Organic eucalyptus bedding
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In Bed With Eucalypso’s Classic Sheet Set

Eucalypso’s Classic Sheet Set
Eucalypso makes bedding from tightly woven Eucalyptus fibers.
I tested Eucalypso’s Classic Sheet Set (which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases)
Eucalypso’s eco-friendly products minimize night sweats and prevent breakouts.

When it comes to bedding, I’ve stuck with the same product for most of my life: plain white sheets and pillowcases. They’re easy to wash, easy to bleach when stained, and, for the most part, forgettable. For a long time, I was okay with that, because at least forgettable meant that there were no problems that I would remember! 

However, after learning about the harmful effects of the cotton industry on the environment, I wanted to make a change with my next set of bedding. Eucalypso was the obvious choice, as it sells the highest rated bedding made from eucalyptus, known to be a low impact fiber. 

Breaking my lifelong habit, I decided to give Eucalypso’s Classic Sheet Set a try.  

What I Love About Eucalypso’s 100% Premium TENCEL Fibers

As advertised, Eucalypso’s 100% premium TENCEL Lyocell eucalyptus fibers kept me cool throughout the night. An additional benefit of the fabric that I wasn’t expecting was its softness, which held up even after it was washed. 

Eucalypso sheet set

Eucalypso’s DreamWeave technology, the process of spinning eucalyptus into fabric, makes the fabric silky, and soft enough for sensitive skin. Sleeping on the fabric made me feel like I’ve been missing out all these years, as Eucalypso’s fabric is certainly not forgettable. 

The Classic Sheet Set, which comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, were delivered in a cute, patterned box. In line with Eucalypso’s environmental initiatives, it’s a box I’ll definitely reuse in the future. 

How Eucalypso Compares

  • The biggest difference between Eucalypso and the white cotton bedding of my past is that fabric. The slippery, almost silky, material feels different on your skin, almost as if it’s deflecting body heat. 
  • TENCEL Lyocell is naturally antimicrobial, meaning less laundry.
  • Eucalypso’s attention to sustainability and process make me feel good about both supporting the company, and using the product. 
  • The fabric sleeps noticeably cooler than cotton.
  • The soft fabric doesn’t change after a wash.
  • All of Eucalyso’s products are ethically sourced.
  • While I’m a big fan of neutral tones, I'd love to see Eucalypso offer a larger color selection.
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Test Drive: Classic Sheet Set 

I tested the queen-sized Tencel Sheet Set in white. There are eight colors to choose from, including White, Spring Green, Light Blue, and Terracotta, and five size options that range from twin to California King. 

The set’s unique fabric is what made Eucalypso’s sheet set stand out. The 100% premium TENCEL Lyocell eucalyptus fibers are 600 thread count, the highest thread count in eucalyptus bedding at the moment. 

Eucalypso Classic Sheet Set

Additionally, it’s clear that Eucalypso is paying attention to both the health of the environment and the humans who live in it. The OEKO-TEX certified and organically dyed fabric made me feel good about the layer next to my skin for one-third of the day (or, let’s face it, probably more than that), and learning about the process that Eucalyso takes to create each of its products made me feel good about my personal environmental impact. 

I had my doubts about the set’s “cooling” benefits, as I was skeptical of a fabric’s ability to stand up to my lack of air conditioning in July. But I was pleasantly surprised by its ability to seemingly deflect my body heat. While products that I’ve used in the past seemed to absorb body heat, Eucalypso’s sheet set never did.

Eucalypso’s Classic Sheet Set
Luxury Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Sheet Set
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About Eucalypso

Created in New York City, Eucalypso makes bedding from innovative eucalyptus fabric that’s soft, breathable, and sustainable. All products are made using a small batch, closed loop system, free of chemicals and synthetics. The company’s fabric is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, creating cooler nights and less laundry during the day. 

Eucalypso meets OEKO-TEX and Fair Trade qualifications, and is certified biodegradable and compostable.

"At Eucalypso, we're trying to change the way people sleep by providing a more sustainable eco-friendly way of sleeping."
Elle Liu
Elle Liu
Founder, Eucalypso
Eucalypso pink sheet set
Eucalypso beige sheet set
Eucalypso bed
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Eucalypso: Bedding On A Mission 

Eucalypso’s goal is to cut through greenwashing in the bedding industry and educate consumers about how home products are made, while delivering a quality product that both the company and customer can feel good about. 

While non-organic cotton accounts for 24% of global insecticide use and produces runoff that harms water sources, eucalyptus absorbs carbon from the air and takes one-tenth of the amount of water to grow that cotton does.

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The Perfect Set for Environmentally Conscious Consumers

For environmentally conscious consumers looking to add a little luxury to their lives (and bed), Eucalypso is the perfect fit. The 600 thread count TENCEL Lyocell fibers are the highest thread count in eucalyptus bedding thus far, and feel extra soft against your skin. For hot sleepers or those in warm climates, the fabric really does sleep cool. As an added bonus, the fabric is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, meaning that you can fend off stink a little longer. 

Sasha Weilbaker
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Sasha Weilbaker is a freelance writer with bylines in Thrillist, Business Insider, and The Vegetarian Times. She's particularly interested in the intersection of sustainability and materials. In the wild, she can be found cycling around New England, scouting coffee shops, or obsessing over new podcasts.
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