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Article Sofa Review: the Leigh Silver Ivory Corner Sectional

Article Sofa review
The Leigh Silver Ivory Corner Sectional is a stylish and comfortable sofa inspired by the "cloud couch"
This modular sofa can adapt to your lifestyle with its impressive modularity. Its unique feature that lets you turn it into a sofa bed, offering versatility for different occasions.
Article's straightforward online ordering and delivery process, the stain-repellent fabric, and affordable price starting at $2799 make it hard to pass

As a user of the Internet, I’m familiar with the “cloud couch” trend: the dreamy, cozy sofas known for oversized low-back cushions that scream comfort. But at the same time, I was a bit skeptical of the movement. After all, isn’t everything on the Internet worth the hype for a week or two until we’ve moved on to the next coveted piece of furniture?

This mix of feelings persisted when I had the opportunity to review the Article’s Leigh Silver Ivory Corner Sectional. The sofa, which features “cloud couch” styling and incredible modularity, certainly seemed like my dream sofa: modular enough to adapt to my lifestyle while comfy enough to serve as a space for endless lounging. Like all of Article couches, the sectional features high-performance stain-repellent upholstery– perfect for stain-prone individuals like myself.

I hoped that my skepticism of the Internet would be proven wrong.

The TL;DR: Due to its dreamy comfort and modularity, the Leigh Corner Sectional sofa appeared to be the perfect sofa for my living room– but as it was my first time purchasing furniture online, testing it out first felt essential to me.

Getting to Know the Leigh Corner Sectional

Just like any rational person ordering furniture online, I made sure to measure, measure, and re-measure my space to ensure that the sofa would be a fitting addition. Even though it’s modular, the sectional is available in two styles: the Corner Modular Sectional and the Modular Right Sectional, each configured to suit different layouts. Because I needed the sofa to fit a corner in my living room, I went with the Corner Modular Sectional, which clocks in at 33" tall, 126” wide, and 126” deep. I was excited to see that Article offers a measuring tool on their site, which made me feel confident that I was choosing the right style for my space.

Article sofa in the room

True to the typical “Cloud Couch'' style, the sofa is offered in just one fabric option: Silver Ivory. And for those hesitant about purchasing a white sofa, Article has you covered with SimpleCare, the brand’s high-performance stain-repellent fabric, and a zipper closure on all seat cushions for easy washing.

Additionally, I was intrigued and impressed by the Article’s promise that no assembly was required upon delivery. “How is that possible?” I wondered as I pressed to add to the cart.

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering with Article was relatively straightforward. The shipping starts at a flat rate of $49 for front door deliver or $119 for the sofa to be delivered into your room. When you visit the Article's website and provide your zip code, you will receive a delivery window of two weeks for your sofa. While the exact delivery date may not be provided, this option will help you plan your schedule accordingly and ensure that you are available to receive your new sofa.

When delivery day came, the delivery team brought the sofa into my living room packaged inside the shipping material. The team mentioned that Article offers In-Room Delivery for an additional fee– a service I didn’t choose to take advantage of as the DIY process was not extremely challenging, although time-consuming.

As expected, I had to clear out my living room on delivery day, moving my coffee table, rug, and lamp to another room to have enough space for the packages the sectional arrived in.

Living with the Article’s Leigh Corner Sectional

As promised, the sofa does look and feel amazing in my space. Its depth allows for seat and back support, whether sitting up or leaning into it, while its upholstery feels rugged yet soft to the touch. Additionally, its neutral ivory color matches the rest of my home decor– including a mid-century chaise and pair of lounge chairs– incredibly well, as my taste skews modern.

I felt relaxed enough to fall asleep when I tried napping on it. While I have lower back problems (usually an issue while napping on a sofa), the cushions were supportive enough not to give me any problems– a sign of a high-end sofa, in my opinion.

However, what was most impressive to me was the sofa’s size. In the past, I’ve lived in smaller spaces where the promise of even a 3-seater didn’t equate to the ability to lounge with another person comfortably– there just wasn’t enough space.

With the Leigh Corner Sectional, this was not the case. Its wide seats allow for two people (or more!) to cuddle together during a movie night. And suppose you’re super serious about watching a movie with another person. In that case, you can move one of the sofa’s corner sections to turn it into a sofa bed: truly modularity at its finest.

A note: My most extensive critique of the sofa is that while it looks fantastic, users must re-fluff its seat cushions after each use– which feels time-consuming. However, the good part about this is that the sofa is so large you’ll likely only have to fluff two to three cushions at a time.

  • Straightforward online ordering and delivery
  • The option for In-Room Delivery and Assembly Delivery
  • Good quality sofa cushions that provide support
  • Stain-repellent fabric

  • Fluffing sofa cushions after each use feels cumbersome

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Article Leigh Corner Sectional FAQs

Is the Leigh Silver Ivory Corner Sectional suitable for small apartments?

While there are many excellent small space sectionals to choose from, the size of this one is meant for larger spaces. Feel free to refer to our guide to The 10 Best Small Sectional Sofas in 2023 for sectionals built for apartments or small living rooms. Refer to our 12 Best Small Sofas for Cozy Living Spaces in 2023 for small space sofas.

Are there any unique care and maintenance instructions for this sectional?

According to the Article’s instructions for care, clean up spills by blotting the spot with a damp cloth. To help the sofa cushions retain their shape, regularly flip and fluff them.

What is the Article’s Return Policy?

The article has a 30-day return policy from the date of delivery. All returns will incur a $49 shipping fee. For those looking to exchange their item, however, your first exchange is free of charge– but you’re responsible for return shipping fees for any exchange after that.  

About Article

Article was founded by four friends in 2011. Since its founding, the brand has aimed to simplify buying furniture with an easy-to-navigate site, unmatched quality, and timeless designs.

The brand’s catalog includes modern furniture designs ranging from mid-century and Scandinavian to Industrial and Coastal modern– all of which complement each other well when paired.

Read more about Article’s Sven sofa and more Article furniture reviews here.

The Bottom Line

Article’s Leigh Corner Sectional is a deep sofa that doesn’t disappoint. Compared to other “cloud couches,” the price point of either $2,700 (for the Modular Right Sectional) or $3,599 (for the Corner Sectional) feels fair.

While a white sofa is a bold move, Article’s SimpleCare upholstery makes me breathe easy– because the last thing I want to do is stain a new sofa!

For those looking for a low-maintenance sofa, the Leigh Corner Sectional might not be the best fit due to the need to re-fluff the sofa cushions after use. However, it's worth considering for those seeking a new couch with a deep seat and a dreamy feel guaranteed to make a statement.

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