14 More Budget-Friendly Cloud Couch Alternatives

RH Cloud Couch
Given just how gorgeous, plush, and inviting the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch is, it's no surprise that it's coveted far and wide. But with a price tag that soars higher than $10,000, the couch isn't exactly accessible for many interior design budgets. Fortunately, you don't need a Cloud Couch budget to get a Cloud Couch look.

Given just how gorgeous, plush, and inviting the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch is, it's no surprise that it's coveted far and wide. But with a price tag that soars higher than $10,000, the Cloud Sofa isn't exactly accessible for many interior design budgets. Fortunately, you don't need a Cloud Couch budget to get a Cloud Couch look and feather blend feel.

If you've spent any time on TikTok lately, then you might have noticed that the app has been filled with Cloud Couch hack videos, with #cloudcouchdupe generating over 182 million views.

Inspired by the TikTok trend, we decided to create our own roundup of Cloud Couch lookalikes. Whether you're in the market for a loveseat ideal for small spaces or an oversized comfy feather sectional that the whole family can cozy up on, these are the best Cloud Couch dupes.

Top Pick Roundup of Cloud Couch Alternatives

1. Best Overall: 7th Avenue's Modular Sofa

2. Best Modular Cloud Couch: Albany Park's Kova Modular Sofa

3. Best Budget Cloud Couch: The Sink Down

4. Best Cloud Couch for Watching TV: Sundays' Movie Night

5. Best Splurge: Maiden Home's Jones Modular

Why is the Cloud Couch So Popular?

With its deep-seated design, timeless silhouette, and ultra-soft feel thanks to luxurious goose feathers and fiber blend fill, the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa has become increasingly popular, and it's easy to see why. After all, who doesn't love the idea of curling up in a soft, fluffy cloud?
Here are the top things we love about the cloud couch:

  • Comfort: The deep cushions and soft fabric provide a comfortable and inviting seating experience.
  • Modern design: The cloud-like shape and minimalist look are trendy and versatile.
  • Instagrammable: The unique design makes it a popular choice for social media posts.
  • Variety of colors: Available in a wide range of colors to suit any style.

“The Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch is the perfect sofa for movie night enthusiasts due to the oversized nature and deep cushions,” raves Yoselin Castro, senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors.  "Living up to its name, it’s one of the softest and most comfortable sectionals, making it a great option for those who are seeking absolute comfort!”

Restoration hardware cloud couch
Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa

Not only is the RH Cloud Couch comfortable, but it also boasts a sophistication and versatility that will elevate a variety of interior design styles. According to Castro, “The cool and relaxed aesthetic of it fits almost any modern home and even more when it comes in various lengths and depths, making it super simple to configure in your own space.”

"Living up to its name, it’s one of the softest and most comfortable sectionals, making it a great option for those who are seeking absolute comfort!”

Combing premium comfort with a chic, timeless appearance, the Cloud Couch is basically the best sectional or sofa pick for any living room. But not everyone can or wants to spend what amounts to a down payment on a house on a couch. And you don't have to! These Cloud Couch dupes will give you the look and feel you crave at a much more affordable price.

The Best Cloud Couch Alternatives

1. Best Overall Cloud Couch

7th Avenue Sofa

Brand: 7th Avenue
Price: From $1,800

What We Love in sofa of this brand

Cloud-like comfort: The 7th Avenue sofa is designed with comfort in mind. The plush cushions and deep seating area offer a sinking-in experience that will make you feel like you're on a cloud.

Endless configurations: The sofa's modular design allows you to customize it to your space and needs. Create a spacious sectional, a cozy chaise lounge, or anything in between.

Variety of color options: Choose from a range of stylish and trendy colors to find the perfect match for your decor.

Water-repellent and stain-resistant: The sofa is made from performance fabrics that are designed to repel water and resist stains, making it perfect for families with children or pets.

Durable and long-lasting: The 7th Avenue sofa is built with high-quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring durability and long-lasting comfort.

Our 7th Avenue sectional is perfect for sprawling out. I've taken hours-long naps on it, and my husband loves to kick back on his chaise-like lounger every night," she says. "The sofa feels well-made, and given how much jumping my 4-year-old twins have done on it, it seems pretty durable as well. - Maria Eakin

Review:  Read Our Full Review of the 7th Avenue Sofa Here

SHOP NOW at 7th Avenue

2. Best Modular Cloud Couch

Kova Cloud Couch

Brand: Albany Park
Price: From $1,190
Discount: Use code COZY10 for 10% off sofas and sectionals.

