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I Tried the Cult-Favorite Always Pan and I'm Officially a Convert

Cult-Favorite Always Pan
Our Place specializes in design-forward cookware that works double-duty to enhance your meals and elevate your aesthetic.
The eight-in-one Always Pan can replace a lot of traditional cookware and look great doing it.
You won't find cookware that's as equally effective and beautiful as the Always Pan.

When you think of gorgeous items for the home, kitchen tools probably aren't the first things that come to mind. Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to own the Always Pan. I jumped at the chance to review this cult-favorite pan not only because it's incredibly useful, but it's the best-looking item in our kitchen by a mile.

In fact, we don't even put it in our cabinets with the rest of our cookware; we always keep it displayed on our stovetop because it's just that pretty. But beyond being pretty, it's also the most effective pan in our cookware collection - my partner was able to flip a pancake sans spatula for the first time in his life thanks to the nonstick surface.

We also use the Always Pan for steaming veggies (it comes with a handy little stainless steel steamer basket), cooking up curries, and frying everything from tofu to potatoes, all of which we're able to do with ease. Basically, we're full-on Always Pan converts and I'm eager to share all of the reasons why.

The Overview

Always Pan
The Always Pan, Wooden Spatula and Steamer Basket

The Always Pan is composed of durable aluminum that provides even heat while being lightweight enough (about three lbs.) to easily maneuver.

The pan is designed to replace eight pieces of traditional cookware: a fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, and spatula — it also has a perfectly designed spoon rest to home the wooden spatula that comes with the pan.

Since we received the Always Pan, it's pretty much the only stovetop cookware we use, so it certainly lives up to its claims as far as our household is concerned.

Made from nontoxic, environmentally friendly sol-gel, the nonstick ceramic coating prevents food from sticking to it and makes easy work of cleaning up after any meal. The pan is also made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles.

Aside from its superior cooking capabilities, one of my favorite aspects of the Always Pan is its thoughtful design. As a whole, the pan is truly beautiful, and it features nine different color options so it's easy to find one to fit your aesthetic.

Aside from its superior cooking capabilities, one of my favorite aspects of the Always Pan is its thoughtful design. As a whole, the pan is truly beautiful, and it features nine different color options so it's easy to find one to fit your aesthetic. I opted for the Lavender color, which is a light purple with a warm tint that gives it a sophisticated feel despite the playful hue.

The design also features all sorts of thoughtful details that set it apart from its competition, like a built-in spoon rest that perfectly holds the pan's included beechwood spatula, helping to keep your cooking area tidy. It also has a modular lid that allows you to control how much steam you let out, as well as an integrated pour spout for mess-free pouring.

All of that being said, one drawback of the Our Place Always Pan is that the pan isn't oven-safe, so you should always stick with the stovetop and never use it inside your oven.

  • Slick and effective nonstick surface
  • Built-in spoon rest
  • Can replace eight traditional pieces of cookware
  • Looks beautiful
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • Comes in nine sophisticated colors
  • No PFOA or PTFES
  • Can't be used in the oven
  • Some reviewers note that the nonstick coating wears off after six months or so
  • Fairly high price point
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Test Drive: Cooking with the Always Pan

Cooking with the Always Pan
Cooking with the Always Pan

I cannot emphasize enough how excited I was when the best-selling Always Pan arrived. I've had my eye on the pan for quite a while, so I was thrilled to finally get the opportunity to use it and review it.

The unboxing experience was in line with the design of the pan itself, thoughtfully packaged to minimize waste while keeping the pan safe in transit. It also came with a straightforward (and pretty!) little care card that highlighted a few dos and don'ts to help ensure that the pan lives a long and happy life in your kitchen.

When I pulled it out of the box, the first thing I noticed was that the pan was even prettier in person. Its matte finish and beautiful hue instantly looked great on our stovetop. But the pan really showed what it was made of when I cooked with it for the first time.

I started with something simple—vegan burgers that I've made too many times to count on our traditional frying pan. Ordinarily, I spend a good few minutes scraping burger remnants off the bottom of the pan when I'm finished cooking them, no matter how much oil I use. When I used the Always Pan? Literally not even a crumb was left on the bottom. The burgers slid around and flipped with ease, immediately selling me on how great the pan is.

My partner and I have since cooked a wide variety of meals with it, from curries to pancakes, and we've been genuinely impressed with the results every time.

My partner and I have since cooked a wide variety of meals with it, from curries to pancakes, and we've been genuinely impressed with the results every time. One important note, though: you should only ever touch the long handle when cooking. The short handle on the other side gets extremely hot. Despite the sticker on the handle warning me not to touch it, when I was in the middle of cooking, I grabbed it without thinking (in my defense, it does look grabbable!), and I gave myself a nice burn. So, the moral of the story is: read the warnings.

Another important note is that some reviewers have mentioned that the Always Pan loses some of its nonstick power over time. We haven't had it long enough to experience that problem, but Our Place (the Always Pan brand) recommends cooking on low to medium-low heat whenever possible to help prolong its life. However, they say that the occasional sear is completely fine. According to Our Place, the pan's aluminum body heats so quickly and evenly that you won't typically need to cook at temperatures higher than medium. The brand also recommends cooking with oils that have high smoke points (think olive, coconut, peanut and avocado oils).

Our Place also recommends using non-aerosol, high-smoke oils and fats, like coconut and avocado oil, to help keep the nonstick coating in great shape.

Cult-Favorite Always Pan
Always Pan
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Our Place Cultivates Connections Through Cookware

With a mission to connect people over home-cooking, Our Place offers quality cookware that maximizes both your aesthetic and your meals. Currently, the brand offers the social media favorite Always Pan, in addition to the Perfect Pot for when you need a deeper cooking vessel, as well as a thoughtful selection of cutlery, dishware, and drinkware—all of which can be customized to your aesthetic thanks to a variety of sophisticated hues to choose from.

Shiza Shahid
Shiza Shahid
Our Place Cook Duo
Walnut Cutting Board
Our Place Best Pot
No items found.

Committed to Ethical Practices and Materials

Our Place is committed to using responsible materials and ethical labor practices when creating their products. The Los Angeles-based brand also partnered with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council in an effort to create better access to quality food in the South LA neighborhood.

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The Always Pan is Worth the Hype

Our Place Always Pan Review
The Always Pan replaces 8 pieces of traditional cookware

As both an interior design and cooking enthusiast, it would be hard for me not to love the Always Pan. First and foremost, the pan makes cooking easier. The nonstick surface has been a dream, whether we're flipping pancakes and braising burgers or making a veggie stir fry. Its versatile functionality means the Always Pan has replaced a number of pots and pans in our kitchen too.

The pan also quickly and evenly distributes heat, so we've been able to keep the heat at medium or lower for everything we've made so far, which also helps to prolong the nonstick surface, according to Our Place.

The Always Pan has thousands of five-star customer reviews and has an overall 4.5 out of 5 star rating on

Alongside the Always Pan, Our Place also offers products like:

  • Perfect Pot: A versatile (and stunning) pot designed to replace your stockpot, dutch oven, saucepot, and more.
  • Spruce Steamer: The perfect companion for cooking up fresh veggies, warm dumplings, and anything else that benefits from a quality steamer.
  • Everyday Chef's Knife: A kitchen knife made with a full-tang blade that can slice, dice, and mince like a pro.
  • Walnut Cutting Board: Made from American black walnut, this cutting board won't dull your knives when chopping veggies, and it can double as a beautiful serving tray.

The Always Pan is available at for $145. It's also available in the UK for £125 from

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