The 12 Best Kid and Pet-Friendly Sofas of 2024

Pet-Friendly Kova Sofa
Once you have kids and pets, they make you feel happy, fulfilled, and loved. But they usually don’t make you feel like it’s worth it to buy nice furniture only to subject it to months and years of spills, messes, shedding, and playtime.

We have good news — many of today’s sofas feature performance fabrics that can take the abuse! Because homes that you can live and relax in are just better, especially for parents and pet owners.

Check out our top 12 sofas that come with everything from stain-resistant upholstery to washing machine-friendly cushion covers.

Meet the Experts

At Living Cozy, we work closely with leading brands and professional designers to bring you the best recommendations for your home. In this article, you’ll hear from the following experts:

The Best Sofa for Homes with Kids and Pets: Our Top Picks

1. Kova

Kova Sofa

Brand: Albany Park
Price: From $1,419

The Kova is a modular sofa from Albany Park designed for lounging and relaxing with cloud-soft, feather blend seat cushions.

On its website, Albany Park explains: "All our fabrics regardless of which option, are very kid and pet-friendly. Just a friendly reminder that our fabrics are not spill, stain and scratch-proof - they are all kid and pet friendly in a way that they are durable and easy to clean, which makes them great if you have kids or furry friends."

Albany Park ships its sofas quickly in easy-to-move boxes, making it easy to move into the perfect spot in your home.

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2. 7th Avenue

7th Avenue White Sofa

Brand: 7th Avenue
Price: $2,950

This 3-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional is a fantastic option for large and small spaces alike. You can rearrange it into any configuration you’d like, and if your household grows, you can add modular seats instead of buying a new sofa. In addition, everything is hypoallergenic, vegan, and free from harmful chemicals.

“7th Avenue sofas are the perfect addition to any family with kids and pets,” said Josh Stinson, co-founder of 7th Avenue. “The water-repellent, stain-resistant, machine-washable fabrics can keep even a white sofa looking brand new. And with a 50-60k rub count, these sofas offer greater durability than competitors at the same price point.”

The cushion covers can stand up to water, coffee, ketchup, pet urine, and even red wine thanks to the DWR coating technology, and the solid wood frame is steel reinforced and built to last. You can check out our review of this sofa from Marah Eakin to learn more about how well the fabric holds up to daily life with children.

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3. Allform Sofa

Allform Blue 3-Seat Sofa

Brand: Allform
Price: $2,806

This 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise is reversible and ideal for smaller living rooms. The performance fabric upholstery comes in seven colors, plus two top-grain protected leather options if you’d like a leather sofa. In addition, the pine wood frame comes with a durable structural design and a forever warranty.

You can add a matching ottoman and throw pillows to your order, plus weighted blankets for snuggling. The blankets can also protect the upholstery on your pet’s favorite corner.

Check out Living Cozy’s Allform sofa review here

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4. Union Sofa

Burrow Union Sofa

Brand: Burrow
Price: $2,495

The Union 3-Seat Sofa is sleek and customizable, featuring wooden legs and a modular design that allows you to add or remove pieces as needed. And for the upholstery, the stain-resistant, easy-cleaning polyester chenille is durable enough to handle whatever life throws at it, from pet messes to red wine spills and greasy popcorn fingers.

Before checkout, you can choose between multiple fabric colors and leg finish options and add a matching ottoman to complete the look. And if you need other long-lasting living room furniture, the Union collection features durable fabric on everything from armchairs and loveseats to U-shaped sectionals.

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5. Modern Sofa

The Inside Modern Sofa

Brand: The Inside
Price: $1,729

The Modern Sofa features a kiln-dried solid wood frame, sturdy metal legs, and multiple stain-resistant fabric options. In addition, the linen upholstery option is kid- and pet-friendly, made of a 95% polyester, 5% linen blend with a tight weave tested for 30,000 double rubs.

This fabric sofa also comes with laminated panels, powder-coated steel legs, and tempered steel springs to provide long-lasting support for the seat cushions. And you can browse over 80 upholstery options if you’d like a different color, pattern, or material.