Albany Park modular sofa: hat We Love:

Ultimate comfort: The Kova's plush cushions and deep seating area make it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. You'll sink into the cushions and feel all your worries melt away.

Modular design: The Kova is a modular sofa, which means you can configure it to fit your space and needs perfectly. Add or remove pieces to create a chaise lounge, a sectional, or anything in between.

Family-friendly: The Kova's hypoallergenic and vegan cushions are perfect for families with children or allergies. You can relax knowing your family is safe and comfortable.

Stylish and modern: The Kova's clean lines and modern design will complement any home decor. It's a statement piece that will elevate your living space.

Durable and long-lasting: The Kova is built with high-quality materials and construction techniques. You can enjoy your cloud-like comfort for years to come.

The Kova sofa is a perfect fit for my space and lifestyle. Its comfort and durability leads me to believe I won't need another sofa for quite some time. Because the pieces are modular, it's easy for me to rearrange them if I want to change up the room's look. Or I can add more pieces. I love having options! Most importantly, it offers the perfect level of comfort for sprawling out with remote in hand and settling in for some serious binge-watching. - Sibylla Nash

Review: Read our full Kova review here

Shop now at albanypark.com

3. Best Budget Cloud Couch

Cloud Couch By Floyd

Brand: Floyd
Price: $2,356

What We Love in Floyd:

Unrivaled comfort: The unique combination of memory foam and blown fiber cushions provides an unmatched level of softness and support. You'll feel like you're truly sinking into a cloud.

Incredibly deep: The generous depth of the cushions allows you to stretch out and relax in complete comfort. Whether you're reading a book, watching a movie, or taking a nap, the Sink Down Sectional is the perfect place to unwind.

Durable and long-lasting: The Sink Down Sectional is built to last, using high-quality materials and construction techniques. You can enjoy your cloud-like comfort for years to come.

Stylish design: The Sink Down Sectional features a sleek and modern design that will complement any home decor. It's sure to become the center of attention in your living room.

Available in a variety of colors and fabrics: You can find the perfect Sink Down Sectional to match your personal style and taste.

Review: Read the Full Review of Floyd Sectional Here

Shop now at floydhome.com

4. Best Cloud Couch for Watching TV

Movie Night Sofa

Brand: Sundays
Price: From $2,400

Designed for kicking back for a movie night or game day, this modular sofa from Sundays has loose cushions and deep seating, providing cloud-like comfort. Sunday’s signature stain-resistant fabric also means you don't have to worry too much about any snack spillages or pets joining you for a Sunday afternoon chill. The cushion covers are also fully removable and machine-washable so you can easily give the sofa a spring clean if needed.

Shop now at sundays-company.com

5. Best Splurge Cloud Couch

Jones Modular Sofa

Brand: Maiden Home
Price: From $3,950

This highly customizable cloud sofa dupe comes in five different configurations, including left and right chaise sectionals and U-shaped. It's also ridiculously comfortable, featuring an oversized design and down cushions that invite you to sink into it for hours.

The modular sofa comes in four neutral fabric options, including Flax, Mineral, and Bone, so you'll have no trouble fitting it in with the rest of your home decor, no matter your aesthetic leanings.

Review: Read our review of the Jones Modular Sofa here

Shop now at maidenhome.com

6. Tuxedo 2pc Sectional Sofa

Tuxedo Sectional Sofa

Brand: Apt2B
Price: $3,498

Custom-made in Los Angeles, this two-piece sectional sofa features eco-friendly construction with a solid wood frame and breathable hypoallergenic upholstery cushion covers.

The sofa's Snowfall color is very similar to the RH Cloud Couch, and the plush reversible cushions can be flipped and fluffed whenever you want to enhance this beauty's soft, cloud-like appearance.

Shop now at apt2b.com

7. Celestia Symmetrical Modular Sectional

Celestia 133" Symmetrical Modular Sectional

Brand: Joss & Main
Price: $5,300

This beautiful sofa begs for long nights of cozy vibes with loved ones. The down-filled seat and back cushions are all kinds of comfortable, and the included ottoman provides the perfect surface for a tray of snacks and cocktails.

“This couch configuration is over $10,000 less than the RH Cloud Couch and has a similar design! This sectional exudes plush comfort and extreme contemporary styling. Padded seat tops and overfilled back cushions sit between wide, straight arms," raves Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective.

