 75" Wide (40” deep; 30.5” Tall) configuration sofa made with performance melange weave. Color and fabric: Shell Performance Melange Weave. The ottoman was made with the same upholstery and came in the standard size: 30” W x 22” D x 17” H.

The performance weave, which is a tightly woven fabric with subtle color variation, is Maiden Home’s choice for “everyday elegance,” and there are four other colors available. However, Shell is only one of over 70 different fabric or leather choices.

If you’re unsure how to make your choice, Maiden Home provides helpful descriptions that let everyday people understand the differentiations between fabrics.  It also offers free design consultations for anyone who’d like to chat through various styles, fabrics, and comfort profiles before making a purchase. 

The Varick Sofa and matching ottoman arrive by white glove delivery, scheduled at the date and time of your choosing. The delivery team will place the furniture in the room of your choice, unpack it, assemble it (if needed), and take away all packaging. 

Living with the Varick

Sitting on the Varick Sofa, you can tell that it’s well made. The cushions give you the satisfactory feeling of sinking in when you sit down, yet they still retain a degree of firmness. Maiden Home’s craftsmanship is visible in the sofa’s crisp lines and precise corners. The sofa sits low to the ground, which helps give it a slightly modern, casual feel. Taken together, these features help the sofa strike the perfect balance between casual and chic. 

Maiden Home’s craftsmanship is visible in the sofa’s crisp lines and precise corners. The sofa sits low to the ground, which helps give it a slightly modern, casual feel.
The Varick Sofa front View
The Varick Sofa in Shell Performance Melange Weave.

While Maiden Home is without a doubt a luxury brand, the Varick Sofa and matching ottoman are practical and suited to hold up to everyday wear. While I don’t have children or pets, I did manage to stain the bottom of the sofa in the first few days. It’s winter in Vermont, and I tracked some winter sludge into the house coming in from cross country skiing. I panicked, thinking I ruined the sofa and would have gray streaks on the bottom ridge forever. However, with some water and a little dish soap, the stain came out to my great relief. That being said, the Varick Sofa and matching ottoman are now officially the two nicest pieces of furniture I own; I will not be inviting my friends to bring their dogs over anytime soon. 

One of the best things about these pieces is that they could seamlessly fit into any style room.

One of the best things about these pieces is that they could seamlessly fit into any style room. For example, I have the Varick in my office, which has red walls, wood floors, and is decorated with wood furniture and a few antique pieces. The clean, neutral Varick fits right in! However, I know that even if I remodeled the whole room, the Varick’s timeless design and premium upholstery would still fit right in. This versatility will certainly come in handy in the future, though: I anticipate that this sofa will last me decades. 

Varick ottoman
The matching Varick ottoman.

The good news for online shoppers is that the photos on Maiden Home’s website do the sofa justice. The pieces I received looked just like those that I saw online. However, as is true with all product photos no matter how good they are, it can be challenging to get a correct mental picture of the sofa’s dimensions. If you’re concerned about the sofa’s width or how tall it is, do some at-home measurements before purchasing. 

  • The sofa is very deep; great for curling up with a book and a blanket.
  • The ottoman makes a comfortable footrest or extra seat. 
  • Beautiful fabric/upholstery.
  • White glove delivery.
  • At 17” tall, the couch sits low to the ground and only offers mid-back support. 
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Varick Sofa FAQs

How comfortable is The Varick Sofa?

The Varick is extremely comfortable. The cushions are of medium firmness, and the sofa’s depth gives you ample space to curl up. 

Could it work with any design style?

The Varick can adapt to a wide variety of room designs and styles - especially given how many different fabric and leather options there are to choose from. 

What are The Varick’s dimensions?

The Varick Sofa comes in various widths, starting from 75" Wide, 40" Deep, 30.5" Tall. The width goes up in 5-inch increments up to 100” Wide. Height and seat depth stay the same as the width goes up. 

Varick Sofa measurements
Maiden Varick Sofa
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Handcrafted luxury for the modern home

Frustrated by big-box stores serving up generic style, Nidhi Kapur decided to create Maiden Home, a brand that offers handcrafted luxury for the modern home.Maiden Home offers a range of beautiful furniture for the home including sofas and sectionals, chairs, beds, tables, benches and ottomans.

"Our mission is to offer design-forward, comfort-driven pieces custom made to last—pairing the heritage craftsmanship of our artisan partners with our distinctive designs for the modern home. Core to everything we do is a relentless focus on quality, respect for craftsmanship, and deep commitment to our customer."
Nidhi Kapur
Nidhi Kapur
Founder, Maiden Home
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Maiden Nubuck Leather Sofa - Tide
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A higher standard for your home

Maiden Home’s mission is to offer design-forward, comfort-driven pieces custom-made to last—pairing the heritage craftsmanship with distinctive designs. Every piece of Maiden Home furniture is then made to order, eliminating the need for warehouses and showrooms.

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My take: The Varick anchors my office room

In short, I would recommend the Varick to anyone in the market for a sofa who’s willing to invest in a classic, premium piece of furniture. I rearranged my office, making the Varick Sofa and ottoman the room’s focal point. This transformed the space, simultaneously making the room classier and homier. The Varick can achieve this in any space.

Natalli Amato
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Natalli Amato is a freelance lifestyle writer and product reviewer. Natalli's work has been featured by Rolling Stone, Vice, and more.
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