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6. The Couch

Homebody Couch

Brand: Homebody
Price: $3,740

The Couch is an excellent choice if you want something luxurious, modular, customizable, and long-lasting. You can build your own pet-friendly sectional, making anything from a two-seater to a seven-seat U-shaped sectional. In addition, you can add reclining seats, an ottoman, an extra arm for more seating, and custom headrests to make it your own.

Homebody offers pet-friendly fabric options that are scratch-resistant and easy to clean with pet hair and stains. And with their 100-day in-home trial, you can be sure it’s the best pet-friendly couch for your home before committing to keeping it.

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7. Sven Sofa

Article Sven Sofa

Brand: Article
Price: Starts at $1,299

The Sven Sofa features a supportive bench seat, loose back cushions, bolsters, and a classic style. In addition, you can choose between multiple upholstery options, including high-quality leather and durable fabric, and change the size before checkout.

Sven has a durable corner-blocked wood frame, Pirelli webbing, and high-density foam with polyester filling to ensure long-lasting comfort. Check out our review to get a firsthand account of how the Sven Sofa holds up in a home with pets and children.

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8. Melrose Reversible Chaise Sofa

Melrose Reversible Chaise Sofa

Brand: Apt2B
Price: $2,718

The Melrose Reversible Chaise Sofa is one of Apt2 B’s best sellers, and we can see why! It features a reversible chaise ottoman, wide track arms perfect for perching, and a durable solid wood frame. It also has reversible and flippable cushions with removable, easy-clean covers made from breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics.

Melrose is custom-made in Los Angeles, California, using eco-friendly construction methods. And since the frame and workmanship come with a lifetime guarantee, you know it’s well-built. Check out the review of the Melrose Sectional Sofa on Living Cozy to see what Cassandra Brooklyn thought when she put it to the test around kids and dogs.

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9. Blumen Sofa

Medley Blumen Sofa

Brand: Medley
Price: Starts at $2,500

The Blumen Sofa features a range of kid- and pet-friendly fabrics, color choices, and customization options. In addition, it features a deep seat, minimal lines, and lightly padded arms that can serve as end tables, cat (or kid) perches, or headrests for nap time! And it’s big enough to double as an impromptu sleeper sofa if you have unexpected guests.

Blumen’s range of durable, easy-clean fabrics makes it a snap to find pet-friendly furniture you’ll love. And you can order swatches before purchasing to find the perfect materials for your home. Check out Living Cozy’s review of the Blumen Sofa to find out how it performs in an apartment with dogs and cats.

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10. Axis Sofa

Crate & Barrel Axis Sofa

Brand: Crate & Barrel
Price: $1,999

“The Crate & Barrel Axis Sofa provides a tailored and contemporary design that works well with many different styles,” Heather Mastrangeli told Living Cozy. “The fabric options offer plenty of durable kid- and pet-friendly polyester and polyester blend fabrics that are easy to clean.”

The Axis Sofa is built for durability, with a kiln-dried hardwood frame and a durable, independently tested Flexolator foundation to support the cushions and prevent sagging. In addition, it has soy-based polyfoam seat cushions and fiber-down back cushions for long-lasting comfort.

Axis is also highly customizable, with several options for the fabric, leg finish, and size. And if you’d like a leather couch, the Axis Leather Sofa offers the same durable construction and customization.

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11. The Essential Sofa

Sabai Essential Sofa

Brand: Sabai
Price: $1,395

The Essential Sofa is a sturdy, easy-to-clean option with the pitch and proportions of a luxury piece of furniture. In addition, it features wide arms that can stand up to perching, loose back pillows, and machine-washable cushion covers for easy maintenance.

Our favorite part about furniture from Sabai is their Repair Don’t Replace program, which allows you to order new cushion covers, legs, and even sofa arms in case something gets broken or stained. And you can check out Erica Reiner’s review of the Sabai Essential Sectional on Living Cozy to find out what it’s like to have one of these beauties in a home with pups and kids.

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12. Ava Slipcovered Sofa

Grandin Road Ava Slipcover Sofa

Brand: Grandin Road
Price: Starts at $1,799

The Ava Slipcovered Sofa comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. It’s made with moisture-repellent, easy-care slipcovers designed to stand up to heavy-duty wear, so it’s perfect for kids and pets. And you can buy additional slipcovers to change the look or replace one if it gets damaged.