Shop now at jossandmain.com

8. Blumen Bumper Sectional

Blumen Bumper Sectional

Brand: Medley
Price: $5,902

Built to last, this Cloud sofa dupe with a more affordable price tag features a durable, FSC-certified Alder hardwood frame that can withstand anything life throws at it.

We recently shipped the Blumen Sofa to one of our writers, "With a deep seat, wide arms, and an angled back, the Blumen is incredibly comfortable," writes Shelby Golding.

The sofa's low-profile design (15” seat height) and low-slung, chunky square arms make it a great fit for modern and minimalist aesthetics, but it's versatile enough to slide seamlessly into a ton of different designs. You can also choose from two different seat depths for custom comfort.

Review. Check out the full Blumen Sofa review here

Shop now at medleyhome.com

9. Catwalk Sectional

Catwalk Sectional

Brand: BenchMade Modern
Price: $6,070 - $10,210

With its long, stiletto legs, this gorgeous sofa rocks a hint of mid-century flair while looking effortlessly fresh and comfortable.

The sectional is also as durable as it is timeless, with a lifetime warrantied frame that features a unidirectional webbing suspension system for ultimate comfort. And if you love it as much as we do, you can also pair the sofa with a matching loveseat, chair, ottoman, and more for a classically cohesive design.

Shop now at benchmademodern.com

10. Utopia Sofa

Utopia Sofa

Brand: Living Spaces
Price: $1,295

Small spaces can enjoy big, cloud-like style with this modestly-sized sofa that looks and feels great. Jessica Harris, interior designer at Living Spaces, raves about this small but mighty sofa:

“The Utopia Sofa is a great, affordable option for those considering the Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch. The Utopia Sofa features the same plush cushions with a down-like fill, soft foam core, and deep armrests for laidback lounging. The default Caitlin Flax colorway makes this trendy white couch livable by offering a neutral polyester weave that is extremely stain-resistant.”

Shop now at livingspaces.com

11.  Savesto 5-Piece Sectional

Savesto 5-Piece Sectional

Brand: Ashley Furniture
Price: $2,591.99

According to Anna Franklin, “This sofa is very similar to the RH Cloud Couch. The seat cushions are feather-filled and wrapped in a soft, cotton fabric for cloud-like comfort. It also features crisp, clean lines and track arm styling."

The five-piece sectional sofa features feather-filled, reversible cushions that are soft to the touch, and it comes in Ivory and Charcoal hues, so it can easily complement most aesthetics.

Shop now at ashleyfurniture.com

12. Ever Slipcovered Sofa

Ever Slipcovered Sofa

Brand: Crate & Barrel
Price: $2,299

Another great option for small spaces, this comfy loveseat truly looks and feels like a cloud, with the ability to bring stylish comfort to spaces large and small. That being said, it's no surprise that it's a designer favorite:

“The Ever Sofa from Crate & Barrel is a cost-effective alternative that shares physical similarities to the RH Cloud sofa. It’s a slipcovered sofa, making it really easy to clean, and it is half the price as the Cloud!" says Yoselin Castro, senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors. "While it may not feel entirely the same, the Ever sofa cushions are in fact filled with a feather-down blend, which ultimately provides that laid-back feel.”

Shop now at crateandbarrel.com

13. The Harmony Sectional

Harmony Modular 3-Piece Chaise Sectional

Brand: West Elm
Price: $3.897+

Yoselin Castro is also a big fan of this modular sectional from West Elm: “The Harmony Sectional from West Elm is another great affordable Cloud dupe that not only looks very much like the RH sofa, but it also comes with customizable options, making it very fitting for both large and compact living areas!"

The engineered hardwood frame features mortise and tenon joinery, while high-gauge springs provide comforting support. The sofa is also incredibly soft, receiving a 1 rating on a 1 to 5 firmness scale, with 1 being the softest.

Shop now at westelm.com

14. Kipton Two Piece Sectional

Kipton Sofa

Brand: Arhaus
Price: $7,298

This two-piece sectional combines a classic silhouette with contemporary details for a piece that will look fresh for years to come.

The durable frame is made from solid, sustainably-sourced hardwood, while luxe memory foam back cushions and feather-and-down padded seats provide endless comfort throughout even the longest cuddle sessions.

Shop now at arhaus.com

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Honorable Mentions about Cloud Couch Alternatives

The Cloud Couch from Restoration Hardware is so popular, we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to brands putting their own spin on it.