Ava’s cushions feature a feather and foam fill wrapped with a down-blend for a super-soft feel, and it comes with four throw pillows for extra comfort. It also features a sturdy, corner-blocked solid wood frame and interwoven synthetic webbing strips to support the cushions, which will help it withstand rambunctious kiddos and furry friends.

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What Should You Consider When Buying a Sofa for a Home with Kids and Pets

The first thing to consider when buying a sofa for a home with kids and pets is how you’ll use it. For example, do you and your kids love to cuddle up together to watch movies? If so, maybe opt for a deeper seat. Is Fido constantly trying to turn your sofa into a dog bed? Opt for a tight-back sofa with lots of throw pillows. Do you host lots of sleepovers? Consider a sofa bed.

Don’t forget to think about the messes you usually deal with because you’ll want a fabric that can stand up to it. And if you see a lot of spills and crumbs, something with machine-washable cushion covers or slipcovers is probably best.

“Look for pieces that allow the cushions to flip around,” recommends Heather Mastrangeli. “Some upholstery manufacturers make cushions with the fabric only on the top of the cushion, but having the fabric on both sides, you can flip the cushion and extend its lifecycle.”

Kova Sofa
Albany Park Kova Sofa

What Are the Best Fabrics for Homes with Kids and Pets?

Most interior designers and industry experts swear by performance fabrics specifically designed to stand the test of time. And there are so many options for color, texture, and brand that you’re sure to find something you love.

For example, Kaitlyn Oakes recommends options from Revolution Fabrics, InsideOut, and Crypton. And Danielle Walish suggests The Inside’s linens and velvets, which are all kid- and pet-friendly.

Best Materials

When browsing performance fabrics, look at the materials they’re made from. For example, polyester blends and olefin are great for kids and pets. They’re highly durable and easier to clean than natural materials.

High-quality leather is also better than you might expect for homes with pets and kids. Genuine top-grain leather can withstand spills, messes, pet urine, bouncing children, and playing pets. And with a leather couch, you’ll never have to worry about trying to remove pet hair that’s worked its way into the upholstery! And high-quality faux leather can offer many of the same benefits.

However, if you have a cat that intentionally scratches furniture, you’ll need to take some humane precautions to keep your leather in good condition. For example, instead of declawing, you can keep their nails rounded with a nail grinder (if your pet will allow it) regularly or ask your groomer to apply claw caps so they can’t do damage.

Worst Materials

“Linen is often found in upholstery products, and sometimes it’s even labeled as a performance fabric. However, I don’t recommend it on pieces that get used often,” Heather Mastrangeli told Living Cozy. “Linen relaxes over time and develops a puddling or stretched appearance, providing a greater opportunity for pet nails to get stuck and snag fibers.”

Some other less-than-ideal fabrics include silk, moire, and cotton. Silk is fragile and unforgiving. It tears and stains easily and won’t stand up to regular use by pets and kids. And cotton is a great natural material, but it stains easier than synthetic materials and may pill or stretch over time, making it less forgiving.

Which Color Sofas Work Best for Homes with Kids and Pets?

Darker fabrics like olive and navy work great for hiding spills and dark-colored pet hair. But bold patterns and textures can also help hide unwelcome spots, pet hair, and other imperfections.

For example, microfiber is popular for its durability and works well for solid-colored upholstery. But if you’re feeling adventurous, a polyester blend with a small texture or pattern may be even more forgiving in a busy home!

“With a performance fabric, you don’t have to worry too much about lighter color options since they’re easier to clean. However, a darker color is always a safe choice,” says Kaitlyn Oakes. “Another tip for pet parents — try to get a color that won’t highlight your pet’s hair. For example, if you have a white dog that sheds, maybe opt for a lighter color.”

If you’re unsure which color would best disguise your furry friend’s shedding habit, we recommend ordering swatches to test your options in person.

Written by
Shelby Golding
Shelby Golding is a Colorado-based writer/editor with over a decade of experience. She has a college education in interior design and enjoys woodworking in her free time.

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