Here are a few more honorable mentions worth checking out:

TikTok’s Top Cloud Couch Dupes

Dream Gray Modular Sofa

Dream Sofa

Brand: Bob's Discount Furniture
Price: $1,800

This cushy, armless sofa was trending on TikTok for being a great Restoration Hardware dupe that comes at a more budget-friendly price.

The three-piece modular design can be configured in several different ways, making it easy to find the right fit for your space. And it's covered with cozy, knit-like upholstery and feather blend backrest and throw pillows that you'll want to sink into for hours.

Shop now at mybobs.com

Meridian Cloud Modular Sectional

Cloud Modular Sectional

Brand: Meridian Furniture
Price: $4,212.99

Ideal for lots of big cuddles, this large U-shaped couch with a solid wood frame can keep you and the whole family comfortable. And it'll look amazing doing it.

Overstuffed down feather cushions give the couch a cloud-like feeling, while a modular design lets you configure it in a variety of ways to find the ideal arrangement for your household's needs.

Shop now at homesquare.com

FAQ’s regarding cloud couch

What does it feel like to sit on a cloud couch?

Sitting on a cloud couch is often described as feeling like sinking into a cloud. The deep cushions and soft fabric provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Some say it feels like a hug or like being wrapped in a blanket.

What are the dimensions of the cloud couch?

The dimensions of the cloud couch can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, typical dimensions are:

  • Length: 80-120 inches
  • Depth: 36-48 inches
  • Height: 32-36 inches

What are some popular colors for couches?

Popular couch colors include:

  • Neutral: Beige, gray, white (versatile and timeless)
  • Earthy: Green, brown, orange (natural and calming)
  • Jewel tones: Sapphire, emerald, ruby (bold and statement-making)
  • Pastels: Blush, lavender, mint green (soft and feminine)

What are the materials the cloud couch is made out of?

The materials inside the Cloud Couch vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but most commonly, it uses a combination of:

1. Fabric:

  • Linen: This is a popular choice for Cloud Couches due to its natural beauty and durability. It's also relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Velvet: This luxurious fabric is known for its soft texture and rich color. However, it requires more delicate care than other materials.
  • Polyester: This synthetic fabric is a good option for people on a budget. It's durable and easy to clean, but it may not be as soft or luxurious as natural fabrics.
  • Performance Fabric: This type of fabric is designed to resist stains and spills, making it a good choice for families with children or pets.
  • Boucle: This is a visually appealing, durable, and comfortable fabric option, but it may not be ideal for high-traffic areas or pet owners.

2. Frame:

  • Solid wood: This is the most durable option for a Cloud Couch frame. It can support a lot of weight and is less likely to warp or bend over time.
  • Engineered wood: This is a more affordable option than solid wood, but it may not be as durable.
  • Metal: This is a good choice for people looking for a modern or minimalist aesthetic. Metal frames are also very strong and durable.

3. Cushions:

  • Down Feathers: These provide a soft and fluffy texture, giving the couch its signature "sinking-in" feel. Down filling is known for its warmth and luxurious comfort.
  • Foam: This adds structure and support to the seater, preventing it from becoming too flat or mushy. Often, high-density foam is used for better durability.
  • Polyfill: This synthetic material is sometimes used as a cheaper alternative to down feathers. It offers a similar softness but may not be as supportive or long-lasting.
  • Feather Blend: Some manufacturers use a blend of down and feather to achieve a balance of comfort and support. This can be a good option for people who want a soft couch but are concerned about maintenance.

Here's a breakdown of the materials used in different Cloud Couch models:

  • Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa: Linen upholstery, solid wood frame, down feather cushions
  • Burrow Marshmallow Sofa: Performance fabric upholstery, engineered wood frame, down feather blend cushions
  • Floyd Sofa: Polyester upholstery, metal frame, foam and down feather cushions
  • West Elm Cozy Sectional: Linen upholstery, solid wood frame, down feather blend and polyfill cushions

It's important to note that some manufacturers don't disclose the exact filling materials used. If you're unsure about the filling of a specific Cloud Couch model, it's best to contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

What is the difference between the cloud couch and the sectional couch?

The main difference between a cloud couch and a regular couch is the design and comfort level. Cloud couches typically have:

  • Deeper cushions: Providing a more sink-in feel.
  • Plusher fabric: Offering a softer experience.
  • Rounded edges: Creating a more modern and cloud-like appearance.

Does the cloud couch go in the rain?

No, the cloud couch is not designed for outdoor use. The fabric and materials are not weatherproof and can be damaged by rain, sun, and other elements. It is best to use the cloud couch indoors only.